X-Men vs Street Fighter

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31st October 2004

Release Date: Spring 1997
Platforms: Arcade, Sega Saturn (import only), PlayStation
Developer: Capcom

All around the Marvel Universe, mutants, including several allies of the X-Men have been mysteriously disappearing. Meanwhile, in the world of Capcom, similar things are happening with martial arts fighters. Some believe this is the work of the evil mutant Magneto, while others think this is the work of the sadistic M. Bison, head of the terrorist organization known as shadowloo. In an effort to get to the bottom of the disappearances, the X-Men team up with the powerful martial artists of the capcom universe. However, fights keep breaking out between members of the two groups. What’s going on? Can Bison or Magneto really be behind this plot, or is there a more sinister, ‘apocalyptic’ force at work? Will the X-men and Street Fighters be able to put their differences aside and fight the real enemy?

Playable Characters, powers, and weaknesses
The powers and abilities of the X-Men and their allies are activated by combinations of the directional buttons. Here is a quick reference key which will make them easier to remember.

NOTE: all commands are done assuming you are facing right. If facing left, reverse any forward and backward commands. In addition, the attack buttons are listed by their function in the game, not by control pad button, as the default settings can be modified in the options menu for the PlayStation and Saturn versions.

F - forward
DF- Down +Forward on the direction pad
B - backward
DB - Down + backward on the directional pad
UF - Up + Forward on the directional pad
UB - Up + Backward on the directional pad
D - Down on directional pad
U - Up on directional pad
LP - low punch
LK - low kick
MP - medium punch
MK - medium kick
HP - high punch
HK - hard kick
P/K - any punch/kick button
2P/K - press any two punch/kick buttons at the same time
3P/K - press all three punch/kick buttons at the same time
Charge button- hold the button for two or more seconds before pressing the next button in the sequence

Button + button - press at same time
Button, button - tap the first button in the sequence, then quickly tap the next one
Button…… - tap the previously listed button repeatedly

QCF/B - Quarter circle forward/backward (Start at down on the directional pad or joystick, roll your finger toward DF/DB, and up to F/B in a 90 degree motion.)

HCF - Half circle forward (start at Backward on the directional pad/Joystick, roll your finger towards DB, D, DF, and then F in an 180 degree motion)
Reverse sequence command - reverse the sequence command listed (Perform direction commands in opposite order)

360 - Full circle forward (Make a 360 degree clockwise (counter clockwise if facing left) circle on the joypad or joystick)
720 - Double circle (Make 2 360 degree circles on the directional pad or joystick)

General abilities
Jump - U
Block - Hold Backward while your opponent is attacking
Super Jump - D, U or 3K
Taunt - Select (playstation only) Start (arcade only)
Switch partner - HP + HK
Team Super combo - QCF + HP+HK (Level 2 super meter or above)
Team counter - Reverse QCB + HP+HK (Level 1 super meter or above)
Recovery roll - QCF + P when knocked down
Any Move listed as a hyper or super combo requires your special meter to be at level 1 or higher.

Note: In addition to the special attacks listed here, the regular attacks can be combined with the directional pad or joystick to produce combos. Experiment with each character, and you can find one suited to your playing style.

X-men characters
Cyclops is a balanced fighter. His powerful projectile attacks make him a favorite among beginning X-Men vs SF players, and his gene splice can be chained for repeated combo hits. A good partner to use with him is Ryu.
Optic blast - QCF + P
Gene splice - F, D, DF + P
Kicking attack - QCB + K
Hyper combo: Mega Optic Blast - QCB + 2P
Hyper combo: Hyper Optic Blast - QCF + 2P

Surprisingly, Gambit’s most effective moves make use of his staff. His staff attacks can be chained together to produce some very effective combos. His projectile attacks have limited range, but they are quick to pull off and are good to keep an aggressive opponent at bay. With a level 3 super bar and good timing, his Royal Flush hyper combo can be chained together 3 times for a total of 99 hits! A good SF partner to use with him is Ken, as his attacks compensate for gambit’s lack of range.
Kinetic Card - QCF + P
Trick Card - QCB + P
Cajun Slash - F, D, DF + P
Cajun Strike - Charge D, U, P or K
Hyper Combo: Royal Flush - QCF + 2P

Rogue is an otherwise ordinary character, but her punching attacks and flight ability, as well as her mutant power to steal powers make her a good character to use in combat. A good partner to use with her is cammy, as her kicking attacks are an excellent way to complement her playing style.
Repeating Punch - QCF + P
Rushing Repeating Punch - F, D,DF + P
Power Drain - QCB + K
Use drained power - QCF + K
Power Punch - F, D, DF + K
Hyper Combo: Goodnight Sugar - QCF 2P
Hyper Combo 2: Raging Demon (after draining Akuma)- LP,LP,fw,LK,HP

