Wolverine Annual 2000

Issue Date: 
December 2000
Story Title: 

Frank Tieri (writer), Jorge Santamaria (pencils), Nathan Messengill (inks), Hi-Fi Design (colors), Rich S. & Comicraft’s Saida! (letters), Pete Franco (assistant editor), Mark Powers (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

In New York, Logan is lamenting that he is having difficulty in tracking down Apocalypse when an alien bounty hunter by the name of Tyrus Krill comes to him, asking for his assistance against the Brood. Logan agrees and they head out to their hide-out, the Ripley hotel. There, Logan and Krill take out a number of “people” – all Brood imposters. Eventually, the two of them meet the center of the nest and the queen. After a lengthy battle, Logan manages to kill the queen. When he does, Tyrus Krill attacks him after he himself turns into a member of the Brood. Not wanting to do so, Logan does what he has to and kills Tyrus. As he dies, Tyrus tells him that the Brood they were fighting was his family. Years ago, his family was infected by the Brood and he lost them. After then, he dedicated his life to putting his family out of their misery. To do so, he employed Logan under false pretenses. After seeing Tyrus reunited with his family, Logan loads the dead bodies into Tyrus’ ship and with the assistance of Beast, sends him home for a proper burial.

Full Summary: 

At the Hotel Ripley located in New York, New York, activity is buzzing thanks to them showing the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers at the Gem Theatre. When a plain-clothed Logan walks into the lobby, he passes by a young couple. Asked by the man at the front desk if he will be checking in with them today, Logan replies no but these will. Popping his claws, he attacks the man behind the desk.

When the man from the young couple sees what is happening, he tells his girlfriend to get behind him. It only delays the inevitable however as Logan jams his claws into his chest and then slashes his girlfriend. Other people in the lobby start to make comments. He’s gone mad, he slaughtered those people, somebody call the police, damn mutie! Without warning, Logan begins to take them out as well. Eventually, the head of security calls all of the guards to the lobby, they have a situation there. Overhearing the comment, Logan states that he ain’t kiddin’. When he sees more coming to the location, Logan says good; more for the morgue then. After Logan takes out the extra security guards, he turns his attention to the head of security. The head of security pleads for his life, he only works there. Logan tells him not anymore and proceeds to kill him.

Two days earlier, outside a diner, John shows his buddy Greg his new car. Greg is impressed and remarks that it probably cost him a pretty penny though. No sooner does John say tell me about it, a spaceship appears out of nowhere and lands on top of his car, destroying it. When an alien steps out of the vessel, John says this is bull. He just shelled out a year’s salary for that car so he doesn’t care if he’s got to call George Lucas or whoever but somebody’s paying for it. Greg warns that he wouldn’t do that if he were him.

At that moment, the alien grabs John by the face and informs him to heed his friend. He then tells him to listen to him closely human, lest more than his vehicle will cease to exist to this day. Showing the man a holographic image of Logan, the alien tells him he is looking for him and that he has tracked him to this area. Greg replies that he just saw him in the diner. The alien then thanks him for his cooperation.

Inside the diner, Logan drinks a beer and thinks to himself that he hit another one last night. That’s three safe houses in two weeks. He ain’t found him yet but he ain’t stoppin’ till he does. Apocalypse can run but he sure can’t hide, not from him. Not after what he did to him. By turning him into his Horsemen Death, he tried to make him kill the only family he’s ever known, the X-Men. He became a twisted version of himself, everything he’s fought his entire life not to become. He’s gonna pay.

Worst part is, only now is he realizin’ the full effect of what he did to him. He hasn’t told the others but he hasn’t gotten a decent night’s sleep in months. Been havin’ these dreams. Ain’t like any dreams he’s ever had before. Dreams where he’s slauterin’ folk, doin’ worse things than he ever did as Death. An’ dreams seem so real like it ain’t just in his mind, like they’re really happenin’. Don’t know what it means yet but…

Just then, Logan hears a loud crash behind him and Logan wonders what is it now. Crashing through the diner window, the alien informs the “Terrans of Earth” that he seeks the whereabouts of… Landing with both of his feet on the floor, the alien says never mind, he found him.

