All-New X-Men (2nd series) #1

Issue Date: 
February 2016
Story Title: 

Dennis Hopeless (writer), Mark Bagley (penciler), Andrew Hennessy (inker), Nolan Woodard (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Bagley, Hennessy, Woodard (cover artists), Bagley, Hennessy & Woodard, Jack Kirby w/ Paul Mounts (variant covers), Ed Piskor (hip-hop variant) Christina Harrington(assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (editor), Mark Paniccia (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

The young X-Men have been travelling the past few months. Angel and Laura, the new Wolverine, are spending time skiing in Vail, while Beast has been traveling Florida with Genesis and Oya and intends to meet them in Vail after picking up Iceman in Austin. They are concerned about Cyclops. After the events surrounding his older self, Scott has gone AWOL and, since he hasn’t used his power, Cerebro can’t locate him. Scott is spending time in Chicago chasing a mutant group of petty thieves calling themselves Ghosts of Cyclops. He meets a young woman named Marla interested in him when the Ghosts attack. He takes one out without using his powers. When the police arrive, the Ghosts flee but Scott finds the wallet of one of them. Marla is interested in him but, when she makes anti-mutant remarks, he leaves. Scott traces the Ghost to a university. In the library, the rest of the Ghosts attack him. Scott is forced to finally use his power to defend himself, meaning Cerebro can locate him and Beast has their Bamf Pickles teleport the X-Men to Chicago to help Scott.

Full Summary: 

Vail, Colorado:
Warren Worthington III and Laura Kinney are skiing down a slope, both racing each other, both taking risks. Laura, who is in the lead, uses her claws to cut off some tree branches that would prove to be obstacles for Warren. Laura laughs but, even as she triumphs, she stumbles and falls down the slope into the abyss.

Angel reveals his new fire wings and catches her, much to her displeasure. What does he think he’s doing?! He reminds her she fell off the mountain. They were racing to the bottom, she reminds him She was about to win.

She was about to crash face-first into a boulder, he corrects her. The way she sees this, he cheated. He reminds her that she threw a bunch of trees at him. Good points, she laughs as she sets her broken wrist. But he’s dating the Wolverine. And she is the best there is at surviving horrible crap.

Somewhat doubtful, Warren points out. If it hurts a lot, he doesn’t see why— Laura cuts him off with a kiss. Then she tells him he can stop trying to save her. She’s good. She orders him to answer his cellphone before that old man ringtone makes her all stabby. But make it quick; she wants a rematch. She sets her leg. He answers the call.

It’s Hank McCoy, who is currently in Florida with Evan Sabahnur aka Genesis and Idie Okonkwo aka Oya. Hank peers out of their bus and tells Evan, who is just wrestling an alligator, that they are supposed to let the bearded gentleman do it. Why would anyone pay money to see that? Idie asks said gentleman, who shrugs that people are dumb.

Hank apologizes for calling so early. Warren asks if they are still planning to join him and Laura in Vail next week. Wouldn’t miss it, Hank promises. They are meeting Bobby in Austin, then heading their way. Nice, Warren tells him. Apart from the company it’s “increb.” Laura scoffs. He hasn’t heard from Scott by any chance? He knows he hasn’t, Warren replies. Not since…

He sent him the same e-vite they got but it isn’t the first email he didn’t return. Hank agrees that Scott has discontinued his cell phone as well. He’s been tinkering around with this old Cerebro unit. It allows him to track individual mutant signatures. Unless he’s mistaken, Scott hasn’t fired a single optic blast in months.

Warren tells him to let Scott be. Hank admits he’s worried. Warren reminds him the other Cyclops died locking down the title of “world’s most hated mutant.” Imagine what it must be like walking around with a younger version of that infamous face. Is it really so weird he wouldn’t want to be flashing optic blasts all over the place?

Hank agrees but would like to be there for Scott. Warren tells him Scott takes his time with stuff. He frets, then moves on. Chances are he’s just hiding under a pulled-down baseball cap somewhere. Munching on one of those gross tuna melts. Trying to be normal for a while when nobody’s looking.

Scott Summers sits outside in a café writing his journal. A group named the Ghosts of Cyclops is all over the news. News call them a mutant rights group. But he’s been tracing those idiots for weeks and that’s giving them way too much credit. They flashmob in, wearing X masks to scare people. Then power up for show and steal what they can carry. These aren’t activists. They are Cyclops-obsessed thugs. Cowardly, careful… but not very smart. There’s pattern to this. If it holds, today’s the day. This is the spot. He’s putting an end to—

A young woman his age interrupts him. She introduces herself as Marla and announces she’s going to be real weird for a moment. Then, right after that, he’ll decide she is sweet as peaches, she promises. She takes a selfie with him then sits down. Marla explains her mom doesn’t let her out of the house alone anymore with those Ghosts of Cyclops running around. She fibbed to get out here and now her friends are running late. So unless she wants to be forcibly dragged into the backseat of a Volvo, she needs this evidence she is not alone.

She asks for his name. Scott introduces himself and asks if it wouldn’t be easier to avoid places like this. Shopping districts. Big crowds. Lots of stuff to steal. She laughs, she takes it his parents are freaked too. Her friend Tina has to stay in Iowa all over the summer. It’s goofy. Chicago’s a big city. What are the actual chance of those freaks appearing here?

