Generation X (1st series) #49

Issue Date: 
March 1999
Story Title: 

Jay Faerber (writer), Terry Dodson (pencils), Rachel Dodson (inks), Felix Serrano (colors), RS & Comicraft (letters), Frank Pittaresse (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Maggott has settled into the school and plays a basketball game with Chamber, Synch and Skin. He later gets introduced to the girls, and is impressed by Paige’s beauty. They later leave and go shopping. Later in the woods, the kids are ambushed by a hunter who calls himself the Slaughter! He shoots Eany and Meany, Maggott’s slugs, and wants to keep them as trophies. Maggott feels their pain, and doesn’t feel so good. The Slaughter quickly defeats the kids using his advanced weapons and after tying them up escapes with the slugs. Synch synches Maggott’s powers in order to free themselves, and together they go after the Slaughter. Eany and Meany recover and break free from the Slaughter, and eat his guns. Maggott tries to finish the battle, but the Slaughter escapes, mentioning that there are many more trophies out there for him to get, including maybe some mutants. Two hours later, Banshee has repaired the security system, which the Slaughter had broken through using Asgardian machines. Maggott can’t live with the fact that the Slaughter might hurt someone, and decides to leave and track the Slaughter down. He takes goodbye from the group, and departs, promising he’ll be back some day. At the same time, Emma visits her older sister, Adrienne, and asks her to loan some money. At first, Adrienne refuses but, after using her powers and learning about Generation X, she agrees to help out, but only under one condition. Emma agrees, and takes her sister to the school, where she introduces her as… the new headmistress!

Full Summary: 

A costumed man sneaks around the academy’s woods. He finds some fresh tracks, and thinks he has finally found his prey. He follows the tracks, which lead directly towards the school!

Meanwhile, inside the school, Maggott, Chamber, Skin and Synch are playing basketball. Maggott doesn’t like Jono’s performance, to which Jono mocks, giving Synch a chance to score. It’s Skin’s turn to go catch the ball, but it drops nearby Maggott’s slugs, Eany and Meany. Skin is scared of them, and asks Maggott if it’s true what he heard, namely if the slugs can eat through anything. Maggott confirms that, but calms Skin down as his little friends only eat things he tells them to. And he jokes that Skin isn’t on the menu… yet.

Skin stretches his arms to safely grab the ball. He jokes and wants to know why Maggott uses this codename. Maggott picks up his slugs, defending that it doesn’t matter what you call the package if it’s fixed up. Skin throws the ball to Maggott, but it bumps against his head, as Maggott is astonished by the beauty of… Paige! Paige introduces herself, mentioning that Maggott knows her brother, Sam. Maggott can’t believe that Cannonball never told her about his sister. He is starting to like this school, Maggott jokes.

Chamber compliments Paige on her nice new haircut, but she isn’t interested. She asks the guys who won the game. Synch explains that he and Angelo did. He asks Gaia who cut Paige’s hair. Gaia mentions that she did it, using her powers to reshape Paige’s hair. M jokes that their little farm girl finally got a real hair cut, which leaves them only to do something about her clothes. Paige jokes that she didn’t knew M cared. Jubilee has had enough talk, since there is still plenty of shopping to do and not much time left to do it in. The girls agree and leave. Maggott compliments the beautiful girls, and wants to know when he gets to meet the headmistress, as Iceman told him she walks around in lingerie. Synch explains that Ms. Frost had to go to New York.

At the same time in New York, Emma enters an office building called Meridian Enterprises. She passes an employee, telling him she’s there to see Adrienne. The man tries to hold Emma back by telling her Adrienne is busy, but Emma ignores his warnings and just goes on. In her office, Adrienne is talking to a panicking guy called Phillip. She calms him down, and just wants to know where she can get her hands on superhuman mercenaries. She stops Phillip again, explaining that she needs them because she doesn’t have any muscle to protect her. Adrienne tells Phillip to stop crying, and make her understand why she hired him and make this trans-sabal like she asked him to. Emma enters the office, asking Adrienne for a word. Adrienne wants to know why her favorite sister is coming to visit her.