When the alien takes a seat down next to Logan, Logan replies that it’s him. Figures, he can’t even have a flamin’ beer in peace anymore. Grabbing the alien around the neck, he asks him if he’s got a starin’ problem, ‘cause if he does, he’s sure he can fix that for him. As Logan points a single claw at the alien’s head, the alien tells him that he is sorry, he means no disrespect. It is just he is honored to meet the fabled Wolverine of the X-Men, renowned throughout the universe as a mortal enemy and profound slayer of the Brood. Logan brushes it off and replies that is the first time he’s ever heard himself tagged with that one.

He then asks the alien if he’s got a beef with the Brood. Logan thinks to himself that just bein’ alive means ya basically got a beef with the Brood. The sleazoids are the scourge of the galaxy, hijackin’ innocent folk to turn ‘em into host bodies for their eggs. Him an’ the X-Men have had more than their fair share of scrapes with them buggers, once even having been implanted with Brood queens. In fact, each time they faced ‘em they’ve been lucky to escape with their lives. The Brood are about as deadly as they come.

The alien tells Logan that if by the term “beef” he means he has reason to hate them, he is correct. He introduces himself as Tyrus Krill. He is what Terrans might call a bounty hunter; to be more specific, a Brood bounty hunter. Logan replies that he gathers he ain’t come to Earth to take in the sights. Tyrus laments if it were only so. A certain group he has been tracking for years has made their way there. They have used the recent actions of other galactic cultures as an opportunity to establish a foot-hold there on Earth. Needless to say, his world’s population is in grave danger.

Logan asks him what else is new but, if he don’t mind him askin’, what makes these particular Brood so special that he’s been followin’ them for years? Putting his hand over his face, Tyrus tells him that they are a ruthless group, even for the Brood. The blood spilled of those they slay are not necessarily for reproduction, but for pleasure. Even amongst the Brood race itself, they are considered criminals. But on a more personal level, they are responsible for the death of his family. Logan tells him that he is sorry for his loss but he’s guessin’ he didn’t go through all this trouble to find him to have him cry in his beer with him. He came to him for help, an’ as far as the Brood’s concerned, it don’t take much to get it.

When Logan then asks where the sleazoids are at, Tyrus informs him they’ve managed to entrench themselves in an establishment named the Ripley Hotel, insinuating themselves among the humans there. Of course, that could be but the start. One of those he’s been following is a queen. Logan tells him don’t worry about it bub, they’re all as good as dead.

Two days later, Logan is continuing to take out the imposter Brood. When he reaches one of the men, he notices that the scent on him is clean; he’s a human. The man starts to say that the people he killed, his co-workers, the hotel guests… Looking around, the man sees that they’re all some kind of monsters. Logan tells him that he’s not; that’s why he’s still alive. Logan thinks to himself that he can’t say much for the rest of ‘em. Brood through an’ through, best he can do for ‘em is put them outta their misery. Logan recommends to the man to get out of there. There are more o’ them buggers where they came from, a lot more. Surveying the dead Brood all over the floor, Logan thinks that Krill’s info was right on the money. The place reeks o’ sleazoids. Speakin’ o’ Krill, he wonders how he’s makin’ out.

On another floor of the hotel, Krill sees that his readings indicate a Brood in one of the chambers. Kicking down one of the doors, he sees a young lady with an older gentleman preparing for passion. Krill informs the lady to step away from the human. As the lady transfers her form to that of a Brood, she says what have we here, Tyrus Krill, scourge of Brood on yet another of his insignificant hunts, it shall be his last. After Krill unloads his gun into the Brood, killing her, he replies perhaps not. The male human says that he didn’t know she was an alien, he swears, and begs for Krill not to kill him. Krill replies that he recommends that he immediately depart this…. Krill then cries out in pain. As the man runs out of the room, Krill pleads not now, please not now, he must hold out a little longer.

