Agent-X #15

Issue Date: 
December 2003
Story Title: 
Deadpool Walkin’ - part 3: A Means To An End

Gail Simone (writer), Alvin Lee & Udon (artists), Cory Petit (letterer), Andy Schmidt (asst. editor) Marc Sumerak (editor), Joe Quesada (chief), Bill Jemas (president)
With special thanks to: Buddy, Evan and Daniel

Brief Description: 

The Black Swan has betrayed Alex and has now incredible powers. Alex, Deadpool, Sandi and Taskmaster all try to defeat him, in the end assisted by Outlaw. During the fight, Sandi and Taskmaster profess their love for each other. They finally succeed by working together in killing Black Swan and Alex mindlinks to Swan and shares his death with him. Swan dies and Alex’ scars are gone. Outlaw and Alex get back together and Sandi apologizes to Outlaw about sleeping with Alex. Taskmaster and Outlaw both join Agency X. Alex invites Deadpool, but he refuses. They politely say goodbye.... then decide that they hate each other and start fighting and insulting each other.

Full Summary: 

The first page contains an interview with Alex for American Gun and Wound’s a mercenary magazine. At the end of the interview it turns out to be a hallucination of Alex, while his real body is dying and as such gives in short the events of the last issue.

We switch to Alex waking up in the new, high-tech headquarters of Agency X. Sandi shows him around, while Taskmaster is working as a butler. She introduces him to the staff, compromised of famous super villains (Dr. Octopus, Bullseye, the Constrictor and Dr. Doom), who are worshipping Alex. She then shows him the vehicles and tells him that both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers are eagerly awaiting his help. Alex steps on board of his boat, but misses it and falls in the water. He then wakes up.

Sandi is splashing him with water. She brings him up to date on the events. Alex changes into his costume and asks her if she remembers how they saved her boyfriend a couple of days ago? Sandi tells him that Higashi is not her boyfriend. He ignores that point and tells her that Higashi still owed him a favor for that: Suddenly, several dozen gunmen coming out of hiding and begin closing in one the place where Deadpool and Swan are fighting.

Sandi tells him that he can’t order them to shoot, since they would also hit Deadpool. Alex admits that that’s right and gives the order anyway. Deadpool notices that sound of many guns being loaded and hits the floor. The men all shoot at Swan. Alex tells Sandi to find Taskmaster and leave. The bullets all fly at Swan, but he uses his new powers to repel them and he fries the brains of all the hitmen. Alex and Deadpool then team-up against Swan but they end up hitting each other. Then Outlaw enters the fight.

Sandi finds Taskmaster and Taskmaster admits to her that he has been watching soap operas and romantic movies so he could figure this out, but it didn’t help. He then tells her that he loves her. She then replies that she loves him too.

Outlaw sees Swan about to kill Alex and Deadpool and she goes berserk. She shoots Swan several times, claiming the right to kill Alex herself. A lightning bolt of Swan’s powers then hits her and she falls down. Both Deadpool and Alex are now enraged and attack Swan again.Alex kicks Swan in the face and they grab Inez and move away. Deadpool and Alex discuss Swan’s weaknesses: he has limited range, he has to focus to use his shield and that he can be surprised. They meet up with Taskmaster, who shows them the secret compartment in his van, filled with weapons. Alex asks Taskmaster if he can rig an impact detonator. Taskmaster replies that he has seen it done.

Swan is standing again and he decides to kill all five his opponents. Alex checks on Inez. She’s ok, but she hasn’t forgiven him yet for cheating on her with Sandi. Alex tells her that now is not the time and that he needs three distractions. Swan is wandering through the park, telling Alex to come out, since everything that makes Alex interesting is stolen from the Black Swan. Even his fascination with Alpine Park is based on Swan’s life; Swan was raised in the Bavarian Alps.

Inez is shocked to hear that Alex is a walking corpse, but hasn’t much time to think about it. Taskmaster attacks Swan, using his sonic weapon to copy Wolverine’s claws. Swan easily blocks him and starts to copy his abilities with his mental powers. Outlaw points a gun at Swan and tells him to drop Taskmaster. Swan recognizes her and calls her Crazy Inez. Taskmaster laughs at his mistake. Outlaw punches straight through Swan’s chest and shouts at him not to call her that. Though he has a hole in his chest, Swan doesn’t seem to be bothered at all, he no longer needs a spine.

Then, Deadpool moves in and blocks Swan in a place. Swan is insulted, how dare they think that this simple move will contain him? At that moment, he sees in their minds that this is just a distraction. That’s when Alex shoots him with an explosive bullet. Alex then walks to Swan’s broken body and mindlinks to him, giving him back his memories of death. This seems to have killed Swan’s mind, but to make sure Taskmaster, Outlaw, Deadpool and Alex all shoot Swan several times.

Alex turns around and his face no longer has scars and his eyes also seem normal. He tells Outlaw that he’s no longer bothered by being an animated corpse with stolen memories. Nearby, Deadpool checks if he’s still thinking in little yellow boxes. Sandi apologises to Outlaw for sleeping with Alex, Outlaw says that it’s okay, seeing how Sandi and Taskmaster are holding hands. Taskmaster asks Alex if he can join Agency X. Alex replies that he can and concludes that Swan’s healing factor is too dangerous, so they should find a taxidermist.

Alex apologises to Deadpool for shooting him before and invites him to Agency X. Deadpool thanks but refuses and both tell the other to take care. They both turn around, promptly decide that the other did try to kill him at one point, then turn around again and attack each other. Outlaw, Taskmaster and Sandi look at the fight and walk away.

Characters Involved: 

Alex Hayden/Agent X/Nijo (mercenary)

Sandi Brandenberg (secretary and Alex’s current girlfriend)

Taskmaster/ Toni Master (alias) (mercenary)

Outlaw/Crazy Inez (Alex’ ex-girlfriend)

Deadpool/ Wade Wilson (mercenary)

Black Swan (telepathic German assassin)

Story Notes: 

The cover of issue 15 is a duplicate of #14 but with Deadpool instead of Alex and a circus-theme background instead of a dark city.

Alex says that they saved Higashi a couple of days ago, but the events in Agent X #13, 14 and this issue all happened on the same day. Alex and Sandi are even still wearing the same clothes as during the assignment.

Outlaw and Alex had a relationship from Agent X #2-6, but Deadpool thinks she was interested in him, since they meet and talked to each other in Deadpool #67.

Outlaw goes berserk whenever somebody calls her Crazy Inez. (She does tolerate Alex calling her so, though)

The last page (after the thank-you word from the artistic team on Agent X) contains pictures of the first Agency X company vacation where they drag Black Swan’s preserved body with them all the time.

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