Cable (1st series) #25

Issue Date: 
November 1995
Story Title: 
“What Was… What Is…”

Jeph Loeb (writer), Ian Churchill & Joel Thomas (pencils), Scott Hanna, Ryan Wiacek, Salvador LaRocca, Vey & Carani (inks), Mike Thomas & Malibu’s Hues (colors), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (letters), Lisa Patrick (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Cable and Jenskot have been transported back into a time period of Cable’s younger life. As they explore the area, Cable isn’t sure what to do and what to say to Aliya, as he has so much to tell her, but knows he can’t do it as it will change the course of history too much. They are joined by Domino, who was also transported by Blaquesmith. She immediately notices the way Cable stares at Aliya and isn’t amused by it, but learns to live with it when she learns of Aliya’s name and how she is connected to Tyler. Jenskot continues to lead them through Stryfe’s camp, and later brings them safely to the camp of the Askani. There, Cable and Domino meet up with Blaquesmith and Aliya explains to them that they have to save the young Dayspring’s life, who became very ill after a telepathic attack from Stryfe. Cable is a bit stunned when he first sees his younger self, but knows he has to do whatever must be done to save him. Inside his camp, Stryfe holds one of the Askani rebels prisoner: Tetherblood. He has also stolen a glowing object from the Askani camp and demands that Tetherblood tells him what it is, but the Askani bravely refuses, even under torture. Back at the camp, after talking to Blaquesmith, Domino believes she was brought there to do what Cable could never to: kill Stryfe so they can end the cycle between them. She leaves the camp while Cable has a briefing with the other rebels about what to do. He also learns there’s a traitor among them, but isn’t sure who it is. When he realizes Domino is missing, he immediately goes after her. Domino is already back at Stryfe’s camp and gets a clear shot at him, but wonders if this is the right thing to do. Before she can attack, however, Cable prevents Domino from killing his old adversary. Unfortunately, Stryfe hears the discussions and sends guards after them. Aliya and the other rebels buy Domino and Cable some time by fighting the guards, so they can do their jobs. Cable and Domino rescue Tetherblood and also the glowing object, which is revealed to be sentient and identified as the Professor, and old friend and mentor of Cable. The traitor is revealed to be Korless, one of the Askani rebels who wants a place in Stryfe’s new world order when he gains victory. Cable on the other hand remembers an old lesson the Professor once taught him, and has him perform a body-slide. He, Domino, the Prof and Tetherblood are all safely teleported away back to the Askani camp, while Korless gets tortured by Stryfe for failing at his duties. Aliya and the other rebels also safely return to the camp. There, Cable has Blaquesmith place the Professor inside Dayspring so he’ll survive. The plan works. Later, after saying a sad goodbye to Aliya, Blaquesmith teleports Cable and Domino back to their proper time. The next day, Dayspring is back in shape and continues his war against Stryfe and his army.

Full Summary: 

Same as it ever was…

The seasoned warrior named Cable rushes headlong into jeopardy, at the side of the only woman he ever truly loved; Aliya, who took the battle name Jenskot after the legendary “First Ones.” Same as it ever was? Not quite…

Standing somewhere in a jungle, Aliya leads the way, while Cable follows behind her. She isn’t sure where they are. She explains the temporal journey is not easy to predict, so they’re going to have to find a reference point. She asks Cable if anything here looks familiar to him. Nathan denies it.

Nathan is lost in thought. He silently looks at Aliya, complimenting she’s so full of confidence and grace. It’s almost as if it never happened. Aliya goes to sit on her heels and warns Cable to be silent. There’s a clearing up ahead. They look down the hill they stand on, and Aliya is shocked at what she sees. “By the Mother Askani,” she quietly says, causing Cable to ask if something’s wrong. Aliya believes luck isn’t with them today. Beyond the clearing they can see awaits their enemy… the scions of the High Lord. They need to make their way over there, across the valley. Cable recognizes the “High Lord” name… it’s an alias Stryfe used! Cable looks below and can see people at a campfire.


Eleven minutes ago, and what feels like a lifetime, Cable stood on the bow of a ship run by Blaquesmith. It was present day, late twentieth century Baltimore, Maryland. Now, somewhere in the far-flung future, some two thousand years hence, Cable must save Jenskot’s love and leader of the Clan Chosen: Nathan Dayspring. The Askani’Son. The boy Cable once was. His younger self. Some time, years from now, Aliya will become Cable’s wife… and die tragically in his arms. It is a pain that rips apart Nathan’s heart and soul. He had come to accept that he would never see her again. Cable knows this day. He has lived it. And yet… what is… is.