Inside the bathroom, Tyrus begins to transform into the Brood. Before he completely transforms, he is able to fight it and forces the transformation to subside. Leaning against the bathtub, Tyrus tells himself that he cannot allow that to happen again, not when he is so close to finally finishing this.

In his thoughts, Krill recalls that it feels as if he’s been hunting these monsters forever and yet, that day remains as visible in his mind as if it occurred yesterday, that horrible day when his world came to an end. Krill was working in his laboratory when one of his sons came running up to him. When he did, Krill asked his son, Zet, how many times must he tell him not to disturb him when he is in there? His untimely entrance may very well have ruined weeks of works. Zet begins to say but, but… Krill tells him there are no buts about it, he must…

Just then, his wife appears with their other son and she informs Tyrus that she told him to come get him. They have a distress call from a nearby ship. She adds that perhaps his time would be better served investigating it instead of yelling at his son. The mission has been difficult for all of them, but especially him. He has no children his own age to play with and he, Tyrus, is too hard on him sometimes. Sitting in the command chair, Tyrus tells his wife, Ulara, that they’ve been through all this before. When they all accepted this journey of space exploration in the name of their homeworld, they knew sacrifices would have to be made. It is dangerous out there so if he is demanding it is because he cannot afford not to be. At that moment, his youngest son asks his dad if they are gonna save the ship now. Tyrus tells him they shall see as they are coming into range now. Seeing the Brood ship on the display screen, Tyrus tells his wife to prepare to reverse the ship immediately.

In the present, Logan walks through the hallways of the hotel, littered with the dead bodies of Brood. He’s killed so many of them that he keeps tellin’ himself there can’t possibly be more but his nose tells him otherwise, getting a whiff from the elevator. Ripping open the elevator doors with his claws, Logan realizes that the scent is coming from up above. As he climbs the elevator cable, he recognizes that the trouble is, there are too many scents. He can’t tell how many buggers he’s facin’. Reaching the top of the elevator shaft, it seems that he’s about to find out. Crawling through the hole at the top, Logan is shocked to see an entire room full of Brood, the mother load. When he emerges, the head Brood calls out to its brothers and sisters that it appears their meat has now started to come to the feeding table voluntarily to which Logan replies lucky him.

In another hallway of the hotel, Tyrus Krill treads through the dead bodies of the Brood. He thinks to himself that judging by the carnage left in his wake, he was wise to recruit Wolverine. He can only hope he survives what is yet to come. Seeing the elevator shaft open, he determines that it would seem he made his way into the elevator. His sensors indicate a significant number of Brood.

Before he enters the shaft, he stops in his tracks. It seems that in his haste, his comrade has left one of their number unaccounted for. That cannot be permitted, none are allowed to escape. His unquenchable thirst for vengeance will not allow it. Opening the door, the boy on the other end welcomes him by name, he’s been expecting him. Turning into a member of the Brood, the boy asks Tyrus if he reminds him of someone, his son perhaps. He was about his age when they took him, was he not? His age when he failed to save him, failed to save him and the rest of his family. In shock, Tyrus begins to stammer. The boy says that he was powerless to stop them then just as he is powerless to stop them now. With that, the Brood attacks him.

In the past, Tyrus tells his wife, Ulara, to move faster, the ship is gaining on them. Ulara tells him that they’re at maximum reverse already and he knows the hyper-drive needs time to kick in. As her son runs to her scared, Ulara asks Tyrus what the ship is. Tyrus informs her that it is a bioship of the Brood. They routinely send out false distress calls in the hopes of snaring unsuspecting vessels. He does not intend for them to be their next catch. Ulara asks and if they succeed in capturing them? Tyrus tells her that she doesn’t want to know. At that time, Ulara says that the hyper-drive is activated, they’re safe. Relaxing for the moment, Tyrus states that was close. Ulara adds too close. After their youngest son says that he wants to go home, Ulara says she agrees. She thinks they should take this as a sign that this region of space is not the right place to raise a family, they should return home. Tyrus says that she may be right, he hadn’t…

Just then, the alarm begins to blare. Tyrus tells his family that their security perimeter has been breached and to prepare their defenses. He’s afraid their return home will be delayed, they’re about to have company. On the outside of their ship, it has been swarmed by the Brood.

