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19th June 2015

First Appearance: 2099 AD: Genesis #1

All Team Appearances: 2099 AD: Genesis #1, X-Men 2099 #30, X-Nation 2099 #1-6, Fantastic Four 2099 #8, 2099: World of Tomorrow #1-8

Membership: Cerebra, Morphine Somers (mentors), Clarion, Nostromo, December, Willow, Uproar, Twilight, Wulff, Metalsmith


  • As President of the United States by right of revolution, Doom 2099 began making numerous changes to the country after more than a decade of it being under the thumb of the MegaCorps. Doom used his own version of the Selmon/Dixon Futurity Model to predict at a high probability that one mutant in the latest generation had messianic potential, and could change to course of the future entirely.
  • In order to pinpoint this "mutant messiah," Doom arranged for a city to be constructed on the New Pacific Channel in the Southwest where all the hunted and mistreated groups in Corporate America could find a home. The draw of Halo City would cause a large number of mutants to congregate where Doom could passively observe them, and gauge their potential. Unfortunately, Doom was overthrown in a counter-coup by John Anthony Herod of the Chicago Reserve before he could finish building Halo City.
  • Following Herod's coup, Doom arranged to meet in secret with Shakti Haddad, Cerebra of the X-Men Protectorate, in Halo City. He passed on the knowledge of the "messiah quest" and the mission to her, while he concentrated his focus on other matters.
  • Morphine Somers was a former con man from Transverse City whom Doom made Minister of Humanity under his regime. Morphine was installed as political supervisor of Halo City during the project's construction. He survived Herod's attack largely because he wasn't in Washington D.C. during the counter-coup. Without Doom's support, Morphine was essentially hiding out in Halo City, hoping to turn his appointment as provisional governor into a long-term political role. He also hacked Doom's files in D.C. before coming out west, and knew about the "messiah quest".
  • Herod was also aware of the "mutant messiah," and took his own steps to identify the neo-mutant. He made contact with Avian, the Lord Falconer and proprietor of the Million Palms Family Fun Center in Havana, Florida. Herod forced Avian to secretly convert the amusement park into an experimental testing facility for young mutants. In Herod's America, mutants were actively hunted on the East Coast and captured by SHIELD before being sent to Million Palms.
  • "December" Frost was a hostess working at Million Palms before she tested X-gene positive and was thrown into the testing facility. While there, she met another young mutant named Willow. Willow was taken away for experimentation at one point and never returned.¬†Later, December was being experimented on before Avian and his alleged wife, Peregrine, the "queen" of Million Palms. During the torture experiment, Peregrine revealed herself to be Willow in disguise and escaped the amusement park with December. After the death of the original Peregrine, Avian apparently forced Willow to use her morphing powers and pose as Peregrine until her escape.
  • Hayes Issacs fell on hard times after his mother Angelique left for Alchemax's Ares colony on Mars. Taking the name Clarion, he lived on the streets for some time and befriended another mutant named Nostromo. Nostromo was tortured by his own techno-organic abilities, which rebuilt his body out of metal whenever he was injured. Nostromo lost both his arms in an unspecified incident, leaving him afraid he would one day become completely mechanical.
  • When Wulff's mutation first developed, it made him savage and more animal-like than man. After being kicked out by his parents, he fell in with the mutant street gang known as the Wild Boys, working for Vulture of the Freakers from Downtown New York. Wulff's nature made him prone to behavioral conditioning, and the Vulture used beatings, dominance and an obedience collar to turn Wulff into his personal attack dog. When Halo City opened, Wulff and the Wild Boys apparently cut ties with the Vulture in order to claim the new territory and Wulff's humanity resurfaced after putting some distance between him and his "master."


