Mutant X #1

Issue Date: 
October 1998
Story Title: 
In the End ... as in the Beginning

Howard Mackie, Tom Raney, Andrew Pepoy (story and art), Gina Going (colorist), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Frank Pittarese (editor), Bob Harris (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

In an alternate universe, a mutant team called The Six led by Havok fights a group of Sentinels. The team comprises Havok, Marvel Woman (Madelyne Pryor-Summers, Havok’s wife), The Fallen (previously Angel), The Brute (previously Hank McCoy), Bloodstorm (previously Storm), and Ice-Man. When Havok dies in the fight, the spirit of the Havok from the main Marvel Universe inhabits his body. Havok is confused about what is going on, and at first thinks that some villain is trying to manipulate him. Slowly he gets to know his teammates and notices that they are close to the X-Men he knew though slightly different. The biggest change is that in this reality, only Alex was saved from the Summers plane explosion, and basically he led the life of Cyclops. Havok was recruited into the original X-Men, became their leader, married Madelyne Pryor and had a child with her. When Magneto too over the X-Men, Havok and Maddie started the Six still fighting for Xavier’s dream of peaceful coexistence. While Havok is still unsure what to make of all this, the team learn of Shield terrorists having taken over Liberty Island, where Havok’s son’s nanny has taken the boy for the day. Nick Fury threatens to set off a device containing the Legacy Virus if mutants won’t leave the United States peacefully. During the fight most of the Six are defeated, and Havok witnesses Madelyne manifesting her Goblin Queen persona. When he sees Scotty’s nanny Elektra about to be killed by Fury, Havok reacts by instinct and blasts the terrorist away. Finally starting to accept that he really has been transported into another reality, Havok has to face an new problem. Little Scotty realizes that this Havok is not his father and demands his real daddy back.

Full Summary: 

Havok is falling through the black void of space. He is thinking about how he remembers dying.

In "another time and place," six mutants are climbing out of a downed aircraft and preparing to face off against a group of Sentinels. These Sentinels verbally identify the group as “The Six.” They are The Fallen (Warren Worthington III), Havok (Alex Summers), Marvel Woman (Madelyne Pryor-Summers), Bloodstorm (Ororo Munroe), The Brute (Hank McCoy), and Ice-Man (Robert Drake). This reality’s Havok tells the team that he’s sick of destroying the Sentinels only to have them come back more powerful a few months later. As he blasts them, he asks his team to help him out.

The Fallen and Ice-Man attack one, while The Brute goes to work on another. Bloodstorm and Marvel Woman assist Havok with a third one, who tries to kill Ororo, though she turns into mist, apparently a power she gained after being transformed into a vampire. The Six discover that the Sentinels have adapted to their powers, and cannot be harmed by them, therefore Bloodstorm summons a flock of rats to dispense with one, as this is an attack they would not have expected. As it is being destroyed, the Sentinel attempts to inflict maximum damage to the team by taking out Madelyne, who it sees at their emotional core. Havok leaps in the way of the beam, taking the blast meant for his wife. With a “Maddie ... I love you“ Havok falls over the edge into the water.

As he drowns, the spirit of the main reality’s Havok enters the body of this other Havok, bringing him back to life. He again thinks about how he remembers dying. Havok is too disoriented to swim back up and continues to drown. As his air runs out, he sees a tunnel of light and suddenly a figure approaching him. Havok expects an angel, but it’s the Brute, who has come after him. Then Havok passes out.

Somewhat later, Havok jots awake, revived by CPR from Madelyne. Becoming aware of the Six, Havok is confused, wondering who they are. Concerned they try to give their leader a rundown of recent events, thinking that Havok is amnesiac after nearly suffocating under water. As Madelyne reaches out to him, Havok freaks, thinking that someone is trying to trick him, like Arcade or the Shadow King. He angrily lashes out with his powers, destroying one remaining Sentinel that was sneaking up on the team. Havok sinks to the ground, wondering what has happened, as the Fallen walks over to him. He thanks him for saving them, but also thinks that Havok is not in control of himself. As the rest of the Six are too kind-hearted to stop Havok, the Fallen knocks him unconscious.