Storm is a weaker character than the others, but her lightning attacks and flight make up for what she lacks in strengths. Use her typhoon and flight attacks to play good ‘hit-and-run’ offense on an opponent. A good character from the street fighter team to use with her is Chun-Li, as her kicking attacks and Power Storm hyper combo can be combined with Storm’s attacks for additional firepower.
Whirlwind : QCF + P
Double Typhoon : QCB + P
Fly - QCB + KK
Lightning - Direction + MP+LK
Hyper combo: Lighting storm - QCF +2PP
Hyper combo: Ice Storm - QCB + 2P

Although Wolverine has no projectile attacks, he is an excellent character to use. His attacks are quick and powerful, and they can be linked together with his regular attacks to produce some devastating combos. A good Wolverine player is one who can use these combos for aggressive, close quarter combat. A good character to use with him is Ken, as his projectile and uppercut attacks can provide an excellent addition to Wolverine’s offense.
Berserker Barrage - QCF + P
Tornado Claw - F, D, DF + P
Drill Claw - direction + MP + LK
Hyper Combo: Berserker Barrage X - QCF 2P
Hyper Combo: Weapon X - DP + 2P

Sabretooth is similar to wolverine, with the key differences being a small decrease in speed, a slight increase in strength and size, and projectile attacks via his partner birdie. Just like Wolverine, Sabertooth is effective when played aggressively and in close quarters. A good partner to use with him is Ken. His attacks will provide support to Sabretooth in a similar manner as they did Wolverine.
Berserker Claw - QCF + P
Wildfang - QCB + P
Birdie assist - QCB + K
Hyper Combo: Berserker Claw X - QCF + 2P
Hyper Combo: Heavy Armed Birdie - QCB + 2K
Hyper Combo: Weapon X - DP + 2P

Charles Xavier’s stepbrother is incredibly slow, but who needs speed when you are as powerful as he is? His attacks are brutal, and can make quick work of an opponent. However, blocking and a good defensive game in general are a must, particularly when playing against aggressive opponents like Ken, Wolverine, and Akuma. Zangief is an excellent character to use with him, since both characters are among the strongest in the game and their abilities are an excellent complement to each other.
Citorak Power Up - F, D, DF + 2P
Earthquake Punch - QCF + P
Juggernuat Punch - HCF + P
Juggernuat Body Press - HCF + K
Nail Slam - HCB + K
Hyper Combo: Juggernuat Head Crush - QCF + 2P

Magneto is somewhat tricky to play with, but when used effectively, his offensive capabilities are devastating. Since he has flight capabilities, and all of his attacks can be preformed in mid-air, make use of them in order to have a solid and crippling offense. M. Bison is a good character to be used as his partner, since Bison’s strong ground attacks will provide a good back up, rendering the team difficult to overcome in the hands of a good X-Men vs Street Fighter player.
E-M disruptor - QCF P
Hyper Gravitation - QCB K
Forcefield - HCF K (counter)
Float - QCB 3K
Hyper Combo - Magnetic Shockwave- QCF 2P
Hyper Combo - Magnetic Tempest - QCF 2K

Street Fighter characters:
Ryu is equivalent to Cyclops in terms of offense. His Dragon uppercut will take down any air opponent, his fireball can keep an aggressive opponent at bay, and his hurricane kick can pin an opponent into a corner. Cyclops is an excellent X-Men partner to use with him, as both have similar attacks.
Fireball - QCF + P
Dragon Uppercut - F, D, DF + P
Hurricane Kick - QCB + K
Super Combo: Super Fireblast - QCF + 2P
Super Combo: Super Hurricane Kick - QCB + 2K

Ken’s attacks are similar to those of Ryu, since they spent much of their teenage years training together. However, Ken’s Dragon Uppercut is more powerful that Ryu’s and his hyper combos can suck in opponents who are too close to him. Gambit’s Staff and kinetic card attacks can provide good back up to ken, as they can be combined to wreak havoc on a defending opponent.
Fireball - QCF P
Dragon Uppercut - F, D, DF + P
Hurricane Kick - QCB + K
Super Combo: Dragon Wave - QCF + 2P
Super Combo: Dragon Pillar - QCF + 2K

Dhalsim is incredibly slow, although his extending limbs and fireball make him a decent character to use for a long distance offense. Also, Dhalsim’s teleport is an excellent maneuver to use to get him out of a sticky situation. Just be prepared to defend often, as quicker characters can make mincemeat of Dhalsim players who are careless. Sabertooth can provide both the speed, strength, and aggressiveness Dhalsim lacks.
Yoga Fire - QCF + P
Yoga Flame - HCB + P
Yoga Strike - HCB + K
Yoga Teleport - F, D, DF + 2P or 2K
Super Combo: Yoga Blaze - QCF 2P
Super Combo: Yoga Hurricarana - QCF 2K