Clarion and Nostromo arrived in Halo City by the New Pacific Channel, and were almost immediately accosted by a local thief. Meanstreak of the Protectorate retrieved their bags before they made their way into the city. Screamtown was a shanty district where no one was over twenty. The duo got into trouble again when they crossed the path of the Wild Boys bikers: Dorian, Trash, Shiv and Wulff. Wulff tried to get the Boys to push on, but Dorian wanted to start some trouble. Clarion used the Wild Boys' bikes to cause a sonic boom, and then Nostromo techno-pathically hotwired one of the cycles to escape. They raced into a dead end, but their pursuers were cast aside by Cerebra's neurological attack. She gave the boys directions to a shelter and told them to meet her there. [X-Men 2099 #30]

While the Xavier Shelter was being prepared, Cerebra and Morphine Somers kept the inaugural class of X-Nation under the central admin building. Clarion and Nostromo joined the other young mutant recruits Cerebra had found: December, Willow, Uproar, and Twilight. A mutant from the 1990's named Dust appeared in Halo City, demonstrating telepathic and telekinetic powers and claiming a long history with the X-Men. He demanded Cerebra take him to see the children so that he could greet the new generation. Once he confronted them, Dust cried, admitting he never actually fought with the X-Men. He went out into the desert and hid his head in the sand instead. Dust's message to X-Nation was stand up and be counted, don't turn away from your people and fight for the place of mutantkind in the next century. [2099 A.D. Genesis #1]

After securing the Xavier Shelter for Indigent Children on behalf of X-Nation, Cerebra met with Sister Nicholas of the Sisterhood of the Howling Commandments. Sister Nick agreed to watch over the disenfranchised youth of Halo City. Morphine Somers lost the public elections in Halo City, costing him the last of the political power he inherited from Doom's regime. [X-Men 2099 #30]

Wulff ran away from the Wild Boys, and was rescued by Morphine Somers. Morphine brought Wulff to the Xavier Shelter in order to worm his way into the "messiah quest." Sister Nicholas introduced Wulff to the rest of X-Nation, and Clarion was slow to accept him after being attacked by the Wild Boys when he first arrived in Halo City. The kids snuck out after curfew to go to the Negative Zone milk bar. Clarion and the others fought on behalf of Wulff when Warbird and the Wild Boys arrived to force him to come back with them. As they snuck back into the shelter, however, X-Nation found Sister Nicholas waiting up for them with the heavy artillery. [X-Nation 2099 #1]

Willow morphed into Sister Nicholas and mock-chased X-Nation through the Xavier Shelter. When Sister Nick caught them, she decided their lack of remorse over breaking curfew meant they needed some particularly medieval punishment. Cerebra suggested X-Nation be put to work doing construction for the Xavier Shelter. Uproar was comically bad at his job, and destroyed the kids' work in a tantrum. Cerebra tried to get through to her young charges, explaining to them the hardships of mutant life and the need to congregate into functional communities. Before she could finish the lesson, Avian's soldiers from Million Plams arrived to take Willow back to Florida. X-Nation and the Howlers managed to beat the goon squad, who were then laser-blasted to death by Avian's robotic bird, Razorwing. Once the dust settled, though, X-Nation realized Willow was gone. [X-Nation 2099 #2]

After the Howlers were stopped by Halo City bureaucrats from chasing after Million Palms, December explained her history with Willow to the rest of X-Nation and asked for help rescuing her. Twilight initially refused to risk her neck for someone else and ran off. Twi overheard Cerebra and Sister Nicholas discussing the kids being "prepared" for the messiah prophecy, but misunderstood and thought they'd be subjected to experiments. In order to get out of the Xavier Shelter, Twilight leapt aboard at the last second once Nostromo hotwired the Howler's battle-wagon. Once they arrived in Florida, X-Nation were shot down over Million Palms and faced off against the hunters. Most of the kids were disabled by flying power inhibitors, but Nostromo managed to techno-interface with his inhibitor to harness its energy for himself and keep fighting. Unfortunately, this meant the hunters resorted to drastic measures and gut-shot Nostromo before his helpless friends. [X-Nation 2099 #3]

As X-Nation was dragged away by the Million Palms' hunters, Clarion yelled at them to be careful with Nostromo, who was still suffering from their attack. Nostromo's power was repairing his body, but making it more machine-like in the process. The kids were brought before Avian, who surprisingly demanded to know where Willow was. When they failed to talk, the six mutants were put through processing and placed in a cell with another young mutant, Metalsmith. Twilight and Metalsmith developed an instant rapport and attraction to one another, much to Clarion's chagrin. While debating their options for escape, X-Nation was freed when one of the guards revealed herself to be Willow in disguise. Using her morphing powers to pose as Avian, Willow bluffed a prisoner transfer and got X-Nation to safety in an airship. Reunited, X-Nation and Metalsmith returned to Halo City, only to find the Xavier Shelter had been attacked in their absence. Meanwhile, Cerebra was assaulted by the immortal mutant Exodus, who wished to claim the next generation of mutants as his new Acolytes. [X-Nation 2099 #4]