Havok wakes up in a medical room, again thinking how he remembers dying. Alex thinks to himself that he can’t allow top let his head get messed up with again, and that he needs to find out who the Six are and where they are keeping him, before trying to contact Polaris and the rest of X-Factor. Suddenly he becomes aware of the Brute, who is sitting at his bedside. Hank proudly tells him that he was the one who saved him, following Marvel Woman’s instructions, who did not even to tell him twice to jump into the water after Havok. He goes on that he can breath under water with his “gill thingies“ and that he is supposed to contact the rest of the group when Havok wakes up. Then it hits him that this has just happened. Hank gets annoyed that he again screwed up and wonders why he can’t remember things. Actually he used to be really smart but he lost his intellect experimenting on himself, which made him stronger and more powerful. Havok decides to try to get the Brute to explain what this place is, and he tells him to pretend Havok could not remember anything. The Brute thinks it’s some sort of game and happily accepts the challenge, eager to prove that he still remembers a lot of things.

Later, the Brute is still leading Havok around the castle, which he tells him is in the middle of the Hudson River and called “Bannerman’s Castle.” It is undetectable because of a fog machine hiding it from view. Hank designed the device when he was still smart. Havok asks him about the X-Men, and Hank explains that there is some bad blood between him and Magneto, the team’s leader, besides they are currently off the planet. The Fallen appears and insults The Brute for his stupidity, who is frightened of his dark teammate. The Fallen suggests that he goes to tell Maddie that Havok is awake, and the Brute does as told. Havok talks with The Fallen for a moment, until Madelyne comes out to see him. She sends Warren away, saying as he leaves that she hates it when Scotty, her son by Havok, is around The Fallen. Havok is surprised by the existence of a child, and still convinced that some villain is trying to manipulate him, Alex thinks to himself that he will play along with these Six for a while, until they will slip up and make a mistake. Havok tells Maddie that his memory is still shaky and asks her to explain things to him, when Ice-Man and The Brute bound over the wall, showing off with their powers. Ice-Man asks if Alex is feeling well, and Havok goes over to shake Bobby’s hand, who recoils. Madelyne finally realizes that Havok really doesn’t remember anything prior drowning, since Ice-Man’s powers have been messed with by Loki and anybody touching him would be frozen solid. Also Ice-Man prefers to be called “Bob“ these days, and he only lets allow the childish Hank to still call him “Bobby“.

Madelyne tries to get her husband to remember by deeply kissing him and then gives him a brief rundown on the history of the X-Men and the Six. Alex was the sole survivor when the plane carrying the Summers family exploded in the skies of Alaska. He was raised in an orphanage until Xavier took him into the X-Men. Alex and Madelyne named their son after his lost older brother Scott. When Xavier took ill and left the team, Magneto took over. Seeing the X-Men turn into something different, Havok and Madelyne started their own group, staying true to Xavier’s dream of peaceful coexistence. Besides the changes that some of the members have been put through, like Dracula biting Storm turning her into a vampire, Loki manipulating Ice-Man and Apocalypse transforming the Angel into the Fallen, Havok held the group together.

Havok is amazed by all this. He immediately asks for Lorna’s fate much to the surprise of the others. They tell him that Polaris broke up with Ice-Man and apparently rejoined her father Magneto among the X-Men. They are cut off by Bloodstorm telling them that Shield terrorists are making another move on mutants and have taken control of Liberty Island. Madelyne panics, Liberty Island is where Scotty and his nanny are for the day. She tells Havok to pull himself together and try to remember as they need to save their son from madman Nick Fury.

A short while later, the Six’s aircraft is approaching liberty island, where Nick Fury is speaking to the press. The entire island is mined with canisters of the Legacy Virus. Originally it only targeted mutants, but SHIELD scientists have modified it, so that it will attack every superhuman now, including the likes of the Avengers and Spider-Man as well. Unless all these freaks start heading out of the United States within the next 24 hours, Fury will detonate the devices. Right then the Six arrive and Fury calls in some Mandroids to fight Havok’s team.

Madelyne reminds Alex of the importance of this battle. Nick Fury stands between them and everything they had hoped to achieve. She also explains that she had to sacrifice part of her soul last time Scotty was captured. Fury at the same time, encourages his followers that when they will have defeated the mutants, America will treat them like the heroes they are, now matter what they are thinking of them right now. The fight starts and the Mandroids seem to have been trained to effectively countermeasure the mutant’s powers. The fallen, Ice-Man, the Brute and Bloodstorm are quickly defeated, leaving only Madelyne and Havok to fight on. Madelyne becomes mad and her powers max out. Stating that her son will never be taken from her again, she briefly transforms into the Goblin Queen, easily wrecking the Mandroids. The team rallies and they re-enter the battle.

