Soviet Super-Soldiers

Marvel Universe

The Soviet Union employed a number of costumed and super-powered agents over the years, both as heroes of the State and operatives in countries abroad. Although they occasionally worked together in pairs or small groups, it was many years before the first official team called the Soviet Super-Soldiers was formed, comprised primarily of mutant orphans raised and trained by the State.

The Soviet Super-Soldiers broke official ties to the State early on after learning they had been manipulated for years by their instructor. They officially became hunted vigilantes, but were still called in by the government to assist the Soviet people on certain missions. In the Soviet Super-Soldiers one-shot, the group was absorbed into Father Garnoff's troop of mutant freedom fighters, alternately called the Exiles or Siberforce.

Other members unrelated to the X-Men include Gremlin (alias Titanium Man II), Crimson Dynamo V, and Professor Phobos.