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9th Jun 2016
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Vital Statistics
Real Name

En Sabah Nur


Set, Sarau, Kali-ma, Huitzilopochtli,
Eternal One





Hair color




First appearance

Marvel Graphic Novel #17
X-Factor (1st series) #5

Known relatives

Baal (adopted father),
William Rolfson / Genocide (son),
Evan Sabahnur / Genesis II (clone),
Jack Starsmore (descendant),
Hamilton Slade (descendant),
Kabar Brashir (descendant),
Margaret Slade (descendant),
Frederick Slade (descendant),
Blink (descendant),
Chamber (descendant), Clan Akkaba (descendants)


Warlord, Celestial Gardener, former slave, bandit

Group affiliation

Alliance of Evil, Clan Akkaba, Dark Riders, Externals, Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, High Lords, Riders of the Storm, Sandstormers


•Self-evolution allows him to adapt to adversity, developing new abilities over time as his strength is tested, resulting in a variety of mutations over thousands of years, further bio-mechanical enhancement by a Celestial Deathseed and several techno-organic viruses assimilated into his system
•Possesses colossal strength, endurance, and resistance to physical harm augmented by his Celestial armor, extended lifespan, adaptive healing factor, morphing abilities allowing him to appear fully human, disguise his true form, proportionately increase in size, strength, and durability, stretch his limbs, or reshape portions of his body into simple or complex shapes such as a drill, vice, wings, energy weapons, flight thrusters, etc, capable of levitation, teleportation, and concussive energy discharges
•Unable to exert his accumulated power levels indefinitely, requiring him to spend decades at a time in rejuvenation chambers or transition into a new form, either by taking possession of a living host or mixing his blood with raw materials, using his T-O virus to re-write existing genetic codes to reincarnate Apocalypse with all his powers and memories from existing sources of living or dead tissue