Spineless Ones

Marvel Universe

The Spineless Ones are apparently the natives of the dimension known as the Wildways. Their society is based around television programming, and the dimension's ruler is the one with the most popular (and typically only) network. Thus, the Spineless One known as Mojo rules the so-called "Mojoworld" as head programmer of his network.

The Spineless Ones became obsessed with humans long ago when their races telepathically received television broadcasts projected straight into their thoughts and dreams, warping most to the point of madness. A genius from their race name Arize designed an exoskeleton for his people so that they could sit upright and walk as other creatures do, but the design was rejected by most of his people because humans had become creatures of nightmare thanks to the incessant mental broadcasts the Spineless Ones received, and they could not bring themselves to look like Bipeds. Somewhat ironically, those mental broadcasts were originally created by the Arize of the future, who attempted to transmit peaceful images to his race across the dimensional barriers, only to inadvertently create their madness to begin with.