CEREBRA (2099)

Publication Date: 10th Aug 2023
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Dean Clayton and WorldWideWade.
Alternate Versions


In Timestorm, Shakti Haddad was a mutant undergoing experimentation at a Synthia research facility in New York. Her mutation operated differently, as she demonstrated telepathic, precognitive, and psychometric abilities. She also had enormous exterior brain matter, growing like hair from her scalp. Shakti met Peter Parker after he was snatched into the future thanks to Tyler Stone and Alchemax. The two of them then escaped and made contact with the newly-powered Miguel O'Hara as Spider-Man 2099. After meeting the Wolverine of the past and the Ghost Rider of the future, Shakti learned Alchemax was deliberately manipulating the timestream to their advantage with a Chronosphere, but Stone's A.I. Lyla was destabilizing the timestream even further without his knowledge. The original 2099 future was apparently lost as a consequence of their machinations, with the timeline held together only thanks to Doom. With Doom's passing, he charged Shakti with carrying on his role of keeping the timestream from ripping apart. Shakti accepted the responsibility, stepping between the ages to act as an anchor, holding the future together in the wake of the timestorms.

In the Cross-Time Caper, the world of 2099 was altered when the evil Brotherhood impersonated the missing original X-Men back in their early days, creating a new future. These self-serving X-Men eventually took over AlchemaX and ushered in a new era of fascist rule to the year 2099. Cerebra and the X-Men 2099 met the real Original Five X-Men, adrift in the timestream by the Brotherhood's actions. Cerebra's stealth cyber gear detected the tachyons surrounding the younger X-Men and read Beast's time drive, proving their story. She gave Hank McCoy access to her cyber gear, and he later used it to recruit her X-Men to travel back and fight the Brotherhood alongside them, restoring the original timeline.

In another divergent 2099, the Anti-Powers Act hit corporate America, making it illegal to operate publicly as a costumed or superhuman being. Several X-Men chose to accept legitimacy underĀ 

the law by registering, but Cerebra chose to defend the rights of superhumans and fight against it. Her resistance included members like Ravage, the Defenders, Black Widow, Moon Knight, Daredevil, and Hawkeye of 2099, and the immortal Hercules. They met with Spider-Man and Captain America 2099, originally from a different 2099 by way of the present. It was discovered that the top enforcers of the Anti-Powers Act, the Power Pack, were actually Skrulls in disguise.