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Species name: Breakworlders
Homeworld:  The Breakworld
First Appearance: Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #1


The people of the Breakworld are a humanoid species visually similar to fictional orcs. The aliens are physically larger than humans, generally standing over seven feet tall. Further adding to their formidable nature, Breakworlders possess superhuman strength, durability and reflexes well beyond that of a human. Representatives of the species have fought, and bested, superhumanly strong mutants, such as Colossus and Beast.

All members of the species have olive green skin, black hair and small noses. The males of the species almost exclusively possess red irises while the females have green. Some, but not all, males possess prominent tusks.

Some member of the species, known as Augurs, possess an aptitude for psychic premonitions.


Little is known about the history of the Breakworld. Over the millennia, a harsh and brutal “might makes right” culture evolved, until any weakness was tantamount to a sin. Concepts such as tending to the weak, treating the injured or mourning the dead were unheard of. Children were raised from birth to fight for survival, suckling on the blood of the weak.

In such a brutal society, power was seized by those who took it, and kept by those who were strong enough to hold onto it. The Breakworld’s most recent ruler was Powerlord Kruun, a particularly bloodthirsty leader who ruled the planet with an iron first.

At some point in the history of the Breakworld, the aliens discovered the ability to draw energy from the molten core of their planet, processed through a reactor within Kruun’s fortress, which powered the world. Such an unstable process could easily destroy the planet, which was emblematic of the Breakworld way; safety and security was for the weak. Despite their violent society, the technology of the Breakworld developed to the point the species reached spaceflight, weather control and the ability to resurrect the dead.

Warriors fought in arenas for sport and entertainment, killing each other without mercy for glory. The most famous of the arena warrior was the woman Aghanne, who revelled in the kills, until she grew to despise the brutality of her world. She kept this well hidden from others, though, as such thoughts were practically sacrilege.

Using her influence subtly, Aghanne convinced Kruun to spare the lives of a group of psychics known as the Augurs. Where Kruun had previously branded the Augurs monsters and slaughtered them, Aghanne convinced him of their potential as a weapon. With their ability to see glimpses of the future, or timeshadows, Kruun’s hold on the Breakworld strengthened.

Over time, Aghanne grew more open about her beliefs and began to preach compassion and peace openly, gathering a small collection of likeminded followers in the process. She and her followers built the world’s first hospital, in secret. While Kruun wanted Aghanne’s people killed for their beliefs, he didn’t consider them any sort of threat.

This underestimation of Aghanne would prove the undoing of not only Kruun but of the Breakworld itself. Through her secret influence over the Augurs, Aghanne was able to see the future and gain the knowledge necessary to set a plan in motion to destroy her world. She tasked the Augurs with making a false prediction; that a mutant from Earth, one of the X-Men, would destroy the Breakworld.

Incensed by this news, a great tournament was held, with the victor winning the right to travel to Earth and declare war by eradicating their mutants. Ord won that right but, upon arriving at Earth, he was intercepted by the Sentient Worlds Observation Response Division, or SWORD, who convinced the alien to take an alternative approach. Rather than exterminate mutantkind, Ord would use his people’s advanced technology to develop a cure for the X-gene.

Meanwhile, Kruun set his people on developing a failsafe in case Ord failed in his mission. A giant, moon-sized bullet, forged from the Breakworld’s unique metals, was crafted in orbit above the planet and aimed towards the Earth. Back on Earth, Ord failed in his mission, defeated by the X-Men, who gave him over to the custody of SWORD.

Knowing it was time to draw the X-Men to the Breakword, Aghanne set the next stage of her plan in motion. Deep within the ancient temple Attur-Hei, she forged a giant stone tablet depicting Colossus seemingly destroying the Breakworld. When this tablet was “discovered,” the Breakworld knew who their destroyer would be.

As Aghanne expected, this drew SWORD and the X-Men to the Breakworld, since they wished to keep the Breakworld’s attention (and their fleet) away from Earth. The group also brought Ord as a prisoner, who managed to briefly escape and warn Powerlord Kruun of their approach. Kruun’s forces managed to destroy SWORD’s ship, but not before their quarry escaped planetside. The Breakwordlers hunted the humans relentlessly and had a number of battles, but eventually the humans connected with Aghanne.

With Aghanne’s aid, the X-Men and SWORD were able to seize control of Kruun’s fortress and capture Kruun himself. It was here that Colossus learned truth, that Aghanne was responsible for the prophecy and intended for him to destroy the Breakworld by using his special metal to remove the power core from Kruun’s geothermal reactor. Colossus refused and Aghanne attempted to physically force him to remove the core. However, she was stopped by Ord, who sacrificed himself to kill her.

Though Aghanne’s plans to destroy the Breakworld were thwarted, the events she set in motion were not undone. The X-Men were unable to stop the planet killer bullet from firing but, thanks to the efforts of Kitty Pryde, who was trapped inside due to the metal projectile, it was phased through the Earth and caused no harm.

Tired of the Breakworld’s constant aggression, Colossus seized control of the planet by having Wolverine cut off the Powerlord’s arm. With this symbol of subjugation, and the fear garnered by the prophecy, Colossus was able to oust Kruun from power. However, Colossus was not inclined to lead the Breakworld, and instead left them to their own devices to rebuild, with SWORD in place in an advisory capacity. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #1-24, Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1]

Unfortunately, once Colossus left, the Breakworld broke down into civil war, with multiple factions vying for control of the planet. Aghanne’s followers seized much more control following Kruun’s fall, and many found their “bizarre” notions like mercy and compassion intolerable. They felt their culture was lost and their world wasn’t their own any longer.

