Publication Date: 2nd Aug 2021
Written By: Gremlin.
Image Work: Gremlin.
Alternate Versions


In the main universe, Dust died after suffering from cellular degradation when she was attacked by Magma. Ink brought her back to life using a Phoenix Force tattoo, but the dire consequences of this action were explored in a dark future in Young X-Men #11-12. Having been brought back to life, Dust felt that her soul had become corrupted, and she slowly turned against the X-Men and the whole of mutantkind. With the X-gene having been wiped out by the Scarlet Witch, the number of mutants on Earth dwindled until there were only six. Blaming them for everything that had happened to her, Sooraya hunted the remaining X-Men down and killed them one by one until Ink was the last survivor. She apologized to him, acknowledging that his heart was in the right place when he resurrected her, but she killed him nonetheless, leaving herself as the last mutant on Earth. This version of Sooraya had abandoned her religion long ago, and took to dressing in a provocative manner. Her powers also seemed to have evolved, seeming to gain a thermal explosive quality to them.

In a future that depicted the End of the X-Men, Dust was a teacher at the Xavier Institute. When the X-Men’s enemies banded together to attack the team, Dust found Madelyne Pryor sneaking around the school. Believing it was Jean Grey, she was caught off guard when the woman attacked. Madelyne managed to kill Dust and use her abaya and niqāb to conceal her identity to the rest of the team. Madelyne’s ruse was eventually discovered and Dust was mourned alongside the rest of her fallen teammates.



The version of Dust that was seen in the House of M reality was a stark contrast to her main universe counterpart. When Sooraya arrived in the US she turned her back on her Islamic teachings, becoming a stereotypical “valley girl,” concerned more with shopping and how she looked. She was best friends with Jubilee, a fellow mallrat, and the two were inseparable. Sooraya was enrolled at the New Mutants Leadership Institute, that put the younger generation on the path to success.

When the school was attacked by human terrorists, the New Mutants teamed up with another group called the Hellions to apprehend them. Travelling to Japan, Sooraya and the group infiltrated the terrorist base and discovered it was run by Donald Pierce. The team was betrayed by one of their own, Wallflower, who used her pheromone powers to turn everyone against each other. Under Wallflower’s influence, Sooraya attacked Jubilee, blaming her for becoming a valley girl and the fact she didn’t practice her faith anymore. Wallflower was soon killed, allowing Sooraya to come to her senses and apologize to Jubilee.

On the Battleworld domain of Mutopia, Dust was part of Magneto’s Atom Institute and one of his new X-Men. To the world, as well as his students, Magneto was carrying on Xavier’s legacy since his death, however it was all a trick. Magneto had obtained a Phoenix Force egg that he believed he could control when it hatched. Dust remained a loyal follower of Magneto until she discovered the truth. When an army of alternate reality versions of Beast attacked, looking to claim the Phoenix Egg for themselves, Dust teamed up with Cyclops’ team to stop them. Just as they got a handle on the situation, the egg hatched and dark Phoenix burst out. In the form of Jean Grey, and corrupted by Cassandra Nova, the Phoenix used its powers to take control of Dust and her fellow X-Men, forcing them to attack the others. Dust managed to kill Emma Frost before the Phoenix was destroyed once more, freeing everyone from its control.

In the pocket reality of the Age of X, Sooraya travelled to America and met up with Magneto as he gathered followers to oppose the anti-mutant laws. Joining him when he formed Fortress X, she became part of the Moonstar Cadre, an elite team that fought to protect the fortress. When Legacy, the reality’s version of Rogue, began to suspect something was amiss with their world, she became an enemy to the rest of the population. The Moonstar Cadre was deployed and Dust was able to track and corner Legacy using her powers. She would have succeeded in capturing the young woman had it not been for Gambit, blowing up Dust’s form long enough for Legacy to escape.