Back at the school, Chamber, Skin and Synch show Maggott around the woods. Skin is thrilled to show Maggott a hill they found last winter, back when Synch was still the newbie from East L.A. Maggott jokes he would be a lot more interested if the beautiful girls from before were joining them, especially Sam’s sister. Everett notices Jono’s mood changing, and changes the subject by asking Maggott if the X-Men are really as cool as Jubilee always makes them out to be.

Maggott replies that the X-Men are to die for, and remembers each one of that team. He admits that he wasn’t with them very long but, when he was, Maggott thinks that he was having the time of his life. The X-Men helped him make the man he is today. Maggott wants the others to think of the X-Men what they want, but they are his idols. Everett doesn’t know what he would say if he would meet his idol, the Black Panther. Suddenly, Eany and Meany get hit! Maggott feels their pain, and wants to go check on the slugs, which aren’t moving! Synch warns the group to be ready, as they could be surrounded. Suddenly, he notices someone in front of them.

The culprit introduces himself as Constantine Francis Slaughter IV, but the kids can call him… the Slaughter! And only his mother can get to call him Constantine. The Slaughter warns the kids not to move, so that he can gather his trophy and so nobody will get hurt. Maggott is in pain, refusing to believe that the bad guy is for real. Synch orders Chamber and Skin to form a defense line around Maggott to protect him. He doesn’t know how the Slaughter could possibly get past the school’s security systems, but warns the villain that his visit will be a short one. Synch asks Jono if he doesn’t mind him synching his powers. Before Jono can answer, Synch has already done it and uses Chamber’s powers to fly! Jono wants to know how Synch can possibly do that.

Meanwhile, Adrienne laughs at Emma’s proposal to help her out in the financial way. They haven’t seen each other for 8 years, so why should Adrienne now possibly help her sister, she wonders. Emma explains to Adrienne that she was already building her financial empire while Emma herself was still fending for herself on the streets of New York. Emma always knew that she could go to Adrienne for help if she wanted to, but didn’t. She wanted to start her career and life on her very own.

Plus, Emma knew that Adrienne would never respect her if she came asking for help. Emma admits that she had to make a few business deals with nasty individuals but, besides those facts, her plan eventually worked. But things are different now. Emma isn’t talking about her financial standing. They are talking about the future of a group of very special children. Emma came to ask Adrienne not only because she needs her help, but because they are family.

At the same time, Synch tries to hit Slaughter with Chamber’s powers, but fails. The Slaughter throws a special net he made at Everett, and catches him inside it making Everett fall in an ice-cold lake. The Slaughter mentions that he made the net to catch pterodactyl in the Savage Land. Chamber manages to hit the Slaughter, but he is still unharmed. He pulls his jacket open, and reveals metal clothing! He reveals that he got his hands on it after falling off a 300-foot cliff back in Genosha and, ever since, the Slaughter has been wearing this vibranium suit, as it absorbs most attacks.

The Slaughter has another trick up his sleeve: he throws a grenade on Jono, and on impact gets covered in thick, black glue! The Slaughter explains that he used it once to capture a horse on Asgard, but the glue will weary off soon enough. Skin wants to attack, but Maggott asks him to first get the darts out of his slugs’ bodies. Skin goes to do that, but the Slaughter interferes, not wanting Skin to mess with his trophies.

Adrienne isn’t impressed by Emma’s “family” speech. She thinks that family is for people who can’t make friends of their own. Adrienne’s phone rings again, and it’s crying Phillip again. She asks Emma to excuse herself for a moment. She does, but forgets her purse. Adrienne picks up the phone but, when looking at Emma’s purse, she tells him she’ll call back.

Adrienne’s psychometric powers have kicked in, giving her some overwhelming information about the past. She gets flashes from the Generation X kids, realizing that Emma teaches a school for mutants, which she thinks is just perfect. She calls Emma back inside, and apologizes for her earlier statement. She now thinks that family does need to help each other out, and decides to help Emma on one condition.

