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21st Jun 2023
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Real name

Namor McKenzie (American name),
Namor the First (Atlantean title)


The Avenging Son,
Rex, G.W. Falton,
"Water rat"
(by Human Torch),
Emperor of the Deep


6' 2"


278 lbs





First appearance

Marvel Comics #1

Known relatives

Leonard (father, deceased), Fen (mother, deceased), Thakorr (grandfather, deceased), Korra (grandmother, deceased), Immanu (great-grandfather, deceased), Brynn (first cousin once removed, deceased), Byrrah (second cousin & step-uncle, deceased), Seth, Dara (cousins), Namora (adopted cousin), Talan (cousin-in-law), Namorita (adopted cousin, one-generation-removed), Zarina (aunt), Bobo, Beemer (cousins), Dorma (wife, deceased), Marrina (ex-wife), Lawrence (half-brother), Leon (half-nephew), Llyron (genetic half-grandnephew), Kamar (son, deceased), Kamuu the Greater, Kamuu the Lesser, Zartra, Ossem, Harren, Kalen, Thallo (ancestors)


Former monarch, corporate businessman, film producer

Group affiliation

Avengers, X-Men, Invaders, Defenders, Illuminati, Cabal, Dark X-Men, Fantastic Four, All-Winners Squad, Titans Three, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Phoenix Five, Deep Six, The Order, Oracle, Inc., Defenders of the Deep


• Hybrid mutant of human and Atlantean parents with superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, vision, hearing, and durability, able to breathe in air or underwater, replenish his strength and stamina through contact with water, harmlessly absorb and redirect electrical current, communicate telepathically with sea life, radar sense to map his surroundings underwater or sense invisible objects on land, and ankle wings enabling flight
• Genetically-altered with power stolen from Hydro-Man, giving him hydrokinesis to manipulate outside sources of water, making waves and tides flow with him, sculpt water into different shapes, or pull back vast amounts of water to expose the ocean floor
• In times past has temporarily lost his ankle wings, ability to breathe underwater, or ability to survive on land for extended periods of time
• Wields the divine Trident of Neptune, symbolically empowered by the Olympian God of the Oceans, Poseidon
• Formerly wore a saturation suit that kept him hydrated on land during the period when he could not do so himself, the Sacred Armor of Atlantis enchanted to heal his wounds, and the Talisman of Abraxas to mystically regulate his moods during an unstable period

Note: Byrrah is referred to as both Namor's cousin and Thakorr's stepson over the decades. The easiest explanation to accommodate both relations is that Byrrah is the son of Fen's maternal cousin Brynn and, after the death of Byrrah's father and Queen Korra, Thakorr married Brynn and adopted Byrrah as his stepson (not out of the question when it comes to royal families and the line of succession.)