Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #307

Issue Date: 
December 1993
Story Title: 
Bloodties Part 4: Night and Fog

Scott Lobdell (writer), John Romita Jr. (penciler), Dan Green (inkers), Buccellato Somers (colorist), Chris Eliopoulos (letterer), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

In a Containment Center in the Hammer Bay area of Genosha the Beast, Xavier and USAgent defend themselves and their friends against an onslaught of Genoshan Magistrates ready to kill them for trespassing. While Xavier and his crew fight on, in the streets of Hammer Bay Sersi and Exodus battle it out. Finally Exodus is able to get the upper hand and he leaves to find his attended target. The rest of the Avengers on the ground try and stop Sersi from chasing after him seeing how the two of them have done more damage to the city than the riot could have even hoped to cause. Looking away from Genosha for a moment, the other Avengers stand infront of the United Nations. The Black Widow officially resigns the Avengers from being the UN’s watchdogs, because they want to be Avengers again. Back in Genosha the X-Men make their way through a public building where they come to the realization that they cannot save every human and mutant in Genosha, thanks to the two rioting parties hatred. Below Genosha in the sewer system Quicksilver and Jean Grey search for a way into Genosha’s capitol so the two of them can try to free Luna from Cortez’s possession. While down there they run into the Scarlet Witch and Crystal who at first mistake the others for being Cortez. Just as Pietro and Crystal begin to reconcile their differences Cortez walks out holding Luna. Shockingly before the tow sides can come to an agreement Exodus blasts through the ceiling chiding Cortez for his cowardice.

Full Summary: 

In a cave near Hammer Bay hundreds of Mutates are being held here by the Genoshan government. Here a man named Charles Xavier uses his body as a shield against the torrent of bullets to save a young boy. Clinging to his shirt the boy cries out that he does not want to die. Xavier while looking back towards the oncoming assault tells the boy that he will not allow him to come to harm.

Hank calls out towards the Genoshan army that they are wrong to call the place they stand a “containment center”, because it really is a concentration camp. One of the soldiers tells the X-Man that the “mutant disease” contaminates most of the Mutates and they do not plan on letting the disease spread to humans. Following Hanks repertoire the USAgent tells the oncoming army that the minute they took away the Mutate’s civil rights it became the time for him to step in.

Behind the two lone fighters Xavier has had enough, he cries out to the oncoming army “enough”. Stopping them in their tracks by destroying their cerebral scanners the soldiers cry out that their brains are on fire. Hank jumps some of the soldiers and tells them that he will gladly extinguish their fires. Shocked but still fighting the USAgent asks Hank if he knows about what has just happened to the soldier’s minds? Hank feigns ignorance only frustrating the USAgent who sighs as he continues to barrel through the oncoming army. Behind them Phillip Moreau turns to Xavier in shock as he and Jen realize that the mental attack came from their longtime ally Xavier. The boy in Xavier’s arms whispers a thank you for his actions and Xavier tells the boy to go to sleep and when he wakes up this nightmare will be over. So as the boy falls asleep Xavier finishes his words by swearing to him that he will make his words true.

Miles above Xavier’s crew, Exodus is attacked by a plasma bolt knocking him off his feet. Standing above him Sersi says that she thought someone who had taken out War Machine would be more of a fight for her. Grabbing her in a psionic grip Exodus tells her that he had not come to earth to distract or amuse her, but to purge Genosha of every human that has oppressed the mutates in the land. Sersi shocked that Exodus’ powers are psionic in nature asks aloud how his power works? He explains that his powers only start out as psionic, but they go much farther than that. With both of the combatants wrapped in psionic energy Sersi tells Exodus that he is just an amateur and she will defeat him. Exodus screams back that he is the chosen successor to Magneto and he will not let anyone get in his way of ruling the master race. Sending off a blast that travels for hundred of yards around the two combatants, they seem to be doing more damage than the rebels before them.

War Machine has noticed the fact that the Islands doom is near if they do not stop Exodus’ and Sersi’s rampage. Captain America and the Black Knight join War Machine as Dane wonders to himself how the Black Widow and the other Avengers are doing back in the states.

Natasha stands infront of the assembled members of the United Nations. Near her the Vision, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman II, Giant Man, and Hercules listen to her begin her speech. Natasha begins saying that she has been told that she needs to order the Avengers in Genosha back to the states and to formally apologize to the noble assemblage of the United Nations. Natasha looking absolute tells the assemblage that she will not apologize, because she believes they are being cowards trying to hide their faces to the atrocities occurring in Genosha. Natasha tells the assembly that she would however like to apologize to all the citizens across the world and that it is time the Avengers got out of politics and began being Avengers again. Thanking the United Nations Natasha turns to leave and as the other Avengers follow her Hawkeye tries to encourage her. She interrupts him telling him that she does not want to talk now, but smiling as they walk out Hawkeye thinks they have finally started down the right path.

