Publication Date: 5th Jul 2024
Written By: Daytripper.
Alternate Versions


In Earth-9418, the Master's vision of a Perfect World eventually came to pass. It began with Robert Hagon's Super-Powers Act becoming law. Joshua Lord's Hardliners came out in full-force, ready to apprehend any and all unregistered superhumans. Alpha Flight tried to stay ahead of the Hardliners, taking a soft approach at restraining unregistered superhumans, until they simply realized they were doing Joshua Lord's work for him. Trouble worsened when Hagon was elected Prime Minister, and a powerful psi-web was constructed around Canada, which altered the perception of anyone entering or leaving the nation to believe life was normal, that things were business as usual. However, that business, thanks to Joshua Lord, had become the slaughter of baseline humans and forced gene-engineering, transforming “deserving” humans into super-powered mutates. Alpha Flight's charter was revoked and several long-serving members like Aurora, Sasquatch and Puck were killed. As was Prime Minister Hagon. Guardian (Heather) rallied the surviving members of Alpha Flight – Northstar, Talisman, Diamond Lil, Wildheart and Feedback, and they launched an assault on the psi-web which kept the rest of the world from knowing the truth. Guardian knew that she had failed Canada but helped to expose Lord's machinations to the rest of the world. Joshua Lord, however, was a step ahead of Alpha Flight, who were met with resistance in the form of an army of Hardliners – and a mysterious apparition working with Lord. Eventually, this mysterious “nothing” killed every last member of Alpha Flight. The dream was truly over. Joshua Lord had won.

[This reality was presented as a dream of Heather Hudson's which the Dreamqueen manipulated Heather into dreaming to assist her in defeating the Master of the World in Heather's reality. The mysterious apparition was later revealed to be the resurrected James Hudson.]