At the Negative Zone bar, December and Twilight argued over why Willow betrayed them. December was in the process of defending her old friend and that she must have had her reasons when they were interrupted by the self-proclaimed "Bubble Machine of Love." After December shattered the jerk's beer with her powers, they went back to their conversation. [Note: Despite the editor's footnote, Willow never betrayed X-Nation in their series. This was likely the result of miscommunication between the two titles and changing plans for the 2099 line as a whole going on at the time.] [X-Men 2099 #32]

In the wreckage of the Xavier Shelter, X-Nation found most of the Sisterhood already dead, and Sister Nicholas was barely hanging on to life. She reported that Atlantean sharktroopers had arrived with Attuma to fulfill some lost prophecy about the rising tides affecting the Earth. Clarion asked Twilight to use her "sphere of influence" to save Sister Nick's life, but Twilight basically refused to even try. After Wulff and the others called her out for being so selfish, Twilight attempted to undo Sister Nick's wounds, but ended up sending her into convulsions. Sister Nicholas thanked Twilight for her effort, but declared it was her time to die, and passed on in front of X-Nation. After X-Nation buried the Sisters, Twilight withdrew from the others out of guilt over her failure. As annoying as he found Metalsmith, Clarion encouraged 'Smith to reach out to Twilight and comfort her, since he knew she wouldn't accept it from Clarion himself. Homeless and broke, X-Nation ended up at the Negative Zone weighing their options. Nostromo suddenly freaked out and ran away, responding to the growing Phalanx template buried deep in his genetic code. Before they could chase him, X-Nation was attacked again by Warbird and the Wild Boys. As Cerebra finally located Nostromo running the streets of Halo City, she felt a surge of psychic backlash from her rapport with the team, as if they had been suddenly killed. [X-Nation 2099 #5]

As the tides rose across Halo City, Cerebra and Nostromo found Xi'an in the ruins of the Xavier Shelter. Cerebra's mutant sensitivity told her the rest of X-Nation was dead, a notion which pushed the already unstable Nostromo closer to the edge. He began to commune directly with the Collective on the Phalanx moon entering Earth's solar system (the source of the radical changes to the planet's tides). [X-Men 2099 #34]

Flush with pilfered psychic energy, Exodus waded through the Wild Boys and ended any threat they posed. He then gathered X-Nation and teleported the team to a safe vantage point over Halo City. Twilight and Metalsmith were suspicious of Exodus's motives, but the jealous Clarion scolded them for being so cynical and mistrusting all the time. When Exodus began delighting in the deaths of the flatscans around them in the flood, however, X-Nation realized how insane he was. They fought against Exodus with the help of Mademoiselle Strange, who was also hunting the murderer. During the fight, Clarion was knocked into the rising waters. Metalsmith fished him out and resuscitated Clarion, saving his life. Twilight's sphere of influence remained the only effective attack against Exodus, but Exodus seriously injured her before she could best him. Strange used her healing spells to try and save Twilight while Metalsmith covered them with a metallic shield, but Exodus broke down Smith's dome faster than he could reform it. Clarion stepped in to defend Smith and Twilight, even after Exodus telepathically exposed Hayes's feelings for Twi in order to mock his efforts. Clarion died heroically, disintegrated by Exodus while confessing his love for Twilight. Strange had Twilight back on her feet by then, and so Exodus fled to challenge X-Nation another day. Strange and X-Nation made their way to the rescue boats in order to escape the city before it was completely submerged.

Meanwhile, Xi'an and Cerebra attempted to probe Nostromo's body to determine the source of the secondary consciousness he was developing. This caused the Phalanx Collective to begin speaking and acting through Nostromo. He attacked Xi'an and attempted to assimilate Cerebra through a psychic rapport. Nostromo's real consciousness fought back against the Collective on the astral plane, freeing him and Cerebra temporarily from its control. [X-Nation 2099 #6]

At Doom's Fortune House lair, Cerebra guided Nostromo and Xi'an to the teleport chamber prepared in advance by the former president. She tracked the signal from the other X-Men's signal badges and transported the trio to the flotilla abandoning Halo City. Based on data scavenged from Doom's computers, they determined the Savage Land would be one of the only dry refuges left on the planet after the flooding, and directed their ships towards Antarctica. [X-Men 2099 #35]

