Publication Date: 10th Oct 2019
Written By: Gremlin.
Image Work: Gremlin.
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When Legion warped reality and created the Age of X, Kavita was one of the many on Utopia who had their history re-written. Kavita worked for Dr. Palance but objected to his extreme plan of adding a cure for the X-gene into the water supply. She was secretly helping the mutant cause, though, slipping information out to them and helping them keep one step ahead of the authorities. Her cover was blown when Wolverine broke into her lab looking to destroy the mutant cure. With the only viable samples of cure in existence, Kavita only saw one way to destroy them so that nobody else could ever replicate it. She asked Wolverine to inject it all inside him so his healing factor could metabolize it, whilst also having the added effect of removing his powers at the same time. Dr. Palance attacked them as they were destroying the cure, forcing Kavita to kill him before he could do the same to them. As a mutant sympathizer, Kavita had no option but to follow Wolverine to Fortress X and set up home with the mutants there.