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12th May 2016
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Real Name

Lilli Stephens











First appearance

Alpha Flight
(2nd series) #2

Known Relatives

grandfather (deceased)

Group Affiliation

formerly Hull House,
Alpha Flight, Beta Flight IV,
Beta Flight V


Generate molecular repulsion fields
that "phase" her body so that it passes
unimpeded through solid matter, able to
phase larger structures while in contact with
them, making them insubstantial as well


Lilli Stephens was raised by her grandfather on his cattle ranch until his death, after which Lilli was sent to the orphanage in Orloo known as Hull House, a mysterious facility with ties to Department H and home to the “Legacy Program.” Growing up in Hull House, Lilli developed a strong friendship with another girl called Claire. Lilli's life was turned upside down once again when her mutant power of intangibility manifested itself. The orphanage's headmistress, the stern Beatrice de le Salle, contacted Department H's Coordinator Proctor, who decided that it was time for Lilli to be transferred to Department H. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #4, #2]

A farewell party for Lilli was thrown at Hull House, under the guise of Lilli being adopted by “the Smiths.” Lilli was able to say goodbye to Claire and told her she would try to convince her new parents that she needed a sister. As Miss de le Salle walked Lilli to the limousine awaiting her, she told the young woman that if things didn't work out she could always come back to the orphanage, but that she wouldn't want that to happen because it would have meant she had failed. Much to Lilli's surprise, inside the limousine was Coordinator Proctor, who informed Lilli that she had been adopted by her country, and that she and her abilities will become part of Alpha Flight.

Lilli accepted her pre-determined fate and everything that happened to her upon her arrival – various tests, supplements she was forced to take, as well as having a tattoo branded on her lower back. However, when Lilli asked if she could call her friend back at Hull House, Coordinator Proctor informed her that Hull House was her past and that she needed to settle in to her future. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #4]

Lilli's initial time at Department H was unpleasant, occurring during General Clarke's reign of terror. She was kept away from the members of Alpha Flight, who were not even aware of her. However, when former Alpha Flight member Diamond Lil arrived at Department H in search of her missing husband, Lilli used this opportunity to approach Diamond Lil and tell her that she didn't want to be at Department H, but was told she can't go back to the orphanage. However, before Diamond Lil could be of much assistance, Lilli was ushered away by Epsilon guards and Diamond Lil was taken in the other direction, despite finding something familiar about Lilli. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #5]

Lilli's next encounter with an Alphan also happened by accident. When she was roaming the corridors, she literally bumped into Puck. Scared, she assured him she would return to her room, but Puck was interested in talking to her. She revealed to him that she was supposed to join Alpha Flight, but the only thing that has happened to her so far was training and tests. When they parted, Puck promised he would find out what was supposed to be happening to her. However, Puck didn't get the chance as he and Alpha Flight were sent on a mission. Lilli became increasingly disturbed at Department H and wanted simply to go back to Hull House. The Epsilon guards had trouble with her as she became intangible and wouldn't let them touch her. General Clarke was soon called to the disturbance and assured Lilli that she could return back to Hull House. Lilli calmed down and was given an injection that was supposed to remove the branding that she received upon her arrival. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #8-9]

The situation for Lilli only got worse though, as she was locked away in the new Beta Flight wing within Department H. This Beta Flight wing was where potential Alpha Flight recruits were tested for usefulness, and former Alpha Flight heroes, like Diamond Lil, were experimented on. Lilli was being kept in a stasis tank when Diamond Lil woke from an experiment and saw the familiar girl once again. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #11]

Fortunately for Lilli, the horrific experiences she had been put through soon came to an end with the death of General Clarke and a restructuring at Department H. Mister Gentry took over as Department H's administrator and, upon meeting Lilli and the other Beta Flight recruits, Flinch and Ouija, Gentry released them from the constant security detail they were under. Afterward, Lilli was sent to live in the Alpha Flight wing, where she eventually met another member of Alpha Flight, Murmur, who was recovering from injuries she'd sustained. Soon thereafter, Lilli was given a pink and white costume and adopted the code-name Ghost Girl. It was apparent that Lilli was starting to get quite excited about the recent positive changes within Department H. Lilli soon met her third member of Alpha Flight, another incident of bumping into them in a corridor. This time it was Flex, one of Alpha Flight's most recent recruits who was similar in age to Lilli. It was love at first sight. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #14, #16-17]

Lilli began to spend time with the Alpha Flight members who were close to her age – Radius, Murmur and, of course, Flex. The obvious attraction between the two remained evident and Lilli showed concern for him when he and Radius, his brother, were dealing with personal issues. However, when secrets within Department H began to threaten Alpha Flight, Lilli was drawn into a deadly battle between the current Alpha Flight, the surviving original team and the latest Weapon X. Even still, the mission enabled Lilli and Flex to spend time together.

During the life-and-death assignment, Ghost Girl was partnered with Flex and Puck to get inside the mysterious building known as the Hellpounder. With time limited and access near impossible, Ghost Girl was able to demonstrate her mutant power under pressure, phasing the hull of the Hellpounder, enabling Puck and a somewhat embarrassed Flex to pass through her. Both Alpha Flight teams, with the assistance of Ghost Girl, were able to save Canada from Weapon X. Lilli seemed to enjoy herself in aiding Canada's premiere super heroes. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #18-20]

In the aftermath, Alpha Flight was once again re-organized. With the return of the original members, the newer recruits were relegated to a secondary Beta Flight team, in which Ghost Girl was included. [Wolverine (2nd series) #142]

However, since then, the new Beta Flight team has not been seen as part of any subsequent Alpha Flight / Department H restructuring. Following the death of Diamond Lil, it appears we may never know their connection, if any. Despite her seeming eagerness to be a part of Alpha Flight, it is unknown why Ghost Girl has not been seen with Canada's premiere super heroes recently. Perhaps she and Flex decided to act upon their feelings for each other and opted for a quiet life, attending university. Still, given Ghost Girl's apparent enjoyment of heroics, it may only be time before she is called upon to assist Canada's Alpha Flight once again.