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3rd Feb 2015
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Real Name

unknown (Nanny)
Peter (Orphan Maker)

Former Aliases



3' 0" (Nanny)
7' 6" (Orphan Maker)


unknown (both)

Hair color

unknown (both)


unknown (both)

First appearance

X-Factor (1st series) #30

Known Relatives

none (Nanny)
unnamed parents (deceased)
(Orphan Maker)


illegal child care specialist (Nanny)
mutant hunter (Orphan Maker)

Group Affiliation

The Right, Lost Boys (Nanny)
Lost Boys (Orphan Maker)


(Nanny) cybernetic containment armor increases her strength, has retractable arms, defensive repulsion field, mini-missile launchers, booster rocket pack, and contains a supply of "pixie dust" that entrances others
low-level telepathic influence enables her to reshape memories and personalities when augmented by her "pixie dust"

(Orphan Maker) morphing organic armor provides him with superhuman strength, heavily-resistant armor that can dampen or reflect energy attacks, boot rockets, and bio-weapons that sprout from his forearms to fire hardened bone fragment bullets, uses other ballistic and energy-beam weapons

Once upon a time, there was a story about Nanny and her favorite little boy, the Orphan Maker. Whilst it would be easy to assume Nanny and the Orphan Maker are robots, they are in fact humans. Very little is known about the woman who would become Nanny but, according to the Orphan Maker, she was once a gifted scientist who worked in the field of cyborg technology. She was employed by an organization known as The Right, an anti-mutant group founded by Cameron Hodge. What she didn’t reveal to Hodge was that she was actually a mutant herself. One day, she found out that her inventions were being used to create super-soldiers that were designed to hunt and kill mutants. She became angry but, when she tried to stop Hodge, she was locked inside one of her own inventions, an egg-shaped suit of armor. The intention was to force her to work for The Right against her will but being trapped in the suit sent her insane. Eventually, she used her suit to help escape the hate group and go into hiding. Soon after, she found a young boy called Peter, who was being experimented on by Mister Sinister. Sinister initially wanted him to become one of his Marauders but he realized Peter’s powers were going to become too unstable, so he was slated to be destroyed. Instead, Nanny saved him from destruction and built him a suit of armor that would help stop him from developing the instability Sinister had anticipated. [X-Factor (1st series) #40]

After saving Peter, Nanny realized she had found a new calling and vowed to save as many mutant children as she could. She figured that she was better equipped than the parents to protect the young mutants. She outfitted herself with high-tech gadgets, vans and aircraft that would allow her to track and “save” her new children. She also built Peter a suit of armor so he was able to capture the children and eliminate their parents. Given his new role, he was dubbed the Orphan Maker and sent after his first target, a boy named Johnny Gallo. Unaware that they were being tracked, Johnny and his mother were out shopping one day when a display of Johnny’s newfound power confirmed what Nanny’s instruments told her. Johnny had wandered off, so Nanny confronted his mother from the back of an ice-cream van. However, the Orphan Maker got a little trigger happy and shot the woman before she could say anything. With the woman dead, the duo had to make a quick getaway. They abandoned their plans to kidnap Johnny and he was sent to live with his father. [Slingers #9]

That small setback didn’t stop Nanny and she set off to recruit more children. She decided to take a different approach this time and soon found two young girls whose mutant genes had yet to activate. Though she sent the Orphan Maker into their house whilst everyone was asleep, the two girls woke up, so the Orphan Maker doused them with pixie dust, a powder that acted as a sedative. When their parents burst in, the girls were in a trance-like state and were unable to stop the Orphan Maker from gunning the two adults down. With the two new “Lost Girls” safely on board the aircraft, Nanny flew off into the night to recruit more. [X-Factor (1st series) #33]

Nanny had continued keeping track of Hodge and The Right and soon picked up word that he was talking with a demon lord. Learning that The Right intended to sacrifice a group of mutant infants, Nanny decided to save them instead. Realizing that one of them was very close to their current location, she sent the Orphan Maker to retrieve the little girl. He was more direct this time and entered the house whilst the parents were awake. He murdered them and took the baby girl. [X-Factor (1st series) #34]

Following the list obtained off Hodge, they found themselves at an orphanage in Nebraska. By now, Nanny had drafted a number of young children into the Lost Boys and Girls. They were kept in a docile state using a mixture of Nanny’s telepathy and the pixie dust. Realizing there were too many mutant babies in the orphanage to handle alone, she decided to send in a squad of children to retrieve the babies. By chance, though, Jean Grey and Cyclops from X-Factor were also at the orphanage, as they were trying to track down Cyclops’ son, Nathan. They found a number of babies in incubation chambers in the basement but, as they were freeing them, Nanny and her group burst through the roof. Nanny ordered her children to collect the babies and put them in their craft. When she found out that Cyclops was the father of baby Nathan, she decided she needed to dispatch him so the baby could grow up with her. However, when Cyclops proved more than a match for the Orphan Maker, Nanny came to his aid and entered the fray.

