Publication Date: 26th Jan 2023
Written By: Gremlin.
Image Work: Gremlin.


On a strange planet, in a dimension that exists outside of regular time and space, there lives a race of humanoid creatures called the Spineless Ones. As their name suggests, they have evolved without a spine, which impeded their ability to walk. However, a scientist named Arize was about to change all that. Creating solid frames for the Spineless Ones to walk around in, Arize allowed the society to leap forward in ways it couldn’t have done before. A faction of Spineless Ones opposed the artificial spines, and instead chose to move around on machines with spider-leg mechanisms. Amongst this faction was Mojo, a ruthless, psychotic and narcissistic being who craved power and dominance above all else. For as long as he could remember, the planet had been inundated with inter-dimensional transmissions which the Spineless Ones could mentally receive. In reality, they were TV broadcasts coming from Earth, but to Mojo they showed nightmarish demons, and it was these transmissions that drove the Spineless Ones insane.

The planet’s ruling structure was based on which TV network had the most viewers, and so Mojo became head of his own network and, over time, rose to become the ruler of the world. Not one for subtlety, Mojo decided to name the planet Mojoworld, and the dimension Mojoverse, in his honor. As the society of Mojoworld grew and grew, Mojo had need for more labor but the rest of the population were becoming lazy, content with just watching TV all day. So, he had Arize create a race of slaves to do all the manual labor around Mojoworld, as well as star in his many TV productions. Arize created a race of slave beings but taunted Mojo by making them look like the demons the Spineless Ones saw in their nightmares.

Mojo was displeased at Arize’s audacity, but that was nothing compared to when he found out that the scientist had genetically engineered the slaves to rebel against Mojo. Led by Longshot, a slave stuntman from Mojo’s film studios, the slaves revolted against Mojo’s tyranny but the Spineless One were too much for the rebels. Longshot was captured and his mind was wiped so that he was a blank slate once more. Nevertheless, he somehow managed to escape Mojo’s clutches and make it to Earth, and so Mojo dispatched a group of bounty hunters to kill him. [X-Factor (1st series) #259, Longshot (1st series) #6]

The bounty hunters failed in their mission, as Longshot had befriended several people on Earth, some with amazing superpowers, such as Dr. Strange. When the hunters returned to Mojo, he was furious with their failure and so he had Spiral, a time-travelling sorceress under his command, teleport him to Earth to see what all the fuss was about. They located Ricochet Rita, a woman who had befriended Longshot, and tortured her for information about Longshot’s whereabouts. When she refused to say anything, Mojo took her to the place between dimensions and strapped her to the front of an enormous sailing ship. He then set sail, exposing Rita to the horrors that every universe had to offer, in the hopes that she would break and tell him everything she knew about Longshot. When she went into a catatonic state, Mojo and Spiral returned to Earth to find Longshot themselves.

As Mojo travelled around, he was disgusted by the humans but also captivated by them at the same time. Realizing that he was on an entire planet that would obviously worship him if they knew about him, he set out to create a tower which would allow him to reach the masses. Finding a local church, Mojo brainwashed the congregation so that they could build it bigger and more to his decadent taste. Imbuing the church with his magics, he intended for it to reach the sky so that he could use it as broadcast tower, allowing him to reach across the globe.

In the meantime, Longshot had discovered the comatose body of Rita and tracked Mojo down, intending to put an end to his diabolical rule. Mojo was weakened by the amount of magic he was using to build his tower, and Longshot could have killed him had he not had a last second change of heart. Mojo had Spiral quickly teleport them back to the tower where he was stronger once more. In the verge of greatness, Mojo’s ego started getting the better of him as he began rambling about having the Sun brought down to Earth so it could only shine on him. Too busy with his delusions, he was caught off-guard when Longshot found him again, having brought back-up from Rita and Dr. Strange. Mojo was still a force to be reckoned with, but his unstable mind proved to be his downfall as he was constantly being goaded by Longshot. As the former slave drew Mojo’s attention, Dr. Strange slyly opened a portal up behind him, allowing Longshot to kick him through it. As he fell through, Mojo demanded Spiral follow him, to which she reluctantly did so. She was quickly followed by Longshot and Rita who were still determined to put an end to Mojo. [Longshot (1st series) #3-6]