Back in Genosha the X-Men have made their way to the nearest political center where they try and rescue the humans imprisoned there. Walking into the building after exploding a path through some of Fabian’s Mutates Iceman tells the others that he is surprised that only a year ago they were here helping the Mutates and now their there trying to stop them. Bishop tells Iceman that he does not condone the Mutate’s actions but he does understand their anger at being enslaved for such a long period of time. Gambit coming in behind Bishop says that they can understand all they want but they just can’t allow the atrocities to continue anymore. Storm watches as hundreds of humans’ pile out of their offices and she thinks to herself that she only sees hatred on the humans’ faces when they look at her as a mutant. In a different room Cyclops closes the eyes of a dead man as he tries to stay composed while he thinks of Mutates and humans killing one another over a simple accident of birth. Bobby walking into the room in his hulked up ice-form tells Cyclops to not feel so bad, because they saved a lot of people today.

Outside in Hammer Bay War Machine tells Dane that they need to find something useful to do. Dane tells War Machine that he needs to get close to Sersi because she seems to calm down when he is around. Above them Sersi tells Exodus that as an Eternal she can keep up her fighting forever and in response to her statement Exodus tells her, then forever it is. Dane telling War Machine to cover him as he goes into stop Sersi is saved by Rhodes quick thinking in throwing up a forcefield to cover them just as a bus explodes near them. Dane commands Rhodes to drop his forcefield, because he needs to check if Sersi is all right. “All right is such a subjective term” Dane hears as he sees Exodus floating infront of him. Exodus tells Dane that he cannot threaten him because in the words of Sersi he is not impressed. With that said Exodus swiftly flies away leaving Dane to ponder where he has met him before. Behind Dane, Sersi tromps through the debris telling Dane to point her in the direction Exodus had flown too so that she can follow him. Dane holding her back tells her that she has caused enough destruction and he is officially ordering her to discontinue her pursuit.

In the sewers below the nations capitol Jean Grey awaits the return of her colleague Quicksilver who left her fifteen seconds ago to search the entire labyrinth of pipe. He returns to her only to tell her the same thing she had already found out, that there is no way into the capitol above them through the sewer system. Jean tells Pietro that she would use her powers to find Cortez but seeing how his power is to control that of other mutants she does not want him to gain control over her. Blasting through a nearby wall the two walk a couple of feet when Jean’s powers are turned against her, without thinking Quicksilver runs to Jean’s assailant. Passing another shadowy feminine figure Pietro reaches his target. He cries out that his only concern is his daughter and in answer a womanly voice cries out, your daughter? Grabbing her throat Pietro realizes that it is his wife Crystal and Jean was attacked by his sister Wanda’s hex powers. The two embrace one another and Pietro remembers to himself of how he planned their meeting, but it was never like this.

Holding her by the shoulders he tries to tell her of Luna’s kidnapping, but his sister trying to get his attention stops him till Crystal tells Pietro that she knows. Wanda tells Pietro that while the other Avengers are trying to deal with the riots above, the two of them were headed to save Luna. Crystal quieting Wanda, she tries to apologize for her recent behavior. Quieting her, Pietro says that their conversation will have to wait for another time. Jean tells the others that their agreement could not have come at a greater time, because she senses Fabian Cortez nearing them.

Cortez peers from behind the nearest wall as he tells them that he had hoped to get the drop on them. Quicksilver screams Cortez’s name and Cortez teases Pietro by telling him that he can use him to go around screaming his name every time he walks into a room. Jean tells Pietro to not do what he is thinking. Pietro wonders aloud why he can’t attack Cortez when he seems to be so defenseless? Begging to differ Cortez raises Luna by one hand in the air, as she cries out to Pietro “Poppa”? Cortez looking devilish tells Pietro that Luna is the defenseless one, but what can you expect from a human. Raising his fist up Cortez’s power flares, he tells the others that he always wondered what his powers would do to a normal human? Pietro quickly thinking blocks his sister’s hex blast, as she stands shocked he explains that Cortez would have just used her powers against them. Cortez asks the others not to fight over him and he tells them that if Magneto had stayed dead they would not be in the mess they are in now. Crystal pleads to Fabian to hand over her son but he tells her no, because as long as he has her he is safe from Exodus’ wraith.

Cortez screams at the others surrounding him that he is being chased and that if they want Luna back they must…. surprisingly the ceiling is blasted through above them. Exodus floats down telling Cortez that last time they had spoken he said he would throw him into oblivion. He did not know that Cortez had wanted to die so soon. Cortez hiding behind Luna tells the others that if they want Luna back they must destroy Exodus “NOW”!

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Bishop, Cyclops, Gambit, Iceman, Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm (all X-Men)

Black Knight, Black Widow, Captain America, Crystal, Giant Man, Hawkeye, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, Sersi, Spider-Woman 2, USAgent, Vision, War Machine, (all Avengers)

Genosha Magistrates

Genosha Mutates

Jennifer Ransome

Luna Maximoff

Members of the United Nations

Phillip Moreau

Quicksilver (X-Factor member)

Revanche (X-Men ally)

Renee Majcomb and other members of the Bipartisan Rebel Battalion


Fabian Cortez

Story Notes: 

This issue is the fourth part of the Bloodties crossover. It is continued from Avengers West Coast #101 and continues on in Avengers (1st Series) #369.

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