Cable and Aliya can also see a huge battleship behind the campers. Aliya starts running to it and Nathan warns her to be careful, thinking there have to be perimeter guards all over the place. Aliya mentions that Dayspring’s life is hanging by a thread, so surely she thinks Cable will understand that, if he can’t save him, then their people and everything else will be lost. Cable stops her. Hesitant, he says he doesn’t have much time, but wants her to know… He stops talking there. He just wants her to be careful. He wouldn’t want anything to happen there.

Aliya tells Cable that, sometimes, by the way he looks at her, it frightens her. But despite their current situation, she has faith Dayspring will survive this night. Cable realizes to himself that Aliya doesn’t know who he is anymore. He recalls that, if there’s one thing he learned about time travel, is that nothing is absolute. Nathan tries to tell her something, but is reluctant to do so. When she asks Cable what it is, Cable moves closer to her, almost ready for a kiss. He doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore. He knows he can’t change the past. There is so much he wishes he could tell her.

The attraction is undeniable between them both. Until fate, with more than a little help from a brilliant flash of green light, intercedes! The light forms into a portal from which Domino falls through. Panicking, she demands to know what Blaquesmith thinks he’s doing?! She safely lands, realizing she was teleported. She can’t tell where she is though. Or, a more disturbing thought… when. Cable is surprised to find Domino here, and she is, of course, as well. Domino spots Aliya, and when she sees the two standing so close to another, she mentions she wasn’t told they were going to be joined by another… ally. While she welcomes Aliya, she fears Stryfe’s men will have seen the light from the time jump.

Cable wants to suggest something, but Aliya interrupts him, and asks Domino if she just truly spoke out Stryfe’s name. Domino apologizes for walking in after the picture has already started, but asks Cable if Stryfe is really here. Domino warns the two they must be quiet, as they’ve already drawn too much attention to themselves. She jumps gracefully backwards on top of a tree nearby. Cable tells Domino there is no time to explain things now, which she understands. She asks what Cable’s friend is up to. Knowing her, Cable smiles, she’s saving their necks.

A grey, ape-like creature falls unconscious out of the tree Aliya jumped in! Domino is impressed. Cable smiles Aliya sure has that effect on people. Aliya jumps down as well, explaining that troopers like the ape usually travel in packs. And, if his companions don’t psi-scan them, the ape’s uniform may help them. Cable helps Aliya with taking the ape’s uniform off, and she asks Domino to keep lookout. Cable asks Domino if she’s up for it, warning that time travel can be… draining. Domino claims it’s no problem. She does keep a close eye on Cable and Aliya. She wonders who Aliya is, as Cable is taking orders from someone without so much as a peep. Domino can’t keep her thoughts for herself anymore, and asks Cable who Aliya is. She believes she’s connected to Blaquesmith somehow, or, perhaps… Tyler.

Aliya puts on the ape’s uniform, and Cable spots trouble. More guards appear, warning Cable and the others that they are in a restricted area. They warn the “flatscans” to put their hands on their heads! One of the guards notices that Aliya wears the mark of the Clan Chosen on her cheek, and mocks that their lord will be most pleased. Cable telepathically contacts Domino to start the fight. The two work together to defeat the guards, but Domino angrily tells Cable to keep his thoughts out of her head. Cable wants them all down as there is no time to keep prisoners, but Domino already figured that out by herself.

A short while later, after the battle is won…

Aliya thanks both Cable and Domino for the help. She believes their abilities will serve them well on their journey. Cable promises Aliya he’s still a novice, but he’s glad she’s safe. They start running, and Domino mentions she doesn’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure out where they are. In that case, Aliya also wants her to know that time is of essence here.

Domino stops everyone, and jokes with saying “T” on the field. She approaches Aliya, telling her that they haven’t been properly introduced. She introduces herself and asks Aliya who she is. Aliya doesn’t know the expression of “T” in the field, but still introduces herself. She also adds that her chosen Askani name, however, is Jenskot. Domino is stunned and finally realizes who they are dealing with. Cable confirms it for her as well.

