Publication Date: 25th Mar 2022
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.
Issue Checklist
[title] - Secret Warriors #4
Secret Warriors (1st series) #4

First appearance

[title] - Secret Warriors (1st series) #5
Secret Warriors (1st series) #5-6

First battle against Hydra with the Warriors

[title] - Secret Warriors (1st series) #20
Secret Warriors (1st series) #20

Struck down at Gehenna and falls into a coma

[title] - Secret Warriors (1st series) #28
Secret Warriors (1st series) #28

Recovers and reunites with Daisy’s new S.H.I.E.L.D.

[title] - Avengers (5th series) #1
Avengers (5th series) #1

Recruited for the Avengers

[title] - Avengers (5th series) #2
Avengers (5th series) #2

Identified as Manifold

[title] - Avengers (5th series) #10
Avengers (5th series) #10

Infiltrated the Regina site to find Validator

[title] - Avengers (5th series) #14
Avengers (5th series) #14-17

Witnessed the Builders fleet with Captain Universe

[title] - Infinity #1
Infinity event

Fought in the Builders space war, access to powers weakened by the collapse of multiversal space

[title] - Avengers World #5
Avengers World #5

Vision quest to regain his powers

[title] - X-Men Legacy (2nd series) #23
X-Men: Legacy (2nd series) #23

First identified as a mutant

[title] - noimage
Avengers (5th series) #35

Working with Sunspot’s A.I.M. and new Avengers

[title] - noimage
New Avengers (3rd series) #30

Learns the cosmic nature of Manifolds

[title] - Secret Wars #1
Secret Wars #1

Sacrifices his life saving as many people as possible in the final incursion

[title] - noimage
Black Panther & The Crew #5

Joined the Crew in Harlem

[title] - noimage
Black Panther (6th series) #5

Battles Hydra in Wakanda

[title] - noimage
Black Panther (6th series) #8

Helps T’Challa return Shuri’s soul to her body

[title] - noimage
Shuri #1

Leaves Earth through wormhole with T’Challa

[title] - noimage
Black Panther (7th series) #3

Brainwashed into serving the Empire of Wakanda

[title] - noimage
Black Panther (7th series) #10

Mind freed by Bast

[title] - SWORD (2nd series) #1
S.W.O.R.D. (2nd series) #1

Becomes Quintician and head of S.W.O.R.D. Logistics Division