The first lady of the street fighter franchise has very effective kicking attacks. Her projectile is the worst in the game and should not be relied upon at all. Her hyper combos take up most of the screen, and are difficult to avoid by any method other than blocking, and even then they can eat away at the opponent’s energy. Storm is a good partner to use with her, as her aerial and projectile attacks can make up for a quick and effective offense.
Multi Kick - K, K…….
Rising Kick - Charge D, U + K
Fireball - HCF + P
Flip Kick - HCB + K
Super Combo: Hyper Storm - QCF + 2P
Super Combo: Rushing Hyper Kicks - QCF + 2K
Super Combo 3: QCB + 2K

Cammy has no projectiles, but her kicking attacks are good for keeping opponents on the defensive. Wolverine is an ideal partner, as he is slightly more powerful, but his attacks make him equally as aggressive.
Spining Arrow - QCF + K
Twisting Knuckle - QCF + P
Cannon Spike - F, D, DF + K
Furiga Combine - QCB + K , P
Cannon Counter - QCB P
Air Thrust Kick - in air QCB K
Super Combo: Super Kicking attack - QCF 2K
Super Combo: Super Drill - QCB 2K

Charlie (Nash in import versions)
Charlie is ideal for players who play defensively. Most of his moves involve charging, and since you can charge even while blocking, they are excellent methods which can be used to counter an aggressive opponent. His sonic boom attack can be used to keep an attacker at bay. Wolverine adds balance via aggressive quick attacks, so he is a good partner for Charlie players to use.
Sonic Boom - Charge B, F +P
Flash Kick - Charge D, U + K
Aerial Flash Kick: in air U, UF, F + K
Super Combo: Sonic Blades - QCF 2P
Super Combo: Rushing Attack - QCF 2K
Super Combo: Super Flash Kick - QCB + 2K

Zangief is slow, but powerful. His grappling attacks are difficult to pull off, but they can cause a lot of damage. His Cyclone fist is a good way to ground aerial opponents. When teamed up with juggernaut, the two behemoths can use their size and power to trap an opponent in defense.
Lariat - 3P or 3K
Spinning Piledriver - 360 + P
Banishing Punch - F,D,DF, + PUNCH
Flying Power - HCF + K
Ariel Throw - HCB + K
Super Combo: Super Hurricane Piledriver : 360 + 2P

M. Bison (Vega in import versions)
The evil lord of shadowloo utilizes charging attacks and a slow but powerful projectile, which make him an excellent defense-orientated player to use. His teleport can be used to throw players off. Teamed with Magneto’s aerial offense maneuvers, he can be potentially unstoppable.
Psycho shoot : HCF + P
kneepress : HCF + K
Headpress : QCB + K , K
Psycho Field : HCB + P
Float : QCB 3K
Vega Warp : F, D, DF + P or K
Super Combo: Psycho Cannon - QCF + 2P
Super Combo: Knee press nightmare - QCF + 2K

(Note: See Tips/Hints on how to access him.)
Akuma plays similar to Ken and Ryu, but his special maneuvers are much more powerful. His raging demon maneuver is tough to pull off, but it can cause MASSIVE damage to a careless opponent. His teleport maneuver adds to his defensive game to make Akuma an insanely powerful opponent. As with Ryu, Cyclops attacks have a similar style, making him a recommended X-man to team him up with.
Fireball - QCF + P
Dragon Uppercut - F, D, DF + P
Super Hurricane Kick - QCB + K
Akumaport - F, D, DF + 3P or 3K
Super Combo: Mega Dragon Wave - QCB + 2P
Super Combo: Super Fireball - QCF + 2P
Super Combo: Raging Demon - LP, LP, F, LK, HP (level 1 also can)

Major Villians
Apocalypse is the final boss of the game. He fills up most of the screen, and his attacks are very powerful. Good defensive strategies are of the utmost importance when facing him, as are your hyper combos.

Different costume colors: Each character in the game has a several different color schemes for their costume, dependant on which attack button is used to select them.

Play as Akuma: Move the cursor to the top of the character select menu, and press up twice.

Chun-Li’s Street Fighter Alpha costume: Highlight Chun-li, hold select for 5 seconds, then press any attack button to select her. (On the Arcade and Saturn version, press start instead of select)

Ex option and enable the tag match (Playstation only): In the playstation version of the game, the partner feature is limited. The partner you choose is only limited to Team hyper combo and support attacks. Using this code however, you can unlock the tag battle for versus mode, but the feature is somewhat limited; the second player must pick the same two characters you do, but in reverse. (i.e. Ken/Cyclops = Cyclops/ken). At the main menu, Press Triangle, Triangle, Right, Circle, and L1. If entered correctly, you will be able to access a hidden option menu where you can enable the tag battle mode and adjust several other hidden options.

Play as Apocalypse (Playstation only): Highlight Akuma on the character select menu. (see above) Hold select for 5 seconds, and press R1. This only works in versus mode.