In the present, Tyrus proceeds to kill the Brood boy attacking him. As he does, he tells the kid that he was right. He has been a failure most of his life, as these last few years have made abundantly clear. He failed as a scientist and an explorer. He failed as a husband and a father. Until now, he has failed as a bounty hunter, failed to gain retribution. He even failed him by not saving his life, only able to end it. As it must now end for all of them. But he will not fail this time, he cannot.

In the highest level of the hotel, Logan faces off against insurmountable odds. He realizes that it ain’t lookin’ too good there. Flamin’ sleazoids are hard enough to deal with one-on-one; he can’t even count how many he’s fightin’ now. Every time he offs one, five more seem to pop up out a’ nowhere ta take it’s place. These kind a’ odds are too much to handle, even for him. It’s only a matter o’ time. But if this is his last stand, he’s takin’ as many a’ the buggers with him as he can. They’re sure as hell gonna know they’ve been in a fight. At that moment, the odds get too overwhelming and Logan is buried. The queen announces that the Terran has fallen, he is theirs now. The time has come to feast on his bones!

Before the Brood can begin to devour Logan, Tyrus appears on the scene and blasts away at the Brood with his gun. As he does, he tells them to feast on this. Approaching them, he orders the Brood to release the human. Upon seeing Krill, one of the Brood welcomes him to their party. He’s just in time to celebrate his own disembowelment. Tyrus replies a party, eh, then he is glad that he is not without offering. With that, he tosses some bugs into the air. When they reach their mark, the members of the Brood cry out that they’re under their skin and they burn. In short time, a good amount of them explode freeing Logan from their grasp.

Once he is free, Tyrus asks him if he is unharmed. Logan confirms that he is and then asks what the blazes those things he threw were. Tyrus tells him they were m’zara blood flies. They inject themselves into the bodies of Brood and devour their insides in a matter of seconds. The resulting carnage causes the Brood to explode. Logan replies parasites fer parasites, he likes it. Before they can continue their conversation, the queen shows up and knocks them both down to the ground with one of her tentacles. Flanked by two of her followers she recognizes Wolverine and Tyrus Krill. Two of the greatest enemies of the Brood empire there together. To think, she shall be the queen with the honor of ridding the galaxy of their stench. She is fortunate indeed. The queen then orders her followers to bring her their hearts to which they reply yes my queen.

In the past, Zet points out to his father that they keep coming. Ulara confirms, they can’t possibly make it to the escape pod in time. Arming himself with a blaster, Tyrus says not all of them, no. He then tells his wife to take the children to the pod while he holds them off. No arguments, it’s the only way. As Ulara rushes towards the escape pod, she tells her husband farewell. Tyrus replies in the next live, beloved. In short time, the Brood warriors take out Tyrus and thank him for thinking one such as him could stave off the Brood. He has merely succeeded in caging their prey for them. Right before the pod door closes, the Brood reaches it much to the dismay of Tyrus who knows that he couldn’t hold them off his family, he has doomed them.

In the present, the queen tells Krill that she should have slain him during their last encounter. It is a mistake she shall not make twice. Picking himself up off the floor, Logan asks what hit them. Krill tells him it was his quarry. As the queen begins to make her approach towards her prey, Logan asks Krill that he wouldn’t happen to have any of them bug things left, would he. Krill replies no, however he has this and tosses a device in the direction of the Brood. When he does, it emits sound waves that make the Brood grab their heads in pain.

