Publication Date: 9th Aug 2018
Written By: Gremlin.
Image Work: Gremlin.
Alternate Versions


In the Ultimate Universe, Armor was one of the few mutants who chose not to take the cure and become depowered. Instead, she was forced to live in Utopia, a reservation given to mutants by the government. There she worked alongside other mutants to try to create a society in which mutants could be safe from the outside world. She demonstrated a much greater control over her psionic armor than her regular-universe counterpart has shown, as she was able to sculpt her armor into dragons, animals and even a giant teddy bear.

When the Ultimate Universe was destroyed, Armor was one of the few inhabitants to slip through the cracks of reality and ended up in the Prime universe. Disorientated and slightly amnesic from her ordeal, she was found by the villain Miss Sinister and brainwashed. Operating as part of Sinister’s New Marauders, she was forced to attack the X-Men against her will.

In a reality shown in Astonishing X-Men – Ghost Boxes #2, Armor was one of the very few survivors of an invasion from another dimension. The Earth had been turned into a wasteland and Armor was left looking after a crippled Wolverine and a brain-damaged Beast. Five years after the Earth was invaded, the trio made their way to Montana, as they heard that there was a way to get off-planet there. When they arrived, they discovered that it was all a trap that had been sprung years before, with the remains of hundreds of people strewn around the place. Realizing there was no hope left, Armor snapped, killing Beast and Wolverine and walking off into the sunset to face her own demise.

Once again, Armor was one of the few survivors left when the Earth was destroyed, as seen What if? Infinity – X-Men. Somehow escaping the planet before the Builders destroyed it, Armor lived on a spaceship alongside a group of other mutants. They spent their days scavenging the remains of other spacecraft in a bid to find supplies. When they came across a group of Avengers who had also survived the destruction, they were overjoyed. Their happiness was short-lived when it was discovered the Avengers were under telepathic control by a villain and Armor was forced to fight the group. Fortunately, the mental hold over the Avengers was eventually broken and they joined up with the mutants before any lives were lost.



On one world, Armor was being mind-controlled by Savior, an alternate Charles Xavier. The planet’s electromagnetic field had been destroyed by Magneto many years before and Savior was now using the powers of other mutants to keep his world alive. He kidnapped alternate reality versions of his X-Men and used them to power his machines, replacing them with yet more alternate versions when the device inevitably killed them. When he kidnapped Cyclops from the 616 universe, the Savior underestimated the man’s intelligence and the X-Man broke free. Savior used Armor as his personal tank, having her attack Cyclops and the other rebels looking to stop his schemes. When Armor’s power wasn’t enough to beat them, Savior had her entire extended family murdered in a bid to empower her memory-fueled exoskeleton. The rebels fought back and managed to get a telepathy-blocking helmet on Savior, breaking his hold of Armor. Free of Savior’s control, she remembered what he had done to her family and killed him instantly out of revenge.