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On a world almost fully consumed by a version of the Phalanx, known as the Vi-Locks, the Exiles were tasked with the momentous challenge of helping save mankind. The only known way to cure mankind was to seize Patient Zero of the Vi-Locks; a fusion of Douglas Ramsey and Warlock. Unfortunately, Cypher was kept deep within the Vi-Lock’s heavily defended fortress known as Mainframe, complete with sensors that could detect humans. Unfortunately, the mission failed spectacularly, with Cypher being destroyed and Blink infected with the Vi-Lock virus.

With their one source for a cure destroyed, the Tallus informed the Exiles the only option now was to destroy the Earth and prevent to Vi-Lock’s spreading to the stars. With Blink fighting a losing battle against the Vi-Lock infection, Mimic confessed his love for her before taking a ship with a nuclear armament on a suicide mission to detonate the Vi-Lock’s reactor and destroy the Earth. Meanwhile, on his own initiative, Morph found a way to summon the Norse gods, who had never returned to this world. Morph correctly surmised that the Norse god’s divine blood would provide the healing needed to cure the infection. With Blink healed, she stopped Mimic before he could destroy the world. Her reward for a successful mission; the Timebroker informed her she was going home and she vanished a moment later. [Exiles (1st series) #20-21]


  • Blink was sent to the world that her mentor Sabretooth had stayed on to raise David Richards. Twenty years had passed by this point and Blink helped David and Sabretooth to take down the last of the Sentinels. However, David then used his ability to take control of Blink and used her powers to slaughter numerous humans over several days. Sabretooth was forced to kill David to save Blink. [Exiles (1st series) #59]


The team’s newest member, Blink’s replacement, was Illyana Rasputin, Magik. After a mission where the team had to stop the Juggernaut from committing genocide in Russia, the team’s next mission was to prevent the Avengers from saving the people of Japan from the threat of Moses Magnum. Sunfire in particular was appalled by this mission and clashed with Mimic over completing it. Ultimately, she convinced Mimic to embrace his ideals over the mission and he decided to help the Japanese people. While the Exiles clashed with Moses Magnum, Magik disregarded Mimic’s orders and murdered each of the Avengers, including a version of her own brother Colossus, without the team’s knowledge. [Exiles (1st series) #26-27]

Moments later, the team were deposited onto Earth-616 at the X-Mansion. While Mimic suspected Magik of killing the Avengers and was angry, there was no time for that as the Exiles were thrown into a chaotic mess of a mission. Fighting alongside the X-Men, the team had to stop Havok, who was possessed by an evil alternate version of himself, from killing two mutant kids. Throw in a pack of bloodthirsty mutant werewolves and some scuffles with the X-Men and the mission was a challenge, but in the end the Exiles were able to save the day by having Nocturne posess Havok and force the evil personality out.

Afterwards, the Exiles were rewarded with four days on Earth-616 with the X-Men. Nocturne in particular bonded with this world’s version of her father, though Sasquatch avoided Wolverine for some reason. During this mission Morph also learned he could survive being torn to pieces, and Magik lost her soulsword to Angel in a fight, though she easily made another. [Exiles (1st series) #28-30]

Tensions between Magik and Mimic continued to grow, as Illyana continued to use excessive force and murder to complete missions. Mimic saw this as taking the easy way, and she also seemed to take the brutal way, so he ordered her to stop. On their next mission, the Exiles had to face off against a team of vampiric Avengers, and the near indestructible Vampire King Captain America, to stop them enslaving New York with a spell. During the fight with the Avengers, Sunfire was bitten and immediately began to turn. Mimic engaged the aid of vampire expert Kenneth Falsworth, known as Union Jack, to help her, then engaged Falsworth to help in the fight against the Avengers. In the subsequent battle Captain America was killed by Illyana’s soulsword, the only weapon that could kill him. That was when Falsworth revealed he was in fact a vampire and next in line to be Vampire King. A recovered Sunfire burned Falsworth to near cinders before he could enact the spell, but in a last act of spite the Vampire King cast a spell that scattered the Exiles across realities on their next jump. [Exiles (1st series) #31-32]