The flotilla of refugees from Halo City eventually reached the Savage Land. Reed Richards constructed a rocket to travel to Alchemax's Ares colony on Mars to see if what was left of humanity could relocate there. With Benjamin Grimm as the pilot, December, Twilight and Metalsmith joined him and Father Jennifer D'Angelo on the trek. Unfortunately, the Savage Land refuge lost track of the rocket almost immediately, and wreckage made it appear as if they were dead. [Fantastic Four 2099 #8]

2099: World of Tomorrow #1-8:

[Willow] - Willow joined a survey team in the Savage Land, looking for the land and resources necessary to rebuild civilization. These "X-peditioners" included the X-Men Bloodhawk and La Lunatica, Jade Ryuteki, Hodge and Winn. Hodge was a mutaphobe and a bigot, but Winn seemed like a good-natured scientist, and Willow was flattered by his compliments. She was also reunited with Nostromo for the first time since Halo City, and had to give him the bad news that his friend Clarion was dead. During their exploration, Willow's team found a Martian spacecraft buried underground. They located the bridge and its long-deceased pilot. Hodge accidentally set off the self-destruct sequence, but Willow used her powers to copy the dead Martian's form and shut down the explosives with a retina scan of her morphed body.

Unfortunately, Willow found herself unable to revert back to normal afterwards. Mr. Winn tried to comfort her, but Willow's new alien eyes saw something in Winn her human eyes could not, and she instinctively lashed out at him. Going into a feral rage, Willow attacked her teammates until Nostromo managed to techno-pathically interface with her, and revert Willow back to normal. At that point, Winn revealed himself to be a Phalanx infiltrator and kidnapped Nostromo, who was key to the Collective's invasion of Earth. Willow and the X-peditioners raced back to the Last Refuge, confronting a Phalanx dreadnode in the process. The X-Men and human settlers joined the X-peditioners in taking down the dreadnode, and other heroes managed to stop the invasion altogether.

[Nostromo] - Nostromo was still feeling the effects of the techno-virus and the Phalanx influence when he joined up with the X-Peditioners. Hearing about Clarion's demise did little to help his stability. After Willow morphed the Martian pilot and couldn't change back, Nostromo attempted to replicate the psychic rapport he created with Cerebra while under the Phalanx influence without assimilating Willow. He freed Willow from her unwelcome form, but also triggered the full transmutation of his body into techno-organic matter. Winn revealed himself as a Phalanx infiltrator and brought Nostromo back to Latveria, where Doom had been in a political stalemate with the Phalanx Emissary and Magus. Nostromo contained the all-important "Scout" program for the Phalanx invasion, a dormant viral package hidden in mankind's genetic code during the last Phalanx invasion a century earlier. By accessing the "Scout" program, the Phalanx could not only technoform the entire world, but also unleash a new generation of Phalanx hatchlings gestating on their moonbase. Doom was using his knowledge of Nostromo's whereabouts to hold the Phalanx at bay in Latveria, but the Phalanx tired of the game and had Winn retrieve Nostromo, beginning the invasion in earnest.

Nostromo was built into the Phalanx Collective, unwillingly releasing the "Scout" program. Spider-Man and Xina Kwan raided the Phalanx spire, prepared to kill Nostromo in order to end the "Scout" program and the invasion. Nos begged Spider-Man to end his life, but Doom arrived at the last second and stopped Spider-Man from executing Nostromo. Using a pre-programmed code phrase, Doom single-handedly stopped the "Scout" program and freed Nostromo to act of his own accord. Doom explained how he identified the Phalanx "Scout" program a century earlier and made his own modifications to the coding, making him both forewarned and forearmed against the second invasion. When he arrived in 2099, Doom knew the second invasion was imminent, but his time travels meant he lost track of the "Scout" program's current host in the intervening decades. Therefore, he deliberately spread false rumors about a "mutant messiah" in order to draw the mutant "Scout" out in the open where he could monitor him again.