Soon, at the edge of Stryfe’s camp…

Domino telepathically asks Cable if they are still psi-linked. Cable answers, and says he knows what’s going through Domino’s mind right now. Domino doesn’t care about her mind right now. She wants Cable to tell her what happened that day in the middle of the battle. She thinks Cable tried to get back to this camp before. Cable confirms that’s what happened. But, what’s important right now is that they both know things about the future, and these people, and they need to be very careful about what they’ll reveal.

It seems like a simple request. However, it weighs heavily on Domino. For now she understands why Cable looks at Aliya the way he does. And Domino cannot help but wonder… if they survive this battle… will anything ever be the same?

They hide behind some bushes. They spot some guards and their horses. One of the guards, M’Gyn, mentions to his partner that the command is they ride at first light. The other guard, holding a torch in his hands, smiles it will be a day filled with blood. Cable grabs M’Gyn and quickly pulls the guard’s red hood over his clothes. The other guard panics, and Cable quickly takes him out as well and gives that hood to Domino to wear.

In the heart of the camp…

As they sneak past the other guards, Aliya warns Cable and Domino to try not to make eye contact. She explains Cable is a powerful telepath and, if he turns his attention this way and suspects their presence there, he will kill them all… with just a thought. Cable gets a strong headache. He believes that must mean Stryfe is nearby, as he’s also having a hard time to keep them cloaked.

Another guard grabs Aliya and angrily demands to know what’s wrong with her friend. Aliya panics a bit, and claims it’s obvious what’s wrong: the man is ill. She lies they’re getting him medical aid, so he can be ready for the battle in the morning. She orders the guard to step aside. The guard growls there are no physicians here and that this is a restricted area. Cable telepathically tells the guard there’s no need to bother with them, and to tell them to have a good night. The guard quickly repeats Cable’s words, and lets them pass. Cable jokes that telepathy works every time.

Nearby, Stryfe walks out of his tent. His guard mentions to him that all is quiet tonight. Stryfe disagrees. He feels there is something dangerous out there.

Stryfe is also known as the Chaos Bringer. He’s a genetically cloned duplicate of Nathan Dayspring, twisted by the teachings of the power-mad tyrant Apocalypse. But now, Apocalypse is gone, defeated by the Askani-led revolution. But his heir remains, more determined and more savage than ever. In the morning, he may achieve two of his lifelong ambitions: the total annihilation of the rebels known as the Clan Chosen… and the death of his nemesis… his counterpart… his template… the Askani’Son!

Stryfe walks back into his tent and closes it. He thinks perhaps he’s too anxious. His… spies told him Dayspring gets weaker by the moment, and that he may not last the night. He mocks it would be a shame not to have the pleasure of killing Dayspring with his bare hands. On a desk nearby stands a glowing object, which looks like bottle, and which Stryfe telekinetically pulls towards him. He mentions that Ch’vayre did his job well and that he trained many years to unleash such a psionic attack. He approaches his prisoner: Tetherblood! Tetherblood hangs, half-tortured, on wires against the walls of the tent.

Stryfe mocks to Tetherblood that he’ll find that the Askani were not prepared for everything. And that he found Dayspring gloriously unaware of how to protect himself. He wants Tetherblood to tell him something. He has known his adversary for as long as Stryfe has. He thinks perhaps by answering this riddle will bring Tetherblood a few more hours. Stryfe wants to know what connection Dayspring has to the seemingly innocent glowing object he holds. He scanned the object repeatedly and it doesn’t appear to be the least bit sentient. He wants to know what secret Dayspring withholds from all of them.

Tetherblood spits Stryfe in his face. Stryfe angrily compliments that Tetherblood is either a very brave man… or a very foolish one. In either case, he demands that Tetherblood will tell him what he wants to know… or he’ll be a very dead man!

Outside, near a water fall…

Cable needs to stop for a while, as holding up that T.K. shield was harder than he thought it would be. Aliya asks what’s wrong as they are nearly there. Domino hears the concern in Aliya’s voice, but isn’t sure if it’s about the success of the mission, or something else. Cable explains that, the further they get from Stryfe’s camp, the stronger he feels. The pain, somehow… it’s familiar. Maybe it relates to the attack on Dayspring. Aliya notices how hot Cable seems to look. She takes out a tissue and makes it wet on the water fall, and places it gently on his head, saying that perhaps this will cool him down a bit.

