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31st Jan 2022
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Real name



Daken Akihiro,
Wolverine II, Akki


5’ 9”


167 lbs.

First appearance

Wolverine: Origins #4
(in shadow),
Wolverine: Origins
#10 (full)

Known relatives

James Howlett / Logan (Wolverine,
father), Itsu (mother, deceased)
Akihira & Natsumi (adopted mother &
father, both deceased), Mongrels
(half-brothers & sisters, deceased)
Laura Kinney (“sister”), Gabby
Kinney (“sister”), Jimmy Hudson
(alternate reality brother)


assassin, mercenary

Group affiliation

X-Factor Investigations, X-Men,
Dark Avengers, Dark X-Men, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants V, Four Horsemen of Death, agent of Romulus, Soteira


• Accelerated cellular regeneration augments his natural strength, speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes, expands his perceptions to give him animal-like senses, and grants him an accelerated healing factor that can stave off poisons and disease, suppress the aging process and repair damaged cells and tissue within minutes, three retractable bone claws extend from the back of his hand and the underside of his wrist
• Pheromone emissions can influence the mood and behavior of others, creating specific emotions like calm, panic, anger, lust, etc., or distort sensory perceptions to mask his scent and prevent opponents from accurately perceiving his location and movements, making him difficult to strike or avoid
• Formerly had one claw on each hand bonded to the Muramasa psycho-metal, making them strong enough to cut through Adamantium and inhibit healing factors when they strike
• Formerly used a Richards-tech glove that generated an energy claw able to cut through virtually anything and produce a stunning effect to harmlessly incapacitate opponents
• Formerly empowered by Celestial Deathseed, strengthening his body overall and charging his claws with psychic energetic poisons