Seeing this, Logan thinks to himself that he has to hand it to Krill. Every time he thinks they’ve got them on the ropes, he pulls somethin’ out of his bag o’ tricks an’ stops ‘em dead in their tracks. Tyrus then reveals what the device he tossed out there was. It is of his own creation, specifically attuned to frequencies only the Brood can hear. And as he can see, they find it unbearable. Logan quips that he’s quite the pack rat, ain’t he? He wouldn’t happen to have anything in his repertoire fer mutants who control magnetism, would he? Krill asks pack rat, he doesn’t understand the reference. What bearing do…

Before he can finish his thought, the queen jams one of her tentacles through the back of Krill. Logan calls out to Krill to hang on, he’ll be right there. As he rushes towards the queen, he is taken out by the queen who knocks him to the ground. While she does, the queen tells him there will be plenty of time for him to die later and to wait his turn. In the meantime, she’d like to get reacquainted with an old friend. Tossing Krill against the bars up near the roof, the queen mentions to Krill that he’s bigger than their last encounter and asks if he’s been experimenting on his musculature again. Leaping up to inflict further damage on Krill, the queen says to him enhanced strength, blood flies, technological devices – he has so many tricks to fight them with now, so many dirty tricks. So dirty in fact, she thinks he needs a bath. With that, the queen buries his head in the water below.

Picking himself up off the ground, Logan sees that queenie hits like a Mack truck but he ain’t got time to regroup though. Not if Krill’s gonna make it outta there alive. Just then, two of the queen’s followers attack Logan. They ask him where he’s going, doesn’t he want to play with them? After all, they have heard much about the fabled Wolverine. Among the Brood, he is regarded as a – what is the world? Ah, yes, a monster. His name is used to frighten their young. Of course, they are not so easily intimidated. Using their own tentacles, Logan slams the two Brood together. As he does, he tells them the funny thing about children’s stories, sometimes they’re true.

Running off to help Krill, Logan is surprised that one of them is up already. He then realizes that these two pillowcases are tougher than the other Brood. They must be the queen’s personal bodyguards or somethin’, been given special abilities to protect her. Just then, one of the Brood jams his arm through Logan’s back and out through his chest. Standing over him, the two Brood tell him not to fight it and that he will make a most impressive addition to the Brood indeed.

Logan grabs his chest and says they infected him. He’s changing… into… Brood. He guesses… they… win… nothing! He then tells the clowns that he’ll let them in on a little secret. This here’s been done t’ him before. It don’t take, his healin’ factor won’t let it. So, what he’s basically sayin’ is this: he hopes that wasn’t the last thing they had up their sleeves for their sakes. With that, Logan pops his adamantium-laced claws.

Up above, Tyrus, in the grasp of the queen, weakly tells her that he’ll see her dead. The queen replies of course he will; she hears it every time they meet. Throwing him into the water, she mentions that he’s so determined, dedicating his life to avenging his family. Too bad his quest for retribution will end here, never to be fulfilled.

In the past, Tyrus laid on the floor, turning into the Brood after being infected. When he hears his son call out for him, Tyrus fights through the pain and pulls himself up. Before he can fully change into one of the Brood, Tyrus injects himself with hypo-spray. Luckily for him, it worked – the depressant in the compound halted his transformation. Working his way towards the rest of the Brood, he thinks to himself that if he is correct, the Brood system cannot handle such a powerful dose of depressant. It is what caused them to revert back to himself and should cause the Brood to revert back to their original forms as well. Injecting the Brood with the spray, he sees that, in this case, shrivel up if a pre-existing form no longer remains. Whatever the case may be, it worked. Calling out to his family, Ulara, Zet and Jexia, Tyrus tells them it is safe to come out. Opening up the escape pod, he is dismayed by what he sees.

In the present, the queen pulls Tyrus out of the water with her tentacles and proceeds to squeeze him to death. She tells him that she must confess. She will miss having him as an adversary. He was a worthy opponent till the last. She adds to fear not, a noble warrior such as himself will receive the respect he so richly deserves. In fact, she has already selected quite a lovely trophy case in which she intends to display his skull. His brains will be sucked out first, of course. And then the skull itself boiled to remove the excess flesh. After all, she can’t very well show a skull that…

At that moment, the queen stops in her tracks and falls to the ground dead. Her murderer, the man known as Logan, who tells her that’s where she’s wrong – “show’s over.”