Entering the fight as well, Jean soon realized that two of the Lost Children were in fact her sister’s kids, Gailyn and Joey, who had been missing for a while. Whilst Nanny preached about protecting the children, she was more than happy to spray the area with bullets, something Jean tried to point out. When it became obvious that Nanny wasn’t listening to reason, Jean moved the fight away from the children and goaded Nanny into talking in a bid to distract her so she could come up with a plan to penetrate their armor. However, Nanny soon revealed that she had the same plan of distracting Jean, so that her Lost Boys and Girls could ferry away the babies. Ironically, what neither side realized, until it was too late, was that some demons had been sent to the orphanage to obtain the mutant babies. Whilst the two sides were fighting, the demons had slipped in and kidnapped all the babies. With the babies gone, Nanny scooped up her remaining children and flew off again. [X-Factor (1st series) #35]

Unable to go after the babies, Nanny set her sights on another mutant child, Franklin Richards. They tracked the young son of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman to a house in Connecticut where he was currently living with his parents. Sneaking in and finding him asleep in their bed, the Orphan Maker doused them all in pixie dust and took Franklin. However, when he tried to shoot the two adults, he discovered his bullets were unable to penetrate the Invisible Woman’s shields, which she had subconsciously put up whilst asleep. He left without making Franklin an orphan and then lied to Nanny later on about it.

Nanny quickly discovered exactly who Franklin was and became very alarmed at the prospect of two angry superhero parents chasing them. She punished the Orphan Maker for lying to her and then prepared for the inevitable. By now, Nanny was flying over New York, which had become overrun by demons thanks to an attempted take over from Limbo. [Inferno crossover] The two distraught parents quickly caught up with the abductors and, with the help from Steve Rogers, attacked them. The Orphan Maker proved a tough match for them at first but, when he was knocked over, he started to cry like a child and the superheroes became confused as to what was going on. Nanny had a back-up plan and, using some pixie dust, she manipulated Franklin’s mind. Then she dressed him up in another suit of armor and sent him to attack his parents. He proved to be much tougher than the Orphan Maker and it was only the arrival of another hero that the tide was turned. Realizing what the situation was, Mister Fantastic captured the Orphan Maker and bargained with Nanny for Franklin’s release. Distraught at seeing her favorite child in distress, Nanny reluctantly let Franklin go. However, as she was getting into her aircraft with the Orphan Maker, she sang out one of her trademark nursery rhymes, which acted as a hypnotic trigger in Franklin, causing him to attack him parents. In the chaos, Nanny tried to escape in her ship, only for it to be destroyed by the Invisible Woman. Nevertheless, Nanny jettisoned an escape pod and she and the Orphan Maker disappeared before the heroes could capture them. [Avengers (1st series) #299-300]

Not one to sit around whilst there were children that need saving, Nanny set her sights on the babies that had been taken from her by the demons. After the failed demon takeover of New York, X-Factor was now in possession of thirteen babies, including Cyclops’ own son, Nathan. Nanny discretely followed X-Factor’s ship and waited for the perfect opportunity to strike, which presented itself when X-Factor took the children to Washington so they could be handed over to the authorities. Using her ship to grab hold of X-Factor’s plane, Nanny and the Orphan Maker boarded it. However, when her suit was damaged in the ensuing fight, Nanny lost control of her ship and would have crashed, had Jean not managed to land the craft using her powers. When X-Factor they confronted the duo, they realized for the first time that their foes were actually humans in suits and so the Orphan Maker recounted Nanny’s origin to them. Concealed behind a wall on the ship, Jean discovered Nanny’s Lost Boys and Girls, who were being kept in a stasis that stalled their development so they could never grow up and never get hurt. Outraged at what was being done to them, Jean freed the children, including her niece and nephew. Injured and outnumbered, Nanny and the Orphan Maker teleported away, leaving their ship and all the children they had kidnapped behind with X-Factor. [X-Factor (1st series) #40]

After taking a little time out to recover and rebuild their lost ship, Nanny decided to try a different tactic in a bid to protect mutant children. Whilst spying on Donald Pierce, she learned of his plans to destroy the X-Men. The mutant team was living in the Australian Outback at the time and Nanny took pity on them and decided to “save” them, whether they wanted her to or not. Whilst Nanny captured Psylocke, the Orphan Maker attacked Havok and Dazzler. Nanny then regressed their minds to a child-like state and placed them in battle suits. With these new Lost Boys and Girls under his command, the Orphan Maker confronted the remaining X-Men until only Storm remained. However, Nanny was caught off guard when she stumbled upon Jubilee, who she didn’t realize was staying at the base. When her Lost Boys and Girl came to Nanny’s aid, Storm used the opportunity to free the rest of the X-Men but was subsequently captured and taken aboard Nanny’s ship. As Nanny and the Orphan Maker made their escape, a disoriented Havok blasted their ship, destroying it and seemingly killing Storm in the process. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #247-248]

However, the Storm found in the wreckage was actually a life model decoy. Nanny had created the LMD and placed it within a decoy ship. When Havok blasted the main ship, the shields absorbed the damage and Nanny deployed the second ship, which the X-Men believed was the main one. With the X-Men none-the-wiser, Nanny escaped and enacted her grand plan. Deeming the adult Storm to be too strong-willed to control, Nanny used technology to de-age her both mentally and physically. With her mutant powers and memories stripped, the young girl was significantly easier to manipulate. However, