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10th October 2012

This section of our survey always has the potential to be the most fun. Some people went for the serious while others went for the more playful and humorous. Hopefully to the former, our responses are informative, while to the latter we hope a smile crosses the face of the reader. Many thanks to those who asked “Why so awesome?”

I know people ask for Character Spotlights all the time. Would you please consider putting together "Domino," "Moira MacTaggert" and "Lockheed" spotlights? Do I expect an answer from you? No. Do I hope you just take these as more suggestions adding to the one you get constantly? No. Please consider them. Keep up the great site. I've loved it since 2003 and I plan on being here for its entire lifespan. We received many similar “when are you” Spotlight questions. As you will have seen by now, the Domino Spotlight was released during the X-Force Event Month. Like Spotlights or articles on Moira and Lockheed, there are plenty of other characters for whom we have simply not gotten to yet. As for when they might be released, unfortunately we can only offer the axiom “expect them when you see them.”

Will you ever add Wiccan or Hulkling's bio to the Character Glossary? Neither Wiccan nor Hulking are considered X-characters (at least by us). If that changes in the future, that might change.

Where is the pellet with the poison? In the medicine cabinet, behind the Flintstones vitamins.

Can we have a new version (or alternative form) of the Gene Game, please? At this time, we have no plans for that, sorry.

Is Monolith a real person or just an avatar of Eternity? In a sense, we're all just aspects of Eternity. Monolith may just be a larger aspect than most.

Why am I barred from joining the forum?! I really want to join but it tells me that my email is blocked every time I try to register, and not just for the above email address but my other in-use email address too. I don't understand, since I've never been on the forums to be banned. I'd really like to be able to join the site's forums, how can I do so? Most likely, you have a gmail account. Unfortunately, some individual was using a program to use randomly generated gmail accounts to create logins to our Forum to… Well, we don’t know, but we put a ban on new accounts with gmail as their primary e-mail. If you try again from a different domain, it should work. If not, send an e-mail to and we’ll see if we can set you up from the admin side.

Why are your forum rules so strict? Primarily, we consider ourselves a website with a Forum, rather than a Forum with a website. As it is, those of us who contribute to the UXN already spend much of our precious free time to site work and don’t want to spend more time making people be nice to each other. There are plenty of places on the web to participate in flame wars or cause trouble. We prefer the “walled garden” approach, for which we’ve actually gotten compliments.

Not a question but now that I know you have a facebook and twitter pages, I will start following you there. Thanks! We’ve only in the last year tipped our collective toes into social media promotion and have been pleasantly pleased at the reply.

Would you consider expanding or making a sub site for avengers? In a perfect world we might, but if there’s anything the last few years of released X-titles has taught us, it’s that it’s difficult enough keeping our corner of the Marvel universe current.

What sites do you all use for research purposes? Marvel Chronology Project,, ComicVine, Marvel database, Reality Check

How are you guys doing? Super, thanks for asking!

What is the average air speed velocity of an un-laden swallow? What do you mean, African or European?

Whatever happened to Unfortunately, the site eventually was shut down, after its founder and chairman emeritus was told by his wife to shut it down.

How do you feel about ducks? baby ducks? They use that to make duck sauce, right? If so, they’re great!

Why don't you post little pictures from the comics in the issue summaries like the way ya do character profiles? For one thing, that’s a whole lot of extra work and for another it’s bordering on gray area we try to stay away from.

Not a question as much as a wish. It would be amazing if the website had some way of tracking comics that the user's own. There are actually several that exist and a quick Google search might yield a few. We hesitate to offer a particular one, since none of us actually use such a service.

Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight? Sorry. Wrong franchise.

Do you plan on updating the multimedia portion like the movies and tv show sections? If someone comes along and wishes to become a contributor to work on that, sure. At the moment, none of our existing contributors have such an interest.

I really enjoyed the new mutants and alpha flight team updates. Will there be any more hero team updates like that? Indeed, we anticipate having such a team entry for all of the major teams. However, such entries take a lot of time and will be slow in being released.

What ever happened to that spotlight on Rusty Collins? It was released, but after everyone read it, there was a unanimous vote in the Forum to take it down, because it was just too good. I guess you missed it. Sorry.

Could you publish articles on characters written by fans of the site? We’re always open to ideas for new articles, though please be understanding if we feel it is not right for our site if we decline. A submission can be sent to

Given the growing omnipresence of Wolverine and the upcoming integration of Avengers and X-Men, Is it becoming more difficult for the staff to decide what titles are or are not X-titles? Whenever questions come up as to whether a series or characters will be considered an “X-Men related,” we sit down and have an internal discussion about it. If it’s got at least one X-character in it, such as Secret Avengers and Avengers Academy has, then we’ll probably cover those as well.

Did all of those teenage de-powered mutants really deserve to die on that bus? You are totally not a fan of George R. R. Martin, are you?

How do you guys find the time and energy to keep up this wonderful site? It is impressive what we, as a collective group, have been able to accomplish in our spare time. While we are small in number, it seems we’re large enough for instances where one contributor is about to replace that of another whose real-world obligations keep them away from working on the site.

I was wondering, if you were gonna add a section about Avengers vs. X-Men (ie: summaries, cast, reading order you think is good) Eventually, yes, though we usually like to wait until ramifications are known before writing up a Crossover entry, especially for one as large as Avengers vs. X-Men.

With Marvel’ss recent movie success, why haven’t they tapped into making a live action TV series? I would love to see a series around the original X-Men team. Not that i would want the show to be just like Smallville, but that show did like ten seasons, so obviously it can be done. Well, it is rumored that a SHIELD TV series by Joss Whedon will be forthcoming. If that happens and succeeds, anything is possible.

Will you start charging for this website? and also, does it get exhausting when everyone asks for their favorite characters to get a spotlight/profile? We don’t anticipate ever having to charge for our site. As for being asked for updates or new features, it doesn’t happen as often as it once did, but yes it can be tiring.

Offer a newsletter? No plans, though be sure to “like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for announcements of new features or events.

Do you want fries with that? Only if they are from Five Guys.

Can you update the biographies of the characters, and have more images? We update articles as often as we can. Regarding more images, we think we’ve already hit the right spot of text to image ratio.

How come some of the earlier gaps in the issue summaries aren't covered yet? Those should be done before covering "today's" issues. When we first started, the idea was to keep current with new releases, while going back and filling in older issues. After 10+ years, we are actually quite close, with most major series having been completed. We estimate the rest will be done in the next few years.

I don't have a question but a request: Please keep the "Secrets Behind the X-Men" going as often as possible. As an older reader, it's fun to read about the behind-the-scenes creative process behind the stories I grew up with. It is a great new feature of which we are very proud. We’ll continue as long as our backlog of content can hold out.

The only thing left was our new “suggestions” section. The vast majority of these were either “you’re already great” to variations of “more updates” to old articles. Among the rest were actually a few small ideas which we might consider if we find them technically possible.

All in all, many thanks to all who participated, and Internet hugs (if such a thing exists) to those who used the opportunity to reiterate their appreciation for our little corner of the Internet.