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10th December 2002


There once was a woman named Tessa,
Who was quite unimportant, confess-a,
But they were writing one day,
And they made up a way
To retcon her into the mess-a






There once was a girl they called Darkstar,
With whom Iceman never could get far,
She joined the X-Corps,
To be on-panel more,
But then she got shot in a train car!




There once was a man dressed in red,
Who made a force-field 'round his head,
In Genosha one day,
He was found by Jean Grey
But we all thought Unus was dead!





There once was a girl named Maria,
Who went on a short killing spree-a,
But it seems in Mumbai,
They let bygones be by,
And Feral and Thornn were friendly-a.





The soldier called Fantomex,
Had a history that made one perplexed,
He murdered Darkstar
Somehow teleports far
And the writers are gaining my vex





A little fan favorite named Blink,
Whose skin was an odd shade of pink,
Died in six-sixteen (616),
Sewed a dress of bright green,
She's the Exiles' AoA link.







A chick who was British then Asian,
Was killed without much provocation,
Joe Quesada says "No",
And he brings down the show
On Betsy's grand reincarnation.







A mutant who's sometimes a baddie,
And whose boyfriend was in love with Maddie,
Thought Mags was her pop,
But that theory was dropped,
Though now she's been calling him "Daddy" ?







The being they call mummumdrai,
Tries to kill you before you can cry,
She can fight in the womb,
Make your insides go boom,
Cassandra just wants you to die!






A meddlesome woman named Frost,
Was the Hellfire white queendom boss,
Had a coma and then,
She joined with the X-Men,
To wear a suit as thick as dental floss