Each member of the team was separated to random realities, either in pairs of on their own. Morph and Sasquatch had to face off against a feral Wolverine, fresh from his escape from Weapon X, which brought back traumatic memories for Heather of having to kill her first husband. Sunfire and Nocturne were returned to the Vi-Lock world, where Mariko struck up a relationship with Spider-Woman and the pair fell in love. This made it all the more painful when they were eventually teleported away. [Exiles (1st series) #33-34]

The Exiles were eventually reunited by the Timebroker, each having spent varying amounts of time apart. Magik spent ten minutes treading water in an ocean, Morph and Heather spent an hour on their world fleeing a berserker Wolverine, Sunfire and Nocturne spent weeks on the Vi-Lock world and Mimic said he spent about six months on an Earth swarming with Brood.

After allowing a few moments to reconnect, the Timebroker set the team back to work. Their mission: stop the Fantastic Four from dying on the mission where they got their powers. The team were largely successful, but the Thing went on a stress induced rampage, forcing the Exiles to protect both civilians and stop Ben Grimm without killing him. During the fight, Mimic was injured and he revealed that he had in fact spent four years on the Brood world, not six months. During that time, he was infected with a Brood egg, though his healing factor held the metamorphosis off. Unfortunately, due to his injuries, the Brood embryo was able to take control and commence Mimic’s transformation into a Brood.

With a one-man army at the Brood’s disposal, it easily took on the combined might of the Exiles and Fantastic Four. To make matters worse, the mutated physiology between human and Brood seemed to allow Mimic to copy more abilities than normal. Fortunately, Mister Fantastic was able to concoct a cure that purged the Brood infection from Mimic, but it was too late for one of the Exiles. During the melee, Sunfire was buried in debris whilst saving some civilians and suffocated. Morph was crushed at the loss of his best friend and blamed Mimic for keeping his brood infection secret. In a bittersweet moment, Sunfire’s replacement was none other than Blink. [Exiles (1st series) #35-37]

Tensions were high between Mimic and Morph in the wake of Sunfire’s death but as always there was little time to mend fences as the Tallus threw the team into their next mission. In the Morlock tunnels, the Exiles met Gambit, who was leader of fellow reality travelers, Weapon X. Gambit told them how the team dynamic had changed quite a bit since the Exile’s last interaction with Weapon X. Gambit explained how the power-mad and near unstoppable Hyperion had been added to the roster and had essentially taken over the team, disregarding the Timebroker’s missions. When Hyperion tried to steal the Tallus from Gambit, the mutant fled. Meanwhile, Hyperion had either recruited or captured the remaining member of Weapon X and planned to conquer this planet.

It was at that time that the twin Talluses explained their mission: of the twelve members of the Exiles and Weapon X present, only six could leave. While the team formulated a plan, Magik and Morph bonded when Illyana shared some of her history, though she undermined that through her willingness to proceed with the mission. Meanwhile, Blink and Mimic reconnected and Mimic reinforced his desire to never kill again after what happened to Sunfire. The group concocted a plan to ambush Hyperion and his cronies and have Nocturne possess him, but Magik threw a spanner in the works by betraying the team and siding with Hyperion. Unfortunately for Magik, Hyperion killed her upon learning the mission the Tallus had assigned them.

Hyperion proceeded to kill his Weapon X prisoners Hulk and Firestar, but not before Firestar killed Hyperion’s ally Spider. Gambit and the Exiles but they were no match for the Eternal, who laughed off all their attacks. Morph, who was enraged by Magiks’s murder, was drawn into a fight with Weapon X’s Ms. Marvel, and killed her accidentally by collapsing a building on her. Ultimately it was Blink and Gambit who took down Hyperion. First Blink redirected Hyperion’s own eye beams against him, severing his spine, before Gambit sacrificed his life using Magik’s sword to blow the psychopath to pieces. With the mission complete, the five survivors were visited by the Timebroker, who told Morph his mission was complete and he could return home. However, Morph opted to remain with the team and even forgave Mimic for the part he played in Sunfire’s death. [Exiles (1st series) #43-45]

With five Exiles surviving the last mission, the team were immediately introduced to their newest teammate when they arrived at the next reality. Namora, a female version of Namor and the newest Exiles, took issue with this servitude and abandoned the team, seeking out the counterpart from that reality. The Namor of this reality tricked Namora into visiting the Fantastic Four and was subsequently captured, due to Namor’s concerns after learning about her teammates changing realities. Namora divulged her full history to her captors; after befriending Charles Xavier, who was imprisoned due to anti-mutant hysteria, she conquered the surface world in retaliation, killing most superheroes.

