Publication Date: 9th May 2019
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.

BIOGRAPHY - page 1

On Earth-1298, the Mutant X Universe, Ororo Munroe's life was very similar to the one she lived on Earth-616. She joined the second generation of X-Men and worked alongside her fellow mutant heroes as Storm. In this reality, Havok was an original X-Man instead of his believed-dead brother Scott, Wolverine never joined the group and Jean Grey (Ariel) seemingly died under circumstances unrelated to the Phoenix Force. Ororo served with the X-Men for some time and may have had a relationship with Warren Worthington III, Angel. This lasted until an encounter with the lord of the vampires, Dracula. Unlike her counterpart, Ororo did not survive this match unscathed. Storm was transformed into one of the undead under the influence of Dracula. She managed to shake off his control and helped the X-Men defeat the lord of the undead, but felt she could not remain with the group and fled. [Mutant X Annual 2000]

Storm was caged by her fellow vampires, who sought to make her feed on behalf of their lord Dracula. As her hunger grew stronger, Storm was locked up with Forge, a mutant considered a traitor to his people for making anti-mutant technology for the government. Forge was resigned to his fate as Ororo's first meal, but she refused to give in to temptation. Storm harnessed her willpower and tried to escape the vampires with Forge in tow. During her escape, however, Ororo was confronted by Kitty Pryde. Kitty had left the X-Men determined to save or kill the vampire Ororo. This life-threatening scenario pushed Storm into finally accepting her vampire nature, and she became Bloodstorm. Ororo fought off Kitty and entranced her before feeding on Kitty's blood. [Mutant X #13]

Bloodstorm removed herself from the public eye, going into seclusion with Kitty and Forge as her familiars. She sought to gain full control of her hunger, and fed on these two alone when the need for human blood struck her. In her absence, a rift developed in the X-Men when Xavier vanished and placed Magneto in charge of the school. Havok, his wife Madelyne Pryor, and the other original X-Men left in protest, forming a government-sponsored unit known as X-Factor. Warren was transformed by Apocalypse into a malevolent being known as the Fallen, his Horseman of Death.

Bloodstorm formed a new life for herself as a thief, making a partnership with Remy LeBeau, Gambit of the New Orleans Thieves' Guild. Ororo kept her vampirism a secret from Gambit, and so allowed him to keep secrets of his own, such as who was sponsoring their various jobs. In one burglary, however, they encountered the Fallen and War, Horsemen of Apocalypse. Their target turned out to be two genetically engineered children. Storm was forced to reveal her vampiric nature during the infiltration and, when Gambit was fatally wounded by the Fallen's razor-like wings, he begged her to save his life by ending it. Against her better judgment, Bloodstorm transformed the dying Gambit into a vampire like her. They escaped the Horsemen with the children, but Gambit almost immediately began to regret his decision to turn. Although he ultimately didn't blame Bloodstorm for fulfilling his request, it drove a wedge between the partners and they parted ways. [Mutant X Annual 2000]

The time came when Ororo reunited with her comrades during the Inferno event, an invasion of demons and the supernatural on Manhattan. Bloodstorm emerged from obscurity to fight alongside X-Factor against these malevolent forces. Several members of the team were changed by these events, in particular Madelyne Pryor who manifested her latent mutant powers of telekinesis and became a full member of the team as Marvel Woman. With the addition of Bloodstorm and the changes they went through, Havok, Marvel Woman, Brute (Beast), Ice-Man, and a supposedly reformed Fallen became known as the Six. They made their headquarters out of Bannerman Castle in New York. [Mutant X #1]

The Six were among Earth's greatest champions and were largely heralded as the reason human-mutant relations on Earth reached an all-time level of peace and acceptance. There was a cauldron bubbling beneath the surface, however. The Fallen had his own agenda and was only biding his time among the Six. Worse, Madelyne's powers had come with a cost, and she was secretly infested with the power of the Goblin Force. As Madelyne was slowly corrupted from within, Bloodstorm and the others were distracted when their leader Havok began claiming he wasn't THEIR Alex, but the Havok from another dimension who had replaced him. Madelyne and the Fallen then blamed the simple-minded Brute for the murders of Man-Spider and the Green Goblin, further diverting attention from their own agenda. [Mutant X #1-6]

