War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #3

Issue Date: 
August 2019
Story Title: 

Matthew Rosenberg (writer), Pere Perez (artist), Rachelle Rosenberg (colorist), VC’s Travis Lanham (letterer), David Yardin (cover artist), Chris Robinson(assistant editor), Jordan D. White (editor), C.B. Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Magik and Wolfsbane are captives of Sabretooth at Stark Tower but, with the help of the resurrected wolf god Hrimhari, they escape and join up with the other X-Men. Problem is that Magik’s teleportation power is cut off, thanks to a pendant of the Enchantress she is forced to wear, meaning she cannot evacuate the X-Men’s charges. In addition, Rahne and her family mustn’t join the fight or Hrimhari and Tier will have to return to Hel. When the attack of Sabretooth’s troops comes as it must, Sunspot sacrifices his life to get rid of the pendant. Using a group of Madrox and Hope dupes, the X-Men trick most of Sabretooth’s troops through a teleportation gate into Limbo. When Sabretooth attacks Magik, Wolfsbane beats him, making her the alpha wolf of his wolves, but also causing the final separation between her and her family. Night passes and the humans of New York have been saved, but Mirage mourns her fallen Valkyrie sisters and Sunspot.

Full Summary: 

Mirage’s small group makes it back to the fort, where Cyclops is surprised that Sunspot is amidst them, though he is glad for any help. He knows they lost Rahne on this mission but is there any sign of Illyana? They need her. When told that they are still looking, he spells out that without her they will fall.

Illyana is currently a prisoner of Sabretooth at Stark Tower. Wolfsbane, his latest prisoner, orders him to let Magik go. Her lover Hrimhari, the wolfgod, brought back from the dead by the Enchantress – and working with Sabretooth – tries to calm her and reminds her that the Enchantress allowed him and their son Tier to leave the realm of the dead to find Rahne, but only if none of them interfere in this war —Let. Her. Go! she repeats.

Sabretooth tells her to forget it. Does he think he can control her? Rahne challenges him. Then he is even dumber than he looks. Sabretooth informs her he doesn’t need her. Hrimhari brokered him a deal with the Enchantress, too… He touches the pendant hanging from Magik’s neck and explains it makes sure that she can only cast the spells he tells her to.

Hrimhari politely asks for her. Amused, Sabretooth replies that, once he breaks her, she will take him anywhere he wants to, and afterwards she will be his gift to Malekith. He’s being nice letting Hrimhari take his girl. Don’t test him!

With a scream of rage, Wolfsbane lunges at him. Sabretrooth grabs her and slams her against the window. He suggests they could settle their debt right now.

Hrimhari tears his back and announces if his love wants the witch, they will take her. Over his dead body! Sabretooth groans. Hrimhari throws him out of the window and corrects, just his mangled one.

In Manhattan, a team led by Mirage tries to follow Sabretooth’s trail. Soon they find themselves surrounded by wolves. Just as they get ready for a fight, they suddenly leave, thanks to Hrimhari. Wolves get nervous when one of their gods show up. Happily, the mutants greet Rahne and Illyana. Sunspot jokingly accuses them of showing off. In the same spirit, Illyana shoots back that they took too long to rescue them. She is told she get to show off again and teleport them to Queens. That might be a problem, she admits. They join the others as frost giants are gathering to attack and Cyclops alerts his troops.

Rahne introduces her family to Cyclops, who asks if they will fight with them. Hrimhari explains that is impossible, as they have made a vow to the Enchantress. They are simply here to see Illyana arrive safely and for Rahne to say her goodbyes. Come sunup, they will be gone.

Hours later, nighttime:
They exchange information around a campfire. Dani explains they are the last human stronghold. They gathered people hiding out against the Frost Giants. Illyana asks what their last plan was. She was, Dani replies. Illyana explains that whatever curse was put upon her - referring to the necklace – it cuts off her teleportation. She is just another soldier with a sword.