As it turned out, the Exiles had visited this world before, Earth-616. When they visited the X-Men they befriended a young student named Barnell Bohusk, the Beak. Barnell was unceremoniously dragged along when the Exiles attempted to rescue their newest teammate from the Fantastic Four. After the almost compulsory superhero versus superhero scuffle, the two teams talked it out and agreed they were weren’t enemies. Mister Fantastic even helped the team decode the riddle that was their latest mission: leave your possessions and gain your wings. Reed Richards concluded Nocturne had to remain behind in this reality, with Beak joining the team in her place. The Timebroker himself appeared to confirm this was correct, though Richards’ equipment was unable to detect the entity. Nocturne said a teary farewell to her teammates before they were teleported away. [Exiles (1st series) #46-48]


  • Before she could join the X-Men, Nocturne was recruited into Exodus’ Brotherhood. However, once she realized the team was in fact the X-Men’s enemies, she changed sides and aided the X-Men against the killers. [X-Men (2nd series) #161-164] She later joined a version of Excalibur, alongside her friend Juggernaut. [New Excalibur #1]

Chronology (Continued)

After the emotional farewell of Nocturne, the team were treated to some levity on the next world. The Impossible Man’s powers had gone out of control, transforming much of the world into bizarre, comical toys. Ultimately, it was Morph who was able to save the day when he figured out the Impossible Man was trying to make himself laugh. Morph’s jokes were able to break the control disc messing with the alien’s power, undoing the transformations and completing the mission. [Exiles (1st series) #49]

For perhaps the first time, the arrival of the Exiles on a world was expected. Destiny, of the Brotherhood, predicted the team’s arrival and together with Mystique set out a plan to divert their mission for their own game. Mystique distracted the team with a train crash full of gas to dull Mimic and Sasquatch’s sense of smell, then sedated Blink and took her place. Posing as Blink, Mystique steered the team into first gathering Blob and Pyro, then set them onto the main task; freeing the “Big M” from the Vault.

The Big M was in fact that world’s version of Mimic, an unrepentant killer and terrorist and leader of the Brotherhood. When the Big M and Mimic met during the breakout, the Big M was enraged at seeing a “silver spoon rich boy version of himself” that grew up having it easy. It wasn’t until the Big M read his mind that he realized they had the exact same life, up until they were offered the chance to join the X-Men. Mimic took it but the Big M didn’t. After seeing Mimic’s full life, the Big M was a changed man and rededicated his life to Xavier’s dream. This completed the Exiles’ true mission, to change the Big M. [Exiles (1st series) #50-51]

On the next world, the Exiles had to contend with the Earth itself gradually becoming sentient. Ego the Living Planet had planted a seed of life within the Earth, transforming it into a living planet as well in order to help him fight off a pair of Celestials hunting him. The Exiles had to stop the Avengers and Doctor Doom from lobotomizing the Earth and discovered Reed Richards had bonded with the Earth’s brain in order to guide it into sentience. When Ego arrived and exerted his mental dominance over the Earth, Richards struggled to think a way out of it. It was Beak who helped Reed realize he needed to use his feelings for his children, not his brain, which was key in making the Earth turn reject Ego and protect mankind. In order to stop Ego, Blink was forced to teleport into space and put Doom’s lobotomizer into the planet’s brain. She would have died in space if not for the Celestials, who saved her and left her with a cryptic message in her mind “Beware the Timebreaker, he is not what he seems.” [Exiles (1st series) #52-53]

After fighting living planets, the Exiles’ next mission was surprisingly simple: buy the last cheese Danish in a donut store. Despite the simplicity of this mission, Beak was at breaking point and tried to convince the team not to go through with it, no long trusting the Timebroker. After the team completed their mission, their simple purchase set of a chain of events that culminated in the Earth being saved form an invasion by the Shi’ar. [Exiles (1st series) #54]