One such faction, lead by the former Powerlord Kruun, left the Breakworld and headed to Earth, with the hope that their “Powerlord Colossus” would help them. Unfortunately, the notions of diplomacy were new to these refugees. They travelled in a decommissioned warship, as that was all the Breakworld possessed, and failed to notify the Earth of their coming, because they did not understand diplomatic protocols. This resulted in SWORD and the X-Men attacking, until they realised the Breakworlders were refugees, not attackers.

The X-Men, feeling responsible for the state of the Breakworld, offered refuge to the Breakworlders on their sovereign nation Utopia. Kruun, however, had ulterior motives and used this opportunity to seek vengeance on all those he felt had wronged him, despite protests from his lover, the Augur Heleena. His rampage was ultimately halted when Heleena sacrificed herself to save Kitty Pryde. This drove Kruun to revaluate his life, and he sacrificed part of lifeforce to resurrect Heleena. Soon after, Kruun’s people relocated to a derelict neighbourhood of San Fransciso, renamed Breakworldtown, which they upgraded.

Meanwhile on Breakworld , SWORD learned that the planet had started to recover from their period of civil war. Aghanne’s followers had spread the message of compassion, building numerous hospitals and establishing non-martial law. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #535-538]

Back on Earth, the Breakworlder warrior woman Kuva formed a crime syndicate based out of Oakland, California. The Oakland Clan allied with three other criminal groups to form the Four Clans syndicate. When Kuva sensed weakness in the leadership of rival clan leader Yukio, she challenged the woman. However, while their champions fought, Yukio murdered Kuva and seized control of the Oakland Clan. [Storm (3rd series) #4-5]



A famous and brutal arena fighter for many years, Aghanne developed a conscience and eventually grew to despise her world. She secretly preached a message of compassion for years, while setting a plan in motion that would eventually destroy the Breakworld. While her plan was thwarted, and she was killed, her message lived on in her followers and eventually changed the Breakworld.


Champion for Kuva, crimelord of the Oakland Clan, he fought on behalf of his leader to resolve disputes between crime clans. While fighting Storm, champion for Yukio, his master was murdered and Yukio seized control of Gah-Ran’s clan. Later, Gah-Ran participated in a charity basketball game alongside Amadaeous Cho, the Hulk, raising money for organisation Equal Rights for all Intelligences.


An Augur, Heleena had the ability to see the future though visions. After the X-Men deposed Kruun and inadvertently unleashed civil war on the planet, the young Augur met the former powerlord. Despite the fact Kruun had only ever seen Augurs as monsters and weapons, the pair fell in love. Together, they led a group of refugees to Earth, wanting to escape the civil unrest on their homeworld. With her abilities, Heleena could see a future for her people on Earth but not any future she knew Kruun would want. Because of this, she told Kruun there was no future for their people. On Earth, Heleena sacrificed her life to cure the X-Men Kitty Pryde from a life-threatening condition. This sacrifice drove Krunn to change his own ways, embracing compassion and sacrificing much of his own lifeforce to resurrect Heleena. Together, the pair established a community in San Francisco for their refugees.


A formidable warrior woman, Kuva set herself up as a crime lord as head of the Oakland Clan after settling on Earth. She took part in Yukio’s crime boss arena, where crime lord’s champions fought in a combat ring to “peacefully” resolve conflicts. However, when Kuva realised rival clan leader Yukio’s champion, Wolverine, was dead, she challenged her for control. While Kuva and Yukio’s champion’s fought, Yukio seized the opportunity and murdered Kuva, taking control of her clan.


When Aghanne’s false prophecy, that a mutant will destroy the Breakworld, was discovered, a great tournament was held to determine who would travel to Earth and declare war. Ord fought hard in the arena, eventually winning that right. However, when he arrived on Earth, he was convinced by SWORD to instead cure mutantkind. Ultimately, the plan failed and Ord was captured by the X-Men and SWORD, and brought back to the Breakworld. Considered a failure by Powerlord Kruun, Ord was locked away, until the final battle between the X-Men and Kruun’s forces where he fought to protect his lord. When Aghanne’s plans were revealed, Ord sacrificed his life to stop her from destroying the Breakworld.

Powerlord Kruun

After seizing control of the Breakworld, Kruun ruled it with an iron fist for many years. Sadistic and cruel, Krunn devoutly lived by the Breakworld ways of “might makes right.” When the prophecy came to light, he sent Ord to Earth to declare war and wipe out mutant kind. Additionally, he also instigated development of a giant planet-killing bullet. When SWORD and the X–Men came to the Breakworld, with the prophesized destroyer Colossus, Kruun hunted them relentlessly. He also locked up Ord for failing in his mission, considering a worthless failure.  Ultimately, Kruun failed in killing Colossus or destroying the Earth with his bullet. Instead, he lost his throne to Colossus, who took his arm as a symbol of his subjugation. Kruun was left with a world in civil war, quickly embracing notions he considered weak, like compassion. During this time, he met the Augur Heleena and formed a romantic relationship. Kruun and Heleena lead a group of refugees to Earth, seemingly to ask their “Powerlord Colossus” for help. In actual fact, it was Kruun’s plot to get vengeance on the X-Men. After nearly killing the mutants, he was stopped by Heleena, who sacrificed her life to save Kitty Pryde. Kruun in turn sacrificed a large portion of his lifeforce to save Heleena. This loss of lifeforce left him weakened and in need of a cane, but he also embraced compassion like his lover Heleena. Together, the pair established a community in San Francisco.