Despite having his plans foiled on Earth, Mojo proved to be more resourceful in his own dimension and he easily overpowered Longshot when they exited the portal. Whilst Rita was seemingly lost in the timestream, Longshot was forced to become one of Mojo's actors once again. After mulling it over, Mojo decided to produce a war film next, and to make things as real as possible he demanded that any of the actors should be killed to make it more realistic. Secretly working against Mojo, Spiral plucked Wolverine, Shadowcat and Lockheed from Earth to co-star with Longshot. Even though they were midwiped, the X-Men's true natures shone through and they disrupted Mojo's production. As Mojo's films were broadcast live, Spiral sent the X-Men home and made it clear to the audience that Mojo had competition against Spiral Productions. Mojo was incensed by her audacity, and called for Spiral's death when she won a set of awards for the film. She proved to be too useful for him to merely kill, and so he vowed to find other ways to torture her instead.  [X-Men Legends (2nd series) #3-4]

[Note: X-Men Legends (2nd series) #3-4 was released over 35 years after the original Longshot series and helps fill the gap between the end of the series and Mojo's next appearance in New Mutants (1st series) Annual #2. However, a glaring error is the fact Rita is not seen falling through time-space with Mojo, Longshot and Spiral, despite clearly entering the portal at the end of Longshot #6.]

With his recent run-ins with the humans and mutants of Earth, Mojo became transfixed by the creatures, despite being thoroughly disgusted by their bodies. Wanting the people of Earth to worship him, Mojo came up with an elaborate plan to bring him to their attention. Kidnapping the recently blinded Psylocke, Mojo fitted her with bionic eyes and used a mixture of magic and technology to morph her body into looking like his. With Psylocke under his control, Mojo accessed a pocket dimension called the Wildways, a place that acted as a crossroad to the Mojoverse.

Drawing energy from the Wildways, Mojo began airing a children’s TV show on Earth, which brainwashed all the children who watched it. Mojo captured the brainwashed children, amongst them being a few New Mutants and their allies. He intended on taking them back to the Mojoverse via the Wildways, but they were found by the rest of the New Mutants. Warlock and Cypher managed to break Mojo’s control over Psylocke, who in turn freed the rest of the children and escaped home. Mojo’s plan had failed but he had a trick up his sleeve as the bionic eyes he fitted to Psylocke were actually cameras, and he was now able to see everything she witnessed. [New Mutants (1st series) Annual #2]

Needing some new content for his TV station, Mojo began airing the video he was collecting via Psylocke’s bionic eyes. Since returning to Earth, Psylocke had remained with the X-Men and the adventures of the team proved to be a huge ratings hit back on Mojoworld. The revenue generated even managed to balance out the disastrous Wildways plan Mojo previously had. Watching the X-Men through Psylocke’s eyes was one thing, but Mojo wanted the real deal working for him in Mojoverse. Finding a use for the imprisoned Longshot, he sent the man through a portal to the X-Men’s mansion, along with a mysterious chemical for good measure. Longshot landed in the middle of the X-Men’s training session and the chemical covered all the mutants present. The chemical slowly de-aged the affected X-Men until they were young children, at which point Mojo took them back to his dimension so he could use them as he saw fit. Brainwashed and forced to perform for Mojo’s cameras, the “X-Babies” proved to be an instant hit.

Once again, the New Mutants end up being the thorn in Mojo’s side, as they located the X-Men during a live performance in front of an audience. As the New Mutants fought against the brainwashed X-Babies, the audience became disgruntled, which infuriated Mojo enough for him to order the X-Babies to kill the audience. Their salvation came when Kitty phased through Mojo’s mechanical chair, shorting it out and causing him to drop his mental hold over the X-Babies. Freed from his control, the mutants reverted to their correct ages and attacked him. After receiving a beating from Colossus, Mojo quickly teleported away before Nightcrawler could run him through with a sword. Even though the X-Men got away, the whole fight had proven to be a huge hit with the audiences and Mojo’s ratings were through the roof. [X-Men Annual (1st series) #10]