With the queen dead, Logan heads over to check on Krill. When he asks him if he’s okay, Krill grabs him around the neck with one of his tentacles and tells him he’s the one who is wrong, for the show has just begun. Seeing Krill as a member of the Brood, Logan thinks to himself that he didn’t see this one coming. Throwing Logan across the room, Krill says that humans are always so foolish, so trusting. Landing on his feet, Logan asks Krill how it is possible he didn’t sniff him out. Krill tells him that surely someone who can create all those devices to battle the Brood can devise a way to mask his scent. Logan tells him he don’t buy that, it don’t make sense. Why is he killin’ his own kind?

Engaging in battle with Logan again, Krill states that his reasons for killing are his own as are his reasons for killing him now. Logan doesn’t want t’ hurt Krill till he figures this out, but he ain’t got such reservations. He’s crushin’ the life outta him. After seeing that a head butt does nothing, Logan jams his claws into Krill’s chest. He hated to do it, but Krill ain’t left him no choice.

As Krill lies on the ground dying, Logan tells him that it didn’t have t’ end this way. Krill replies that he is afraid that it did. Logan says that he just has one question – why? Krill replies that he must confess, he has not been completely honest with him. Logan says that he kinda figured that out by now. Krill tells him that truth be told, when he entered the escape hatch after the Brood attack on his family, he made a startling discovery. His family had been changed, turned into the very monstrosities they battled that day. He was devastated, better they had died than to go on living such an unholy existence. He ran, wanting to escape the living nightmare that was there before his eyes. They closed the hatch behind him and jettisoned the pod. He would never see them as he knew them again.

What he is trying to tell Logan is that these Brood didn’t kill his family, they were his family. He made a vow that day that he would not rest until his family was put out of their misery. The problem was, he too was infected while fighting the Brood. He too shares their final fate. It is why he brought his here, why he attacked him, to finish what he could not. He tells Wolverine that he owes him a debt, one he can never repay. He then asks Logan to lay him next to his family so they may now face the end together. Lying next to his family, Tyrus shares some private last moments with his wife Ulara and his sons Zet and Jexia before they ultimately pass away.

Later, Logan prepares the bodies of Tyrus and his family, wrapping them in white sheets. As he does, he thinks to himself that Krill was wrong. He don’t owe him nothing. All he did was set things right. Loading the bodies onto the alien ship, Logan isn’t sad for Krill, he doesn’t think he would’ve wanted that. Krill and his family actually died a long time ago, an’ now they’re finally together again like he wanted. All he’s doin’ is seein’ to it that he’ll get t’ go home. Inside the ship, Beast tells Logan that he programmed the vessel’s auto-pilot and that the coordinates have been set to Krill’s home planet. As the ship takes off, Beast informs Logan that his compatriots will finally receive a proper burial. Logan adds rest in peace Krill, he deserves it.

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Tyrus Krill (Brood bounty hunter)
Various members of the Brood (all unnamed except for the queen)

Various employees and visitors at the Hotel Ripley in New York (all unnamed)
Various residents of New York (all unnamed except for Greg and John)

In Tyrus Krill’s memories:
Tyrus Krill, Ulara (his wife), Zet and Jexia (his sons)
Members of the Brood

Story Notes: 

Invasion of the Body Snatchers was a science-fiction movie originally done in 1956. It was remade in 1978, 1993, and 2007. It was a movie about regular citizens being taken over by alien beings.

George Lucas is a famous director. He is most famous for his Star Wars and Indiana Jones films.

Wolverine was turned into Apocalypse’s Horsemen Death in Wolverine (2nd series) #145.
He faced off against the X-Men in that persona in X-Men (2nd series) #95-96.

The X-Men have faced off against the Brood a number of times. A few of those times were Uncanny X-Men #155-156, 161-167, and 232-234.

“They (Brood) used the recent actions of other galactic cultures as an opportunity to establish a foothold here on earth” is a reference to the Maximum Security storyline.

The master of magnetism is of course, none other than Magneto.

"Ripley hotel" is an obvious homage to Ripley, the lead character in the science fiction Alien movies. The Brood bear a strong resemblance to the Aliens and it is often thought that Chris Claremont modeled the Brood after the Aliens.

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