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Publication Date: 9th May 2019
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.


In another reality, Ororo Munroe became Bloodstorm much sooner in her personal timeline. As a thief on the streets of Cairo, Ororo made the mistake of trying to steal from Count Dracula. The lord of the vampires took her under his wing and would eventually transform her into a teenaged vampire. She broke free from his control and joined the X-Men, becoming part of a team that included Havok, Darwin, Maggott, Sabretooth and Mystique, although she was also familiar with Kitty Pryde and the original X-Men.

In time, however, Bloodstorm was ultimately unable to control her hunger. She attacked her fellow X-Men and killed many of them, including Beast and Professor Xavier. Out of remorse, she was drawn under the influence of the Goblin Queen, a dimensional castaway residing on Earth-616. Madelyne promised Ororo she could cure her of her curse, in exchange for her service. Bloodstorm joined the Goblin Queen's HeX-Men alongside versions of Colossus, Pixie, Nightcrawler and the local time-displaced teenage Beast of Earth-616.

The HeX-Men attacked Beast's X-Men teammates at their Madripoor mansion, securing the area as a site for Goblin Queen's rituals. Madelyne intended to reach out into the multiverse and summon a sisterhood of Madelyne Pryors from elsewhere in dimensional space. In the conflict, Bloodstorm saw how much Beast was hurting from his betrayal of the other X-Men and realized Madelyne was actually feeding off his betrayal as a power source for her magic. Recognizing that the Goblin Queen couldn't be trusted to fulfill her promises, Ororo helped Hank cast off Madelyne's influence. They betrayed her instead, causing the Goblin Queen, her minions and demons to vanish back into extra-dimensional space. Having separated herself from the Goblin Queen, Bloodstorm remained behind in this new world with Beast and his X-Men. [X-Men: Blue #10-12]

As Bloodstorm tried to fit in with her new team, she found herself attracted to Cyclops of all people. The feelings were mutual, but also awkward since Scott and Jean had recently developed a psychic link that made them fully aware of the other's thoughts. All the time. Jean's own attraction to Jimmy Hudson (Wolverine's son from the Ultimate universe) and Beast's continued pining for Jean kept bending the love triangle into even move unexpected shapes. Bloodstorm also had the opportunity to meet the local version of Storm during a team up with the other X-Men against Mojo and his forces. [X-Men: Blue #13-20]

When Cyclops and the original five flew off into space to rescue Corsair and the Starjammers, Bloodstorm and Jimmy Hudson were on a reconnaissance mission for Magneto and were left behind. With the X-Men's mentor figure Polaris, they were forced to assemble a new team of X-Men when Miss Sinister and her allies unleashed the Mothervine virus on the world, mutating people against their will with an artificial X-gene that could be controlled remotely. Bloodstorm joined Daken, Xorn, Gazing Nightshade and other recruits against Mothervine. Bloodstorm used her hypnosis to force the location of Miss Sinister's laboratory out of one of the Mothervine mutants, and these ad hoc X-Men managed to stop the crisis. [X-Men: Blue #23-28]

Despite the attraction between Bloodstorm and Cyclops, Scott and Jean seemed to be drifting together regardless, leaving Ororo uncertain where she fit in. Furthermore, the original five X-Men had begun to reconcile the idea that they inevitably had to return to their own time in order to preserve the timeline. [X-Men: Blue #36] After her team rescued a pair of mutants named Manon and Maxime and brought them to the Xavier Institute, Scott asked Ororo out for Thai food. After teasing him that there was nothing there for her to eat as a vampire, Ororo let Scott have his say about how he was worried they shouldn't begin a relationship if he had to return home soon. Ororo countered that they had found each other, regardless of timelines and dimensions, and should take advantage of their feelings when they had a chance, no matter what the future might bring.

Their talk was interrupted by an attack from Ahab, Hound master of the future, and his brainwashed mutant Hounds. Ahab targeted Cyclops, and Scott instructed Bloodstorm to make sure the civilians got to safety while he distracted the cyborg killer. Ororo tried to protect Scott anyway, getting between him and the Hounds. While they focused on the Hounds, though, the Hound master got behind Bloodstorm and stabbed her through the heart with his harpoon, coated with silver just for dealing with vampire mutants like her. Death was nearly instantaneous and Bloodstorm died in Cyclops's arms, their feelings forever unrequited. [Extermination #1]