Suddenly, they are hit by a water wave, announcing the Ghosts of Cyclops. Six young people, four male, two female, some clearly mutated, all wearing Cyclops masks. One of them shouts they waited their whole lives for them to let go of fear and hate. Until one day a man stepped up with this X across his face. He shocked the world and said ‘enough was enough,’ some things aren’t worth the wait.

Is he seriously rhyming now? the African-American girl with energy hands mutters. Apparently, the other girl states. He kinda digs it, the guy with the stretch hands remarks. Who cares? Dude likes to talk, metal guy states. Cyclops might be dead and gone but his Ghosts linger on, the rhymer continues.

Scott gets up and hits the rhymer, who is spitting water. Scott moves his head away so he doesn’t get hit by the wave, but metal guy does. Scott realizes they are sloppy and untrained. He knocks him out. The girl with the energy hands tries to hit him. He dodges the blow and elbows her in the face.

Lightning girl blasts him and he now has the attention of the other Ghosts. Before they can all attack him, they notice the cops arriving and make a run for it. One of them as dropped his wallet, though, which Scott takes. The driving license inside identifies one of the Ghosts as Austin Deprez.

That moment, Marla enthuses she thought his name was Scott, not Rhonda frickin’ Rousey. Scott points out Ronda would have won the fight. She thinks he was great and, as soon as her mom sees the video, they get to go on all the dates! Anyone who can hold himself against mutant trash like that will get her seal of approval at once! Not to be racist or whatever; she knows people can’t help being mutants, but, like, if that’s how they’re gonna act, she says lock ‘em all up! It’s like: Hey, morons, Cyclops was a monster. You’re wearing a monster’s face around!

Marla suddenly notices Scott is walking away.

Austin, Texas:
Iceman impresses a group of young people by creating ice sculptures, the latest one of the Thing. Same time tomorrow? they ask as he leaves. They know it! he promises.

Hank, Idie and Evan expect him. He thought they’d come later. Hank reminds him they’d agreed to lay low for a while. Bobby begins rambling how the other day there was this guy with an armadillo mascot thing up his shirt. He iced up an armadillo for him… it became a whole thing.

Is he doing all right? Hank asks. Taken aback, Bobby assures him he is golden. And Austin is super mutant-friendly. Don’t sweat the ice thing.

Turning to the others, Bobby hopes they brought their dancing shoes. This town will be hopping tonight. Two pairs, Evan assures him. Idie explains Evan has more sneakers than any five other people combined.

Bobby walks into the trailer and announces he can’t believe why the two agreed to six weeks cooped up together in Hank’s tiny nerd wagon. He breaks off… the inside is huge and luxurious. Can he interest him in a cherry slushie? Hank asks.

In the meantime, Scott has reached the campus of Algar University outside Chicago. He looks at the student ID of one Austin Deprez, one of the Ghosts lost. From a distance, the two female Ghosts wearing civilian clothes recognize him. They watch him head for the library and phone their teammates. They are given instructions.

In the library, Scott marvels at the wonders of the internet. He just types in the guy’s dorm room address but the search engine gives him everything. Welcome to tomorrow, where computers have eaten privacy, and social skills are dead. But you can watch every episode of Star Trek in—

He doesn’t get him, Deprez in his Ghost mask announces. He wants to internet creep on him? That’s fine. But good God, do it from home like a normal person! He attacks Scott with a wave of water. The other three male Ghosts are with him.

Normally, he’d like to say few words, Deprez aka Thirst continues. Who they are and what they do. Hatred and fear. It’s a whole thing. But right here, he is the only one who needs to be afraid. And he’s already heard his—

Scott belts him and follows this up with a kick.

That’s why he shouldn’t talk so much, another Ghost points out. Scott tries to flee but is stopped by the two female Ghosts. One of them hits him into the shelves. One of the big guys follows up. He grabs Scott by the throat. He is torn here. Got him beaten to a pulp, barely even squirming. Their point is probably made but it feels so good to hurt that kid. The others agree. He guesses they got to ask themselves: What would Cyclops do?

A librarian hits Scott’s attacker with a chair and orders him to leave Scott be. Thirst is about to hurt the man. Scott takes off his ruby quarz glasses. “You idiots want to know what Cyclops would do? Fine!” He lets loose with a wide optic blast. This what that &%#* would do!

That moment, Beast’s Cerebro goes off and locates Scott. Sorry, Pickles, he announces and opens a board beneath Cerebro. Inside is a Bamf, munching on chips and playing with a tablet. Hank tells him they need immediate transport.

In Chicago, the Ghosts are taken aback: is he Cyclops? No! Scott shouts. Cyclops is dead! He blasts them again. He is Scott Summers, he mutters before passing out.

Scott Summers is Cyclops, right? the African-American girls asks confused. What do they do with him? Take him with them, one of the big guys decides.

That moment, the X-Men teleport in. He doesn’t see that ending particularly well for them. Iceman points out.

Characters Involved: 

Angel (from the past), Beast (from the past), Cyclops (from the past), Genesis II, Iceman (from the past), Oya, Wolverine III (all X-Men)

Pillar, Sebastian, Tarpit, Thirst, Uppercut (Ghosts of Cyclops)


Story Notes: 

There has been a gap of several months between this and the team’s last appearance in Uncanny X-Men #600. Whatever the older Cyclops did happened during this gap.

Jean Grey has joined the cast of Extraordinary X-Men.

X-23 has changed her name to Wolverine after the events of Wolverines, to honor her dead predecessor.

Ronda Rousey is a martial arts star.

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