Domino goes to stand on the lookout. She admits she doesn’t know much about this terrain, but she has been in enough fire fights to know that they’re sitting ducks right now!

Suddenly, some people jump out of the high trees and Domino quickly warns Cable about the company. Aliya says something in the Askani language and, in English, warns Domino to hold her fire. These newcomers are more than just friends… they are her clanmates! One of the newcomers, Korless, is glad to see it’s Aliya. He thanks the Lady she has returned, and mentions he has prayed her journey was safe as well. Aliya explains to Korless she brought help: Cable. Cable says hi to the troops. They don’t think it’s possible: Cable resembles the Chosen One so much, but… older.

Their voices cannot hide their awe, for looking into the face of the older Dayspring. They fear their own feature may not be an easy one. Cable wants to quote something Xavier once told him: “everything concerns him.” The clan leads Cable and Domino to their clan. Domino asks Cable if this really is his team. The good guys… the Clan Chosen. “Pretty much,” Cable answers to that. Domino realizes this must feel like coming home to Nathan. Cable says it does but, oddly, it also doesn’t feel like it. Some of these people are not familiar to him. Like Korless. Domino finds it surprising that concerns Nathan. She thinks there must be some things that won’t fit exactly right, as memory is a funny thing. And, she jokes, if Cable is going to start quoting Xavier, they’re in real trouble.

Cable asks Aliya, now that they’re there, what happened to Dayspring. Aliya reveals that, as she told Nathan in the earlier era, that Dayspring suddenly fell ill. It is mysterious. They believe the ailment may be psionic in nature. There is even talk of a traitor in their fold. But she must tell Nathan something. One of their group is missing. The one called… Tetherblod. Cable recognizes the name. Cable worries for his friend. He thinks that, unless someone or something has altered the time stream, he knows Tetherblood isn’t capable of betraying them… ever!

Upon arriving at the camp, everyone stares at Nathan in disbelieve. Domino is stunned by it. The way these people look at Cable… there is hope filled in their eyes. Cable knows that. He admits that being there reminds him of the… good they achieved. He remembers that much. As Cable and Domino continue their walk, a small boy asks his mother if Cable is going to be their new leader. Domino hears it, and wonders if that’s why they brought Cable here. If Dayspring dies, is Cable supposed to lead these people into battle? Cable simply answers: “Dom… if Dayspring dies… God help us all.”

Surprisingly enough, Cable, Domino and Aliya are welcomed by none other than… Blaquesmith?! With a sarcastic tone in her voice, Domino mocks it’s a pleasure to see him here. Blaquesmith tells Nathan that his heart soars for seeing him as a grown man. Cable tells his old friend it’s good to see him too. But, he adds, from what he’s heard, they haven’t got much time. He wants to know where Dayspring is. Domino mocks that apparently, Cable and Blaquesmith have known each other for a lot longer than either of them let on. Aliya whispers to Domino that she must caution her with regards as how she speaks to Blaquesmith. Domino wonders why, but Cable reminds her to be quiet.

Aliya takes Cable into the young Dayspring’s tent. Domino holds Blaquesmith aside. Domino thinks she has been patient so far, but she needs some answers. She gets why Cable needs to be here, but why her? Especially with Jenskot around, it doesn’t make any sense. She demands to know what she’s doing here. Blaquesmith would like to help, but Domino isn’t familiar to him, and there is no easy answer. “Fine,” Domino says. Any answer will do. Three can be a crowd, after all.

As they enter the sanctum…

Cable sees his younger self lying sick in bed. Aliya tells Cable that Dayspring’s condition grows worse. It is so difficult for her to see him like this, and she asks Cable if he can help. Cable admits quietly to himself that he thought he had seen everything. But nothing could have prepared him for this. He receives a powerful psionic backlash, explaining it must be because two versions of them are here now. He screams.

Nathan agonizes through the pain. The paradox that is time. The irony is not lost to him. Aliya, the woman he would give his life for – leading him to his younger self who now lies overcome with fever – very near death who now lies overcome with fever – very near death. How he could, with a single action, relive his life with all the knowledge of past mistakes and hardship. And yet… he also knows the danger in altering the time stream and how it may adversely affect all their lives. Cable believes that every action he takes here stagger the consequences. He wonders if this is the Askani plan all along. If it is another trial for the so-called “Chosen One.” This may be too much to ask Nathan. To be faced with the past… there is so much he wants to tell his younger self. But he realizes he can’t let them down. He’s got to try to get through Dayspring, make him understand he’s here to help.