He hates to be the Hulk of the conversation, Roberto interjects, but why not just smash it? Illyana figures it may be possible but is sure the Enchantress imbued the gem with defenses.

A Madrox orders them to be quiet. They are coming! Mirage orders the X-Men to battle stations and the fight begins against frost giants, Dark Elves and more creatures of mythology. Mutants and humans alike defend the fort.

Cyclops’ optic blast fells a Frost Giant. As their foes breach the wall Mirage orders for the civilians to be brought inside the stadium.

Wolfsbane want to join the battle but Hrimhari holds her back and reminds her he gave his word to the Enchantress she wouldn’t do this. People are dying! Rahne retorts. He tells her that her friends will save them and if she does this, the Enchantress will tear them apart!

Sabretooth joins the battle giving orders that nobody survives. New York falls tonight!

Sunspot tells Magik that the people are all going to die if they can’t get them out! She retorts, they are surrounded. Sunspot grabs and tears off the pendant hanging around Magik’s neck. He implores her to save them as he crushes the stone. That wasn’t so bad, he mutters. One moment later, the energies explode and tear him apart. Magik is thrown back. Karma shakes her and tells her they need her for this.

Her power restored, Magik opens a teleportation portal. When all the civilians are through, the X-Men follow.

Sabretooth grabs Magik by the throat and orders her to leave the portal open. Malekith’s armies aren’t done with the X-Men or their refugees…

Malekeith’s troops enter the portal… only to arrive in a very unfriendly looking part of Limbo: no refugees in sight, only dupes of Madrox and Hope who were playing the role and gloat that this is a one-way-trip…

Unaware of this, back on Earth, Sabretooth gloats that on the other side her friends are being slaughtered. He notices Magik’s smile. Illyana tells him to look around and explains Karma and Mirage made his army overlook all the people here. Throw in a glowing portal to Limbo, a few dupes in borrowed clothing and a general stupid enough to send his troops blindly into the unknown, and ta-da! She congratulates him and speculates on how Malekith will treat him for losing his army.

He orders his wolves against the X-Men and threatens that he may die but she will do so first! In response, Rahne tackles him, over Hrimhari and Tier’s protests.

Sabretooth wrestles her to the ground, threatening that now her family will have to go back to Hel. In her half-wolfen form, Wolfsbane tears out his throat, then spits it out disgusted.

She announces she is now the Alpha Wolf and orders the wolf army to stop. They obey. Sabretooth groans at Magik to wait. In response, she decapitates him with her sword.

Rahne apologizes to Hrimhari, who isn’t angry but sad. He made a vow to the Enchantress. Rahne broke it, so he and Tier have to return to Hel now. He hopes they will meet in the next life.

Days later, Manhattan:
The Asgardian and humans won. Shan, Illyana and Rahne worry about Dani, who is staying with the dead valkyrior. Rahne despondently wonders what they are even fighting for.

A voice tells Dani she has to go now. Looking at her fallen sisters, she refuses to leave them. She is reminded the authorities will come soon. But she cannot be here when they arrive. She’s done all she can. She replies she is the last Valkyrie. It is her job to get them home to Valhalla. But she can’t do that, the other person replies. Her powers are fading. She’s losing her connection. She wonders if she can find Thor. Maybe he can help. She can return to Valhalla and rebuild. She is told she is needed here.

Crying Dani insists they are her sisters. And he is her brother. He knows, the spirit of Sunspot surrounded by the spirits of the dead valkyrior replies, but she’s already lost one family. He tells her not to lose another. They’ll meet again soon, he knows it, but for now the world still needs the X-Men.

Characters Involved: 

Banshee, Chamber, Cyclops, Havok, Hope, Karma, Magik, Mirage, Multiple Man, Sunspot, Wolfsbane (all X-Men)



Story Notes: 

This is part of the War of the Realms event.

The story takes place between Uncanny X-Men (5th series) #15 and 16.

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