The Worthy

When the Serpent arose and began his War of Fear, he cast a series of mystical hammers around the globe to summon the spirits of his minions through powerful hosts. These Worthy combined their existing power with the strength of the hammers, becoming nearly unstoppable. The hammers, and their powers, were stripped from them in Fear Itself #7.

Other members unrelated to the X-Men include Sin (Skadi - Serpent's Daughter), Grey Gargoyle (Mokk - Breaker of Faith), Absorbing Man (Greithoth - Breaker of Wills), Titania (Skirn - Breaker of Men), Attuma (Nerkkod - Breaker of Oceans), Thing (Angrir - Breaker of Souls), and the Hulk (Nul - Breaker of Worlds).