However, the time came when the Goblin Queen struck. Madelyne tracked Bloodstorm to her private abode, taking action against Kitty and Forge. Bloodstorm drew Madelyne's attacks, allowing her familiars time to escape. Her castle was destroyed and even the arrival of Ice-Man couldn't save Ororo. She and Bob were taken by the Goblin Queen and corrupted, their willpower stolen from them by Madelyne's supernatural powers. Along with Brute and Madelyne's willing allies the Fallen and Reed Richards, they seized the presidency and began mass-producing Sentinels to hunt down mutants in the streets again. Madelyne also intended to use the Sentinels as incubators for her demon agents, animating the bio-technology with supernatural forces. [Mutant X #7-10]

Havok went on the run with Madelyne's son Scotty, meeting up with Ben Grimm's rebels and Magneto's X-Men. Bloodstorm was sent by Madelyne to retrieve her son, and she unwillingly followed her Queen's orders. Once Scotty was in custody, however, Bloodstorm and Ice-Man retained enough willpower to protect Scotty from the Fallen and the Queen's demons. Brute was fully freed of Madelyne's control thanks to Scotty's powers, and they escaped back to Havok and the X-Men. [Mutant X #11] The Goblin Queen was ultimately defeated by the latent powers possessed by Scotty Summers, allowing Bloodstorm and the others to reclaim their free will. The Fallen fled before he could be captured by his former friends, and Madelyne was believed gone. [Mutant X #12]

America degenerated after the Goblin Queen affair and the bad old days of human-mutant relations resurfaced. After a "terrorist attack" killed the X-Men with a nuclear blast in Westchester, President pro tem Graydon Creed authorized Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. to seek out mutants and powered individuals to place them in protective custody "for their own safety." Bloodstorm and the Six were forced to flee Bannerman Castle and lived on the run, trying to save their fellow mutants from Fury's hunter-killers.

They found temporary safe haven at Eagle's Rest, one of Forge's hideaways. Bloodstorm discovered Forge and Kitty were still alive, but Kitty was freed from Ororo's control. Kitty had forged the remnants of the Hellfire Club back together during the Goblin Queen affair, becoming the new Black Queen. They found other allies as well, including the replacement Captain America, a closeted mutant who refused to join S.H.I.E.L.D. and hunt mutants like his fellow Avengers. One of their allies Sunfire betrayed them, however, and the Six were forced to flee Eagle's Rest. Forge and Kitty remained with the Hellfire Club, and Bloodstorm would not see them again. [Mutant X #15]

In New Orleans, Bloodstorm and the Six came looking for mutants in need of protection. Ororo found Gambit leading the Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild as a local militia to govern the city. Gambit and Belladonna were raising a daughter named Raven, the girl Gambit and Storm had saved from the Horsemen facility years earlier. Bastion hunters from S.H.I.E.L.D. attacked the Guilds, however, murdering Belladonna. Gambit was forced to join Bloodstorm and the Six as the peace between the Guilds fell apart, in the hopes of keeping his daughter safe as well. [Mutant X #16]

The Six were surprised by the return of several old friends and foes. Jean Grey (Ariel) returned from the dead and revealed that Charles Xavier was alive as well, and a major threat to the world order. He had turned towards darkness years ago after absorbing the malignant mind of the Shadow King, and wanted to continue growing by assimilating all mutant telepaths and psionics he could get his hands on. The actions of President Creed and Nick Fury were partially the result of Xavier telepathically influencing them, sending the world's powered people into disarray while he plucked the mutants he wanted from the chaos.

Scotty Summers was among the "prizes" Xavier sought, and he attacked the Six. Gambit's adopted daughter Raven was revealed to be of Summers/Grey stock as well, created by Sinister in his alliance with Xavier. Meanwhile, Apocalypse and his Horsemen had secretly saved Magneto and the X-Men, uniting with them and the Six against Xavier and Sinister. Bloodstorm and her allies battled Xavier and he was eventually defeated, undoing some of the damage to human-mutant relations in the process. [Mutant X #19-23]