Cable does his best to telepathically get inside Dayspring’s head, and the strain is almost unbearable. He thinks that, in fighting off Stryfe’s psionic attack, Dayspring is also unknowingly fighting off him! He begs Dayspring to let him help. Aliya asks Cable if he can do what is necessary to save the Askani’Son’s life. Cable knows what Aliya is asking him. He wonders if it becomes necessary… will he be willing to sacrifice himself? As she will someday?

Nathan keeps on trying to reach into Dayspring’s mind. He telepathically tells him to open his mind for him. Dayspring finally responds and asks Cable who he is. He just says he’s a friend. Dayspring thinks this is impossible. He knows all the psychic patterns he now feels. And they can only come from one person… STRYFE! Cable tries to tell Dayspring he’s wrong, but is too late… Dayspring wakes up and attacks Cable with a psionic blast! Unfortunately, the blast also hits Aliya. Luckily, only slightly, but she’s a bit surprised by it.

Cable checks up on her. Aliya says she’s alright, explaining Dayspring trained her how to defend against such an attack. She asks Cable if he learned what ails Dayspring. He isn’t sure. Cable explains that in this point in his… in Dayspring’s point in life there should be a connection. A friend. Cable telekinetically lifts himself up in the air, and energy starts surrounding his body. He has to do this delicately as he doesn’t want to tip off Stryfe. It takes every ounce of concentration. Cable’s mind reaches out, threading the psionic plane like a tiny wire, searching for a microscopic outlet. All in the faint hope of… making contact.

Nathan does make contact, and a voice in his head asks, “Nathan? Is that you?” Cable’s eyes go wide open in disbelief.

In that moment, at the heart of Stryfe’s camp…

Stryfe comes once again out of his tent, still holding the glowing object. He wonders if it could be possible. For the briefest of moments he sensed… sentience… from the green light. He knew the object’s secrets couldn’t be kept secret much longer. At first he didn’t believe his source, or the legends, that Dayspring is aided by a being, by technology from a far-advanced race. Stryfe thinks Dayspring is vulnerable to attack without this object. Thankfully, Stryfe says, his source was correct and is certain Dayspring will die!

Unnoticed by Stryfe, the object glows only slightly brighter than before…

The Askani Camp…

Domino tells Blaquesmith to continue his explanation. Blaquesmith continues, as he was saying, Domino and Cable have come on the eve of the most crucial battle the children of the Askani have yet to face. If this battle is not won, then both their worlds, past and future, will be lost! Although Blaquesmith is in a quandary as to why Domino is included in this mission. Other than that which all Askani know: each person has a role to play and Domino’s must be a key one. Domino notices that once again, Nathan’s life, and any chance for happiness, is being disturbed by Stryfe. She wants to know if that’s why she’s here. To put an end to that cycle? Blaquesmith does not answer, leaving Domino to interpret his silence.

Cable is in a briefing with Aliya and Korless, and some of the other rebels. He explains he wouldn’t be asking this of any of them if he didn’t think it would help them save Dayspring’s life. But he can’t give them a guarantee that this isn’t anything but a suicide mission. Korless, holding his gun ready, speaks for all the rebels: they will follow Cable as they would follow Dayspring. But, he warns, if this battle involves a traitor, he wants the honor of dealing with Tetherblood himself. They now await Cable’s orders. Cable thinks about it for a while. He realizes he’s now back here, fighting the good fight. And Jenskot is at his side, smiling to him. He could almost get lost in it, but the idea of her leaving again is painful. But, Cable realizes, it’s different now. Domino is here, too. Cable stops his wondering, as he notices something. Domino isn’t here! Where is she?!

Stryfe’s camp…

Stryfe stands alone, sensing something’s wrong. He senses danger… an enemy. Someone who thinks they can shield their thoughts from a telepath. They are mistaken, he concludes. He shouts at his guards to stand alert.

Nearby, Domino stands on a hill and her gun has now a clear shot to take Stryfe out. She wonders if she can do it, change history so irrevocably. Will that mean Cable will never come into the past? And end this insanity right here and now? Or, will it only make things worse? She isn’t sure what to do, and almost puts her gun away.