Havok is unsure what to do. For a few moments they had him going and he fought alongside the Six, however he still thinks that this all could be some sort of hallucination trying to manipulate him. Nick Fury gloats when he sees that Havok is not fighting anymore, and although the rest of the Six seem to have the upper hand in the battle, he wants to make a stand by ordering little Scotty and his nanny to be killed. Havok sees that the nanny is none other than the greek assassin Elektra. She is overwhelmed by the Mandroids, and finally Havok goes into action and blasts Fury before he can kill little Scotty. The team handily defeats SHIELD, and Scotty tells his mother he wants to go right home.

Back at the castle, Maddie, now back to normal, tells Havok that everything will be fine. In time he will fully remember that he is her husband and little Scotty’s father, or else he wouldn’t have stepped in exactly at the right moment. She then asks Alex to talk to his son like he always does before he goes to bed, and he obliges her. Yet, once alone with Scotty, the boy realizes Havok is not who everyone else thinks he is. By touching him, Havok’s memory get activated and he remembers how he tried to save his teammate Greystone from the explosion of a faulty time machine, next he remembers dying. Little Scotty demands his real father back.

Characters Involved: 

Main Marvel Universe :

In flashbacks :

Greystone, Havok (both X-Factor)

Mutant X-verse :

Bloodstorm, Brute, Fallen, Havok, Ice-Man, Marvel Woman (all The Six)

Scotty Summers



Contessa Valentina, Dum Dum Hogan, Nick Fury, and other SHIELD members

In flashbacks :

Angel, Beast, Colossus, Ice-Man, Havok, Magneto, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Shadowcat, Storm (all X-Men)

Madelyne Pryor-Summers




Story Notes: 

In X-Factor’s final issue (#149), Havok tried to stop his teammate Greystone from using a faulty time machine, but they were both caught in the explosion and are believed dead by their teammates.
The issue includes SHIELD’s files on the members of the Six that give some additional information on them.
After leaving the X-Men to work for the Brand Corporation, Hank McCoy isolated a chemical catalyst for mutation. In the main Marvel Universe, Hank transformed into a furry Beast after drinking the serum (Amazing Adventures #11), in the Mutant X reality he mutated even further into a green skinned amphibious monster, and also lost his intellect in the process.
In this reality Storm was not saved from the effects of Dracula’s bite (Uncanny X-Men #160) and became a vampire. She left the X-Men to deal with this transformation, and when she returned she joined Havok’s Six instead. Her new status has even improved her weather abilities and she can also turn to mist and summon vermin now.
Ice-Man’s powers are out of control after he was manipulated by Loki (Thor #373-374). In the main Marvel Universe, Ice-Man had to wear a special belt that suppressed his powers to a controllable degree, but such a device has not been invented in this reality, trapping Bob in his ice form.
At one point Apocalypse abducted the Angel and turned him into one of his Horsemen. (X-Factor #15-24) However instead of the metal winged Archangel, the Mutant X version of Warren Worthington is called the Fallen. His wings are leathery flaps, he can breathe fire, and his face, rather than blue, is deathly white.
Madelyne Pryor-Summers a.k.a. Marvel Woman a.k.a. The Goblin Queen is Havok’s wife. SHIELD’s files mention that she bears an uncanny resemblance to the deceased X-Men founding member Jean Grey, aka Ariel. She is speculated to be a clone of Jean Grey, and during the crisis called Inferno, Maddie struck a deal with demons which unlocked her latent telekinetic powers.
At first Havok’s team was named X-Factor, though they later renamed themselves the Six for yet unknown reasons.
In the main Marvel Universe Lorna Dane too believed for a time to be Magneto’s daughter, however Iceman soon found out that she had been lied to, and her parents had died in a plane crash. (Uncanny X-Men #52)
SHIELD is an anti-mutant organization, SHIELD stands for “Saviors of Humanity by Intervention in the Evolution of Life-form Deviants“

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