Meanwhile, the kids have been all tied up, and can’t get free out of their polymer bindings. Maggott is still holding up, thinking that the slugs have probably eaten their way out of the Slaughter’s bag, but fears that it might be too late anyway and that they could die, meaning he could die as well. Synch remembers that the slugs can eat through anything, which also means their bindings. He wonders what would happen if he synches Maggott’s powers, and makes slugs of his own. Maggott refuses to let anyone else feel the pain he feels. Everett refuses to let Maggott die, and goes for his plan. His skin turns blue, and slugs come out of his body! And they free them by eating the cord.

Later, the kids have tracked the Slaughter down, thanks to Maggott’s connection with his slugs: he can somehow feel them, wherever they are. Synch suggests that he synches Maggott’s power again and Jono wants to attack, but Maggott asks them to wait, as this is his battle. Besides, he thinks Eany and Meany are coming by now, and they are! The slugs eat their way out of the bag.

Maggott runs towards them, and tries to knock out the Slaughter. He tries to shoot at Maggott, but the slugs eat his gun up. The Slaughter is out of weapons, and Maggott wants to finish it. Slaughter refuses to end the battle today and throws another grenade, which makes a very bright light, giving him the chance to escape. The Slaughter warns that it doesn’t matter he lost today, as there’s still other trophies for him to catch, like the horse of the Black Knight and the little purple dragon in upstate New York, and also… mutants!

Two hours later, Banshee has finally repaired the security system, and has discovered that the Slaughter got around it using Asgardian technology. Maggott wants to go after the Slaughter, as he couldn’t live with himself knowing that someone got hurt because he let the villain go. Banshee compliments Maggott, as this is precisely what a real X-Man would say, and notices that Maggott is everything Beast told him. Chamber, Skin and Synch take goodbye of Maggott, thinking him of him as one of their own and promising that he can always call them should he need help. Maggott walks away, promising he’ll never forget any of them and wants them also not to forget about him as, one day, he’ll be back!

As soon as Maggott is gone, Emma enters, asking who he was and why he wanted her lingerie. Banshee explains that Maggott is one of the X-Men, and was going to attend their school but now he won’t. Emma doesn’t care, and wants to introduce someone to the group who’s going to be around here a lot from now one. Adrienne proudly enters and introduces herself, explaining that from now on, she will be… the new headmistress!

Characters Involved: 

Banshee, Chamber, Emma Frost, Gaia, Husk, Jubilee, M, Maggott, Skin, Synch (all Generation X)

Adrienne Frost
James (one of Adrienne’s employees)

the Slaughter (Constantine Francis Slaughter IV)

in Maggott’s memory:
Archangel, Beast, Cannonball, Cecilia Reyes, Cyclops, Gambit, Iceman, Joseph, Marrow, Phoenix IV, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

in Emma’s flash-back:
Chamber, Emma Frost, Husk, Jubilee, M, Penance, Skin, Synch (all Generation X)
Dark Beast
various people at a Hellfire Club party (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

First appearances of the Slaughter and Adrienne Frost. Adrienne was first mentioned to exist last issue.

Emma’s past with the Dark Beast and the Hellfire Club has first been told in the Generation X minus1 flashback story. More about the Dark Beast can be found in the next issue.

Beast arranged for Maggott to get transferred to the Massachusetts Academy in X-Men (2nd series) #79. Maggott met Sam, Paige’s older brother Cannonball, during his time as a member of the X-Men.

This is the last time Maggott fully appears in a story for a long time, before showing up briefly at Joseph’s funeral in Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #368. It’s never fully explained how his hunt for the Slaughter ended, if ever, as in Weapon X (2nd series) #5 Maggott dies as a victim in the Weapon X Neverland concentration camps.

At one panel on the final page, when the kids take goodbye of Maggott, there’s a coloring error: Skin is incorrectly colored with a pink skin and blond hair!

The Savage Land is the Jurassic land where the dinosaurs still live, and is ruled by Ka-Zar. Asgard is the place where Thor comes from, and Genosha is ruled by Magneto at this point. The Black Knight is a former Avenger, and the purple dragon the Slaughter mentions is, of course, Lockheed, Shadowcat’s “pet.”

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