On that moment, Cable jumps out of the bushes and attacks Domino! He can’t let her do it. This isn’t the way to stop Stryfe! Domino tries to make Cable understand they can put an end to this right here and now. Cable tries to pull the gun out of Domino’s hands but she holds on to it. Domino tells Cable to let go of her. She reminds Nathan that he knows what Stryfe is capable of. They’re doing the world a favor. He has to think of the lives they’ll save. On that moment, the gun fires a shot in the air! Domino immediately panics – Stryfe’s guards will now be on their way.

And she’s right. Stryfe warns his guards the enemy is again in their perimeter, and that is getting tiresome to him. He wants the guards to find him whoever fired that shot and that his head must be brought back to him! Cable and Domino try to run for it, and Cable tells Domino to believe him when he says he would have tried the same thing years ago. But, he explains, time isn’t absolute, and what’s intended to be constructive winds up as deconstructive. He tried to explain that to Tyler once. Domino thinks that, on the other hand, how does Cable know she wasn’t brought there to do what he couldn’t: to kill Stryfe? She has seen how Cable looks at Jenskot. She asks Cable if he can tell her there isn’t some part of him that wants to change what happened. Cable doesn’t know what to say.

But then, plasma blasts are heard in the opposite direction! Stryfe hears them as well, and sends more guards in that direction. He shouts that his enemies sure have some arrogance to think they could catch him unaware. He orders the guards to kill them all! Cable believes the blasts must have come from Jenskot, who’s trying to buy them time. This is it… they’ve got to move in now! He can see Aliya and the other rebels standing on a mountain nearby. He mentions he knows Stryfe has something… something they need. But then, he stops to wonder to think maybe Domino is right. Maybe he should be with Jenskot and protect her before it’s too late. They keep running, and Domino asks Cable if he’s having second thoughts. Cable admits he always has those. And, for the record, there’s nobody else besides Domino he’d want covering his back.

Stryfe’s camp…

Domino knocks out a guard, while Cable defeats the other. Domino asks Nathan if he had any trouble with it. Cable claims it’s nothing he couldn’t handle. He asks Domino if she’s ready to stick her head into the lion’s mouth. Nathan doesn’t know how long he can block Stryfe psionically. If he finds out how close they are, it will all be over. They quickly enter Stryfe’s tent, only to find Tetherblood half tortured and lying unconscious on the ground. Cable panics when he sees how much blood Tetherblood has lost and asks Domino if he’s alright. She feels his pulse and believes the guy’ll be alright. She notices Cable’s voice sounds funny and thinks something’s wrong.

Cable finds the thing they were looking for: the green light. He says hello to “the Professor.” The Professor telepathically answers back, and also greets his friend. He knows Nathan came across the eons, and that there is now still hope for the young Dayspring. Cable smiles he just did as the Professor always taught him. The Professor knows, but he never thought Cable was listening! Tetherblood gets up, and asks Cable if it’s really him. Cable asks Tetherblood what happened here, and wants to know how Stryfe captured both him and the Prof.

Korless enters the tent too, pointing his gun at Cable and the others. He sarcastically smiles Stryfe had help. Cable isn’t surprised. Korless believes that’s because Cable’s like him: a visionary, an agent of the infinity of… possibilities. And, Korless says with a certain tone in his voice, there is nothing Cable can do against this. Stryfe will surely win the battle, and Dayspring will die! That will leave a place for him… in the new world order. He tells Cable, calling him the Askani’Son, that he has come too late. Korless has changed the course of history.


Aliya leads her clanmates into battle against the guards of Stryfe, who is overlooking the battle by standing on a mountaintop nearby. She shouts at her teammates they cannot allow defeat! Stryfe notices Aliya, and how much fire that burns inside her. He realizes Aliya sides with Dayspring, but is confident that will change someday. This he knows. This he swears! He also realizes that Jenskot’s actions are clearly a diversion, and curses himself for being the fool who was drawn away. He hurries back to his tent.

There, Korless says that, since the fall of the High Lord, the world has become a harder and hasher place. And, he adds, if one is to survive, they must abandon the “pathetic” hope of the Askani. He reveals that so few understand this. But their lord Stryfe does, and he has chosen Korless as deliverer. He is doing what he must.

