Publication Date: 27th Jun 2024
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
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In X-Factor Forever, Apocalypse recovered the still-living skull of Cameron Hodge from Genosha, shortly after the X-Tinction Agenda. In an effort to distract X-Factor from his machinations to come, Apocalypse merged Hodge with the remains of the Master Mold Sentinel that once fought Cyclops. This new “Master Meld” assaulted X-Factor in New York as a mad symbiosis of the two beings. When the Master Mold’s head was severed, Hodge assumed full control and reformatted the body into a version of his scorpion cyborg form. Still, he was unable to overcome his foes.

On Battleworld, a similar resurrection occurred in the domain known as X-Topia. This timeline had Havok, Wolfsbane and Rictor remain on Genosha indefinitely to help the country rebuild. However, an Extinction Plague ravaged the Mutates, leading to a quarantine of the island. The new Genegineer Aldus Kluge claimed the healing powers of the X-Man known as Triage could likely cure the plague, but Rachel Grey of the X-Men refused to risk breaking the quarantine. Havok and the Press Gang forced the issued and kidnapped Triage for his help. However, the Genegineer was actually responsible for the Extinction Plague, and his real goal was to use Triage’s powers to bring back Cameron Hodge. An infusion of life-energy combined with remnants of Warlock’s Techno-Organic virus, restored Hodge. A number of mutants were killed by Hodge and his mixture of bio-mechanical and adamantium cybernetics until Havok and Bombshell sacrificed themselves to end his threat once more.

Cameron Hodge was a human terrorist in the House of M. He rallied a group of suicide bombers to attack an assembly at the New Mutant Leadership Institute. Hodge’s people were stopped by the Hellions, an elite group of S.H.I.E.L.D. trainees, and he was taken prisoner rather than being allowed to carry out his threats. Later, Hodge was tortured for information by S.H.I.E.L.D. interrogators Wither and Elixir, until Noriko “Surge” Ashida intervened. Surge was trying to help her human father and Hodge’s associate, Kenji Ashida. In exchange for information on her father, Cameron demanded Surge kill him so he couldn’t be forced to reveal anything else to S.H.I.E.L.D.

In What If..? (2nd series) #65, Archangel went mad instead of regaining his senses after becoming a Horseman of Apocalypse. As the Angel of Death, he went on a killing spree of those unworthy under Apocalypse’s doctrine. When he chased down Cameron Hodge in this reality, Warren’s viciousness was impressive enough for Nastir’h to withhold his favor from Cameron. Instead, Angel killed Hodge and saved Candy Southern’s life. Nastir’h then tried to make a deal with Warren instead, but this finally shocked his conscience enough that the Angel of Death fought the demon back into Limbo, preventing the events of Inferno and dying as an Angel of Life.