Publication Date: 29th Feb 2024
Written By: Daytripper.
Image Work: Blanchett.
Alternate Versions


During the House of M, a warped reality where Magneto won the war against humankind, Julian was known as Scion and, alongside Wind Dancer and Surge, was a member of Dani Moonstar's Junior S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents: Hellions team. Julian acted as field leader for this team and successfully led the team in stopping Cameron Hodge of the Human Liberation Front and his suicide bombers from attacking the New Mutants Leadership Institute. The Junior S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents were not particularly liked by those students of the New Mutants Leadership Institute. In this reality, Scion and Wind Dancer were also in a relationship. Scion's team are tasked with investigating the Human Liberation Front, and their quest took them to Japan, where they discovered Project Genesis, which transformed baseline humans into mutates in an attempt to force evolution. After meeting with Emperor Sunfire, the team realized that he lied to them about Project Genesis being about repurposing food waste. The combined effort of the Hellions team and the New Mutants team took down the Project Genesis facility, although not without the deaths of several members. Scion didn’t take lightly to one of the deaths and telekinetically snapped the neck of the Human Liberation Front terrorist responsible. The combined effort of the two teams destroyed the Project Genesis facility and research, and the young mutants then set their sights on taking down Emperor Sunfire. After confirming their feelings for each other, Scion and Wind Dancer confronted Emperor Sunfire, apparently perishing in battle so that others could escape and reveal the secrets of Project Genesis.

When X-Man created a utopian pocket dimension known as the Age of X-Man, a number of mutants from the true Earth-616 found themselves transported to this dimension. Julian, along with dozens of other mutants, were specifically “re-created” for this dimension. Here, Julian was an actor who worked for Mastermind Studios, a rival film production company to Studio X, a high-profile production studio where Nightcrawler and Meggan were popular film stars. Julian attended a meeting to discuss the two studios collaborating, only the meeting did not go well. Later, when Nightcrawler, Meggan and the others of Studio X were on tour, Julian and the others of Mastermind Studios encountered them and a fight broke out between the two studios. Later, this pocket dimension was destroyed, and the versions of mutants created specifically for this dimension apparently ceased to exist, including Hellion.