S.W.O.R.D. Six

Marvel Universe

The Six are an expression of mutant technology, operating out of the Peak for SWORD. Their true purpose has not been fully revealed, but it seems to involve mining multi-dimensional space for exotic resources.

Wiz-Kid (The Control) and Fabian Cortez (The Power) provide the raw energy and finesse to guide the Six's function. Manifold (The Guide), along with his team of support teleporters, brings the Six where they need to reach. Peeper (The Eye) locates the exotic material they seek while Risque (The Foundry) uses her gravity fields to condense and contain it. Finally, Armor (The Shield) keeps the entire team protected while the work is done.

Like the Five, the Six are theorized to be able to swap out other mutants with similar abilities to complete the designated roles. Suggested back-up members include Forge, Skids, Doc and Zorn.