With Nostromo's "Trojan horse" unleashed, the Phalanx Collective collapsed from within, thanks in part to Mr. Winn, who had been secretly loyal to Doom the whole time. Doom only allowed the Phalanx techno-forming to go on long enough to rebuild the damage previously done to Latveria during Herod's counter-coup before bringing the aliens down. As Doom died in the cacophony that followed, Nostromo escaped with Spider-Man, Xina and Winn. When Doom's holographic will was unveiled, he identified Nostromo as a youth who suffered just as Doom had suffered, and asked the people of Latveria to accept Nostromo as his heir and the new ruler of Latveria.

[December, Twilight, and Metalsmith] - The Thing barely managed to guide the damaged rocket in for a crash landing near the Alchemax Ares colony on Mars. Mysterious Martian natives called "Takers" investigated the crash and took Ben Grimm away, while leaving the other four in their stasis pods. Twilight, December and Father Jennifer soon awakened, but Metalsmith began to boil alive in his unstable pod. Twilight managed to use her sphere of influence to reverse time in Smith's pod, keeping him from dying on her like Clarion. The quartet made their way to the Ares colony, where they learned from the colonists that these "Takers" have been stealing people and equipment under the cover of night. After Twilight disappeared, Metalsmith and December prepared to go searching for her and the Takers. They were joined by Doctor Angelique Isaacs, apparently unaware that she was Clarion's mother. They found the Takers and Twilight safe and sound. Twilight related the story of the Takers, whose Martian civilization was destroyed by the Phalanx millennia ago, and now sought revenge on the Phalanx moon that entered the solar system and was now headed for Earth.

Twilight felt an obligation to go with the Takers on their suicide mission against the Phalanx, mostly because of her own unresolved feelings over Clarion's death. Metalsmith and December didn't trust the Takers, but when Metalsmith went to stop Twilight from joining the mission, he ultimately relented and trusted her judgment, going along for the attack. Metalsmith and Twilight used their powers to break through the Phalanx defense systems, letting the Takers land their craft inside the moon-station and take their revenge. A self-destruct sequence was eventually activated on the moon, and Twilight and Metalsmith were too far away to reach the spacecraft for safety. Back on Ares colony, December managed to reactivate the communications system just in time to hear Twilight and Metalsmith's last words to each other before the Phalanx moon exploded with them on-board.

[Uproar and Wulff] - On the shores of the Last Refuge in the Savage Land, Wulff and Uproar found a man washed up and infected with a techno-organic virus. Cerebra and Spider-Man examined the man at their base before he passed away, mumbling about the Wild Boys. When Spider-Man set off on a catamaran to search for the virus's origin, Wulff and Uproar stowed away. Their boat was blown up on the waters, and the X-Nation boys were brought on board the Wild Boys' ship. Uproar was forced to fight in the Gauntlet, punished repeatedly for refusing to kill his opponents after each win. Meanwhile, Wulff was tortured by the Wild Boys until his old, savage persona resurfaced, physically transforming him into a were-wulff form. Wulff was unleashed on Uproar in the Gauntlet, but Uproar managed to get through to his buddy, and Wulff's humanity resurfaced. A girl named Fiona disabled their power dampeners so they could overpower the Wild Boys but, instead of escaping, Wulff insisted on confronting the Wild Boys' "Big Boss."

Uproar reluctantly followed Wulff and Fiona into the bowels of the ship, where they eventually discovered the Big Boss, the Vulture, and learned he had ordered Fiona to bring them there in the first place. Vulture was able to dominate Wulff, forcing him to heel with Wulff's old obedience collar. As Wulff's allegiences shifted back and forth between Uproar and the Vulture, a Phalanx dreadnode attacked the ship, causing it to sink. Uproar dragged the unconscious Wulff aboard a piece of wreckage in the aftermath. Wulff's mind and body were still changing, leaving him halfway between animal and man. After spotting a ship to rescue Uproar, Wulff took off swimming on his own to think things through before deciding whether to rejoin humanity.


