Publication Date: 28th Feb 2017
Written By: Monolith and Gremlin.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.
Alternate Versions


Like with many other mutants, Caliban’s counterpart from the Age of Apocalypse was a very different person. He possessed an educated and well-spoken manner, along with an ego that belied his small stature. Nothing of the good-natured Caliban remained in this reality, as Caliban was both haughty and disdainful of those around him. This Caliban apparently never underwent any genetic transformation at Apocalypse's hands, but his mutant-detecting power made him an excellent hunter in the Eternal One's employ. He joined Domino and Grizzly in tracking down a powerful new telepathic mutant detected by the Shadow King. Their search led them to the nomadic Forge and his adoptive son, Nate. The hunters and Forge's theatre troupe fought fiercely, with casualties mounting on both sides. Caliban died while engaging Toad in lethal swordplay.

In the altered reality of the House of M, Caliban was a member of the Marauders, a team of bounty hunters. Led by Callisto, the Marauders tried to hunt down Nocturne, as genetic scans revealed her to be related to Magneto. When Nocturne hid inside of the body of Rachel Grey by possessing her, Caliban’s senses could no longer pinpoint her location, though he still knew she had to be close by. Apparently this version of Caliban never was augmented by Apocalypse, as his physique was a regular build. The purpose of numerous bone fragments or crystalline shards sticking out of his chest and back was never revealed. Despite his sharp claws, Caliban did not engage in physical combat like the rest of the Marauders. Probably his tracking skills were considered too valuable to risk him getting hurt.

Like his mainstream counterpart, the Caliban of the Ultimate universe was a prominent member of the tunnel-dwelling Morlocks. Though they appeared quite similar, this incarnation of Caliban was much more aggressive, picking fights with the various X-Men he encountered and showing a fiercely territorial streak. After the Morlocks were soundly defeated by the X-Men, Caliban became more reasonable. He helped save Jean

Grey from Callisto's deadly tentacles and was the first to suggest that the Morlocks might need to try a new approach to life and seek a new leader. This Caliban was a metamorph with the ability to assume a monstrous and super-strong form. This more physical mutation may be one reason for his more aggressive personality. It is unclear whether he also possessed mutant-detecting abilities like most other versions of Caliban.

In the Battleworld domain of K'un Lun there were thirteen clans that vied for rule of the land. Each of the  clans represented a different school of fighting style and only the best from each school was allowed to compete in a tournament that would ultimately decide who ruled the land. Unfortunately for the Caliban of this world his simple-mindedness meant that no clan wanted to accept him into their ranks and he was forced to live as an outcast. Joining other outcasts in the sewers he found his own clan, albiet unofficial one. When Shang Chi, the exiled son of the current ruler, reappeared the leader of the outcasts saw the opportunity to lift the group out of the isolation. Despite his naive nature, Caliban was able to demonstrate an amazing ability to remember all the facts he had ever learned in his life. He, along with the other outcasts, taught Shang Chi a unique way to approach fighting. Shang Chi ended up winning the grand tournament thanks to the lessons he had been taught and he became ruler of K'un Lun. Caliban and the other outcasts were finally accepted for who they were and they stood alongside Shang Chi in his rule.