Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #34

Issue Date: 
January 2013
Story Title: 
Final Execution – chapter ten: From the Cradle to the Grave

Rick Remender (writer), Phil Noto (art), Frank Martin jr (color art), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Julian Totino Tedesco (cover), Jared K. Fletcher (designer), Jordan D. White (assistant editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Now that Genesis has put on the Apocalypse armor, Daken plans for the Shadow King to take control of him and have Genesis destroy the Jean Grey School and smear X-Force’s name forever. However, the Shadow King is busy. The amnesiac Psylocke regains her memory and uses Omega White to drain the Shadow King’s psychic essence and trap him. Genesis, in his rage, destroys part of the base. Deadpool kills the Skinless Man to avenge Fantomex and then saves Wolverine from drowning. The AoA Nightcrawler teleports away from EVA and then saves Mystique from Genesis and teleports away with her. Elsewhere, Wolverine kills Daken by drowning him. He warns Genesis that this is what revenge will get him. Sabretooth is pleased, as he manipulated Daken specifically to put Wolverine into this situation. Shell-shocked, X-Force and Genesis return home.

Full Summary: 

Looking at a screen, Daken announces that Evan finally put the Apocalypse suit on. Days of mind games when all he needed was a swift kick in the ass. He’s been telling Creed all along.

He looks at the water tank in which his father, Wolverine, is slowly drowning. Daken informs him that, next up, Farouk gets inside the head of Daken’s new pet, Apocalypse, and takes total control. Then things get… bad. Evan’s going to annihilate Wolverine’s school. Kill his students. Kill his friends. Daken’ll make sure the world knows that Wolverine’s kill crew is the reason this new Apocalypse is stomping around exacting vengeance on his students. They’ll be seen for what they are – the villains.

Wolverine claws at the tank’s walls to no avail. Daken turns around. It was important his father see that he broke Evan. That putting the armor on was his choice. Bad people do bad things; it’s born into them. No matter how they negotiate themselves, their true nature will always rise to the surface.

An amnesiac Psylocke stumbles through the corridors of the Brotherhood’s headquarters, trying to remember who she is. She tries to calm down and visualize a mental door. She turns the key and the information hits her like a revelation. She is Elizabeth Braddock and put herself into a state of self-induced amnesia to allow her mind an escape from the astral plane. She decides to never do that again.

Omega White finds her, carrying the corpse of his brother, Omega Red. She and her people did that to his brother, he shouts at her. Slaughtered him! Betsy tells him he is confused, his head full of lies. He refuses to listen and threatens to psychically drain her.

Elsewhere, EVA in her humanoid form attacks the AoA Nightcrawler for his betrayal. Kurt claims he was going back to help X-Force. Once Blob was dead!

EVA tries to impale him, refusing to listen to any rationalizations. He teleports. She has overheard him long enough to calculate his patterns. She manages to pierce his chest when he rematerializes. Angrily, she states that for revenge he jeopardized their entire world! Whatever ethical fiber he believes himself made of is a lie. He is a selfish coward!

He implores her that he had to make sure he got him. Please understand! She understands none of this, EVA replies. One day he hopes she does and learns to forgive him, he announces and teleports away.

Evan, now dressed in the Apocalypse armor, chases after the Skinless Man, deciding there is only so much ugliness before you have to face it. That’s what Wolverine could see, why he killed those people. You must see a thing for what it is and, when you see evil, you end it before it spreads.

Skinless Man shows him a container with a heart in it, telling him they can barter. It’s Fantomex’s heart. Evan can fix him. Let him go and he can have his uncle Cluster back. Evan hesitates and reaches for the container. Skinless Man shatters it before he can reach it. Now that was offhanded of him, he laughs, but it was the last joke, he promises.

Bummer, his last joke and he just butchered the punch line, Deadpool announces as he impales him. That’s for Fantomex, he informs the corpse. Probably goes without saying.

How can people be so horrible? Eva shouts. Wade tells him to take it easy. Calm blue ocean, say it with him. How can people be this decayed, Evan screams, glowing with energy.

Daken tries to reach an escape helicopter but, thanks to an explosion, that part of the platform with the chopper falls off.

Where is his sweet girl? Farouk asks in the chaos. They aren’t done yet. Yes, he is, Omega White tells him. He already killed Braddock. How dare he? Farouk asks. Omega White calls him a fool for letting her break free and making her exceptionally angry. He absorbs Farouk’s psychic energy – and he consists solely of psychic energy.

