Publication Date: 7th Sep 2021
Written By: sixhoursoflucy and WorldWideWade.
Alternate Versions


In the reality depicted in What if (2nd series) #92, Joshua happened upon a damaged Sentinel at a time when he hadn’t manifested his own mutant powers yet and was still holding a grudge towards Sam and Paige for leaving the farm. Determined to prove that he was special too, Joshua tried to make good use of the robot that was following his every command. However, the Sentinel often obeyed his orders too literally, doing more harm than good. Even worse, by the time Sam and Paige dropped by for a visit, the Sentinel reactivated his core programming to terminate mutants. With his siblings nearly dying, Joshua came to his senses and used his connection with the robot to save Sam and Paige. Afterwards, he decided to take full responsibility for his actions, a move his brother fully supported.

The mutant siblings of the Age of Apocalypse were found by Sinister at an early age. He brought forth their powers in quite aggressive ways. Jay’s wings seemed to be made of thin, sharp metal rather than red feathers. The Guthries were among Sinister's most loyal enforcers. Only Paige rebelled against Sinister, joining the X-Men’s training team, Generation X. When she was left behind during a battle, she felt betrayed and swore revenge on her erstwhile teammates. Aided by Icarus, Cannonball and their sister, Amazon, she masterminded an assault on the X-Men. Her plan failed spectacularly and they all ended up getting killed as a result.