Cerebra (Shakti Haddad)

First appearance: X-Men 2099 #1
First X-Nation appearance: 2099 AD: Genesis #1

All X-Nation appearances: 2099 AD: Genesis #1, X-Men 2099 #30, X-Nation 2099 #1-6

Powers: Neurokinetic abilities make her sensitive to the presence of neural patterns, able to recognize people by their neural signature and detect the unique neural patterns of mutants, as well as influence nervous systems to cause various sensations like pain, paralysis, or neurological shutdown, or physically animate people's bodies or trigger mutant abilities against their will

Morphine Somers

First appearance: Doom 2099 #28
First X-Nation appearance: 2099 AD: Genesis #1

All X-Nation appearances: 2099 AD: Genesis #1, X-Nation 2099 #1-3

Powers: Super-annuation touch rapidly accelerates the aging process of living or unliving matter, causing it to corrode and dissolve into dust

Clarion (Hayes Isaacs)

First appearance: 2099 AD: Genesis #1
Last appearance: X-Nation 2099 #6

All X-Nation appearances: 2099 AD: Genesis #1, X-Men 2099 #30, X-Nation 2099 #1-6

Powers: Sound convertor able to absorb sonic energy and then either amplify it back at the source or rechannel the energy as sonic force blasts

Nostromo (Gabriel Hess)

First appearance: 2099 AD: Genesis #1

All X-Nation appearances: 2099 AD: Genesis #1, X-Men 2099 #30, 34-35, X-Nation 2099 #1-6, 2099: World of Tomorrow #1-8

Powers: Phalanx Scout DNA manifested through mutant genes, causing him to naturally grow techno-organic material in place of lost or injured organic tissue, reconstructing his arms and other areas of his body as permanent living cybernetics, able to techno-pathically interface with mechanical systems to learn their functions and operate them mentally, absorb electrical power sources from machines and rechannel that power offensively, and manipulate his techno-organic arms to disassemble into lashing and restraining cables and wires

Note: Nostromo's real name was only revealed in the Marvel Handbooks.

December (Winter Frost)

First appearance: 2099 AD: Genesis #1

All X-Nation appearances: 2099 AD: Genesis #1, X-Men 2099 #30, 32, X-Nation 2099 #1-6, Fantastic Four 2099 #8, 2099: World of Tomorrow #1-7

Powers: Atmospheric freeze blasts allow her to super-cool the air around her hands, then telekinetically project it outwards to freeze targets from a distance

Willow Pierre

First appearance: 2099 AD: Genesis #1

All X-Nation appearances: 2099 AD: Genesis #1, X-Men 2099 #30, X-Nation 2099 #1-2,4-6, 2099: World of Tomorrow #1-8

Powers: Psychometric metamorph able to imprint the appearance of anyone she touches, creating an organic record of bodies she can later call upon and morph into on command

Note: Willow's last name was only revealed in the Marvel Handbooks.

Uproar (Matt Finn)

First appearance: 2099 AD: Genesis #1

All X-Nation appearances:| 2099 AD: Genesis #1, X-Men 2099 #30, 32, X-Nation 2099 #1-6, 2099: World of Tomorrow #1-8

Powers: Generates bio-power surges that augment his mass, causing him to proportionately increase in height, weight, strength, and resistance to physical injury

Note: Uproar's real name was only revealed in the Marvel Handbooks.

Twilight (Aminah Ferrara)

First appearance: 2099 AD: Genesis #1
Last appearance: 2099: World of Tomorrow #7

All X-Nation appearances: 2099 AD: Genesis #1, X-Men 2099 #32, X-Nation 2099 #1-6, Fantastic Four 2099 #8, 2099: World of Tomorrow #1-7

Powers: Projects a sphere of influence around her body to alter reality and fundemental forces within its radius, causing effects like levitation, intangibility, shrinking, melting objects, reversing time, bio-manipulation, etc.

Note: Twilight's real name was only revealed in the Marvel Handbooks.

Wulff (Sebastian Ruud)

First appearance: X-Men 2099 #30

All X-Nation appearances: X-Nation 2099 #1-6, 2099: World of Tomorrow #1-8

Powers: Feral mutation gives him enhanced strength, speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes, highly acute animal senses, and razor tipped claws, secondary form resembles a werewolf and has even further enhanced physical and animalistic traits

Note: Wulff's real name was only revealed in the Marvel Handbooks.

Metalsmith (Shane Lee)

First appearance: X-Nation 2099 #2
Last appearance: 2099: World of Tomorrow #7
All X-Nation appearances: X-Nation 2099 #4-6, Fantastic Four 2099 #8, 2099: World of Tomorrow #1-7

Powers: Ferromorph able to manipulate metallic structures, levitate and propel them through the air, or sculpt metals into new shapes and designs

Note: Metalsmith's real name was only revealed in the Marvel Handbooks.