Publication Date: 26th Jan 2023
Written By: Gremlin.
Image Work: Gremlin.
Alternate Versions


According to Mojo himself, he is unique amongst the multiverse, and whilst that claim may seem outlandish there is a distinct lack of alternate versions. A few have appeared in very minor roles in some What If..? stories but, given Mojo’s ability to travel time and space, they could very well be the original one.

One alternate take on Mojo is seen in the Ultimate universe, however this one went by Mojo Adams and was a human. Much like his main counterpart, he ran a TV company and was responsible for creating a show where humans hunted mutants for sport. Working off an island near Genosha, Mojo was given mutant criminals to use as the prey in his deadly games. When a young mutant called Longshot was taken, the X-Men became involved and looked into Mojo’s TV show. The X-Men put a stop to Mojo’s schemes, and so he later kidnapped them, looking to execute them on live TV. He was stopped once more by Spider-Man and another team of X-Men.

One hundred years in Mojoverse’s future, Mojo was still a warmongering tyrant, and the slave rebellion still continued. Not many details from this time are known, except for the fact that Mojo was believed to have finally been killed for good by Shatterstar.