Cable senses that Stryfe is nearby and telepathically contacts the Professor, who asks Nathan what to do. He asks the Professor if he can access his memory. The Professor confirms he can, as they are still linked. They always will be. In that case, Cable needs the Prof’s help with something that he will teach him someday. The Professor agrees. Cable orders a “Bodyslide by one.” A green light spreads across the tent, and Cable, Domino, the Professor and Tetherblood are transported away!

Korless panics. Stryfe appears behind him, and wants his “trusted” Korless to tell him something. What has brought him into his camp, and he also wants to know where the Dayspring light is! Stryfe furiously shouts at Korless he gave him one simple task and he failed! He is very disappointed. He grins that Korless’ next assignment will be less comfortable, but no less time-spanning. Korless loudly screams…

The Askani camp…

The body-slide completes. The Professor explains to Cable they’re back at the Askani camp, and suggests Cable immediately brings Tetherblood to the physicians, and himself to the young Dayspring. After doing that, Cable enters Dayspring’s tent and asks Blaquesmith how Dayspring is doing.

Blaquesmith, who has placed Dayspring on a bed and set candles nearby it, explains that Stryfe’s attack was a powerful one and also clever. But the boy will only grow stronger if directed by Cable and his guide. He asks Nathan if he brought the Professor with him, as they must have them both if Dayspring is to survive. Blaquesmith also realizes that Cable doesn’t remember much of this time of his life, or about the fact that he and the Professor were linked… life-force to life-force. Cable adds that Stryfe was aware of that. But, they have the Professor there with them, and Cable tells his old friend it’s time. The Professor answers he’s here, ready to do what he can.

Cable gives the Professor to Blaquesmith. He recalls the Prof once telling him that he would be whatever he needed him to be: friend, mentor, professor. Right now, Dayspring needs all the strength they both have, so they have to focus. The Professor understands. Cable says that once this is all over, he knows Dayspring will carry the Professor inside him… for many years to come. Blaquesmith tells Nathan that he now shows them once more why it is he who is the “Chosen One.”

Some time later, nightfall…

Cable approaches Jenskot outside and informs her that Dayspring will live. Aliya admits she wouldn’t know what she and the rebels would have done without Cable. She knows how difficult this has been for him. She says there are no words of gratitude that can truly express what she feels. But there is something in the Askani language. She speaks it out to Cable, who understands what it means: “Forever.” Cable quietly recalls to himself that’s the word he and Aliya chose on their wedding vow.

Nathan gently touches Aliya’s cheek, and she wonders what he’s doing. He tells Aliya to love Dayspring with all her heart. She has to believe that Dayspring will love her back… forever. He walks away, leaving Aliya behind. Nearby, Domino was watching and heard everything Cable said to her. A tear falls out of her eye.

Later, he and Domino go back to Blaquesmith. Cable tells him it’s time. Domino asks Cable if he’s sure. Blaquesmith telepathically tells Cable it’s time for him to return. As a green light fills the room, the Professor says, “Commence interference with the time jump continuum.” Cable tells Domino he doesn’t belong here now. They can’t live in the past, when there is so much to look forward to… in all their tomorrows. The two get teleported away. Blaquesmith watches them go, and wishes the Askani’Son a safe journey.

A day later…

At first light. Dayspring arose from his tent, full of strength and good cheer, and led his clan into battle. They fought all through the morning and well into the day. In the end, they say it was Dayspring’s courage and heart that brought them into victory. It was a victory that all believers in freedom should savor. Years later, Dayspring and his followers would lose the war against Stryfe and his army. But that is a story for another time…

Characters Involved: 



(Younger versions of)


Korless, Tetherblood, the Professor (rebels)

younger Nathan Dayspring (the Askani’Son)



various guards working for Stryfe including M’Gyn (others unnamed)

various other Askani rebels (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

This issue is giant-sized: 40 pages in total.

Nathan’s wife died in his arms in Cable (1st series) #1.

Aliya discovered last issue that Cable was her beloved Nathan Dayspring, but older than she remembered him to be. Though, through the time jump, that discovery has apparently been erased from her mind, but not from Cable’s.

More about Apocalypse’s defeat at the hands of the Clan Chosen can be found in The Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix #1-4.

First appearance of Korless.

Xavier told Cable that “everything concerns him” in Cable (1st series) #23.

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