When Henry Peter Gyrich and the Vault reached out to the Six for aid, Gyrich almost strangled them with red tape while trying to get their help. An object had vanished from the Vault and Gyrich thought it imperative the box be returned intact, but refused to share who stole the box or what was concealed inside. A dread feeling rose up within Bloodstorm, and she knew... the "box" was her sire, lord of the vampires, Count Dracula. She broke off from the rest of the Six to hunt Dracula alone and ensure he did not rise again. Gambit followed after her and forced Ororo to accept his help, for he saw Bloodstorm's bloodlust and vampiric nature growing stronger the closer she got to the box. Battling the Marauders and the Outcasts, Bloodstorm nearly lost her soul and prepared to feed on the helpless, but Gambit stopped her. He blasted the box to send it flowing out of Ororo's reach in Manhattan's sewers. Ororo regained her senses, but Dracula was now free to walk the earth once more. [Mutant X #26-27]

Events escalated out of control when the Six helped Jean Grey rescue Logan and his family from the Canadian government. Canada was a militant expansionist empire in this reality, and the border between the United States and Canada was a virtual no man's land. The Avengers arrived to prevent the Six from violating international law, leading to a confrontation. The stress of this event unleashed the latent mutant powers and Super-Soldier programming of Captain America, provoking him into killing the Avengers and the Canadian super-soldiers present, which pushed the world to the brink of World War IV. As the remaining members of the Six retired back to Bannerman Castle to prepare for the threat, Dracula arrived to greet his former protégé. [Mutant X #28-31]

Things continued to spiral as Captain America was absorbed by the returning Beyonder, who in turn was revealed as a host for Madelyne and the Goblin Force. Havok was bitten by Dracula and Bloodstorm tried to lead her teammates and the X-Men in a defense against the Lord of the Vampires. Dracula's presence weakened Ororo's resolve, but she found the strength to stand up against him until Havok recovered enough to plasma blast Dracula away. [Mutant X Annual 2001]

In the final battle, Dracula and the "Beyonder" joined forces as they sought out the Nexus of All Realities, which had taken up residence inside Havok. Bloodstorm and the Six fled to Magneto's Antarctic base where they prepared with Doctor Strange to confront the Goblin Force, which was animating the Beyonder. Dracula arrived independently of the Beyonder and prepared to interrupt the "séance." Instead, Bloodstorm got the drop on her maker, plunging a stake into Dracula's back and finally killing him. Ororo was free of Dracula's influence forevermore. [Mutant X #32]

Before losing his intelligence, the Henry McCoy of Bloodstorm's reality created a serum that allowed her to operate in sunlight and quenched her thirst for blood. [Mutant X #27] It apparently was not a permanent solution, however, for when she next appeared Ororo's bloodlust was still afflicting her. Bloodstorm was summoned by the Aaron Stack of Earth-9997 as part of a team of "Heralds" from various realities, including Killraven, Deathlok, Iron Man 2020, Spider-Girl, Hyperion and an older Wolverine. Aaron and the heroes of his Earth had uncovered a plot by the Celestials and Watchers to use Earth as an incubator for a Celestial seed, manipulating all of human history as "anti-bodies" to protect the seed from outside harm, then to be cast aside when its birth cracked the world. The Heralds were gathered to spread the word about the Celestial seed to all other realities, and in exchange each Herald would receive a personal favor from Aaron.

Bloodstorm apparently originated from much further in her own timeline than she was last seen. Ororo claimed her bloodlust had consumed everyone she had ever cared for, leaving it ambiguous as to whether she meant literally. She hoped to be free of her curse. Bloodstorm and her team succeeded in ending the Watchers' plot by tricking them into revealing themselves on every Earth throughout the multiverse. Aaron Stack calculated that the curiosity and suspicion of the Reed Richards of his reality when he met the Watcher is what ultimately led to their plan being unraveled. With every Watcher revealed, humanity would now be on guard on every Earth for the Celestial seed. [Paradise X: Heralds #1-3]

To help Bloodstorm with her plight, Aaron brought the Heralds to his Earth. The Ororo Munroe of that reality had not fallen to Dracula's bite. It was theorized that a blood transfusion from such a compatible source might free Bloodstorm of her curse. Ororo introduced herself to Queen Ororo and King T'Challa at the wedding of Brian Braddock and Medusa. Queen Ororo was willing to help her alternate self, and she and T'Challa prepared to give Bloodstorm all the assistance she required. [Paradise X #1-3] Bloodstorm's fate was left unanswered, however, leaving it up in the air whether she ultimately found the peace she was looking for.