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7th Mar 2024
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Real name

Frank Bohannon, Louis Hamilton, Martin Fletcher


Cyborg X, Commando (Bohannon)


6’ 1” (Commando), 5’ 8” (Sabre)


235 lbs. (Commando), 145 lbs. (Sabre)


White (Commando, Sabre), Black (Stonewall)

First appearance

Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #215

Known relatives

Unnamed son (Super Sabre)


Government operatives, former soldiers, vigilantes

Group affiliation

Freedom Force (all), Project: Wideawake, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Commando only)


• (Super Sabre) Supersonic speed enables him to run at the speed of sound, superhuman endurance, reaction time, and perceptual acuity, applied super-speed allows him to deliver a “Mach One Punch” of pressurized air or induce vertigo and unconsciousness with compressed air snaps near the ear
• (Stonewall) Hyper-dense cellular structure provides him with superhuman strength, endurance, and resistance to all manner of physical injury, able to reorient his center of gravity to absorb force without budging so that he cannot be knocked down
• (Crimson Commando) Peak human constitution with enhanced strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, keen senses, innate tracking abilities and hand-eye coordination, plus the talent for “freeing his mind”, a mental discipline which allows him to fight instinctively and without conscious thought, avoiding detection by telepaths and being unaffected by illusion
• Cyborg X enhancements further increased his strength and reaction time, provided mechanical limbs able to extend in length or reconfigure into new features like energy beam weapons, projectile launchers, cabled tentacles, or rocket boots
• Second set of cybernetics provided stable-state bionic limbs with superhuman strength, boot thrusters for enhanced leaps or limited flight, magnetic grip for scaling walls, integrated motion/proximity sensors, infrared sight, and rapid-fire plasma cannon in place of right arm