Does it hurt? Omega White, controlled by Psylocke, asks. Trapped in the body of Omega White, the Shadow King demands to be released and for her to face him with some dignity! On the astral plane! Against a true Omega telepath. She takes him out with her psychic knife.

She explains that she erased the artificial mind of Omega White so there wouldn’t be a consciousness for him to manipulate. He’ll be locked inside this spectral vegetable forever… but he’ll be alive.

Logan awakes from Deadpool, giving him the kiss of life. Logan gets up and Deadpool announces that he wasn’t worried for a second. Everybody knew he wasn’t going to die. Everybody? Logan asks. “Them watching us,” Deadpool points outward… and finally at a security camera. What did he think he meant? Where’s Evan, Wolverine asks as Wade helps him up. He’s gone but… angry, Wade admits. Logan orders him to find Evan and Betsy and get the hell out of here. Where’s he going? Wade asks and receives no reply.

Evan muses he has the power to protect his friends at school… to protect himself. Psylocke is relieved to find him, She tells him they need to get out before he swats her aside, not fooled. She takes on her true form as Mystique, and professes it wasn’t her idea. She is a bad person, he tells her earnestly. She set this up. Set up his uncle Cluster!

Nightcrawler teleports in. “Come, mother,” he tells her and teleports away with her. There is nothing for either of them here. Nothing but death.

Daken lies in the rubble. Perfect, he mutters. Kid goes nuts a minute before scheduled. He curses the Skinless Man. Can’t count on a Brit to get anything done. Right, he states as he sees Wolverine crouching on the remnants of a wall. Good, he got out. It’s better this way! he shouts defiantly. More honest! Daken unsheathes his claws.

Logan notes that he is also dropping a heavy dose of pheromones, trying to calm Wolverine down. He’s scared… he should be. Wolverine attacks him while trying to suppress his berserker rage. It’s on him to deal with Daken, not the animal.

Daken lashes out, tearing into Logan’s face, in a berserker rage. He hacks away wildly. He’s gonna wish he drowned, Daken vows and slams Logan’s head against the wall. Logan notes Daken’s long gone, lost to the animal. Daken goads him: why is he holding back?

Logan realizes there can be only one resolution. The hard one. Okay, he replies and slashes Daken. Recalling Daken’s question, if he ever thinks of how it could have been, he holds Daken’s face down in a puddle of water. He imagines raising his son with his wife. Campfires, teaching his son how to ride a bike, playing baseball… watching him go away to his first prom with his girlfriend… He holds him until Daken stops resisting and drowns.

Logan turns Daken around and cradles the corpse. He’s sorry, he moans. He didn’t protect him better. It’s his fault… He looks up to Evan who joined him and tells him this is the only way it could have ended. He didn’t have a choice.

Sure he did, Sabretooth announces and claps his hands in mock applause. And he chose to kill his own son. He tells Evan to remember that. He knows Logan will. All the cuts he’s given him over the years—here’s the deepest. This right here is why he set all his motion. Had to put in some hours with the boy. Desperate for some fatherly admiration, kid was a snap to manipulate. Now, Logan might live a long life, but he ain’t never gonna sleep a full night without this gurglin’ up. He ain’t never gonna forget this. He wishes him many long years reliving his son’s face as he drowns him.

Evan hits him and calls him a monster. He deserves to die! he announces and smashes him in the face. Sabretooth goads him to go on. Do it! Let him watch!

Logan stops Evan and tells him to look around. This is revenge. This is what it gets you. Getting away, Sabretooth laughs that he knows what it got him. He likes it.

Logan sinks down. It’s all a mess. Ain’t a damned thing solved. Does he see that? For the love of God, tell him he sees that…

Evan carries him to EVA. Psylocke greets the boy relived. He places Wolverine on a bed. On two others lie the bodies of Omega White and Fantomex. Betsy look back at the destroyed base then sits down in the pilot’s seat and orders EVA to get them out of here. She has left her sword behind.

Wolverine daydreams of a life in which he raised his son.

Characters Involved: 

Deadpool, EVA, Psylocke, Wolverine (all X-Force)
Genesis II (student at the Jean Grey School)
Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler
Daken, Mystique, Omega Black, Omega White, Shadow King, Skinless Man (Brotherhood of Evil Mutants)

Story Notes: 

Deadpool addressing the audience refers to his own books, in which he frequently breaks the fourth wall.

The Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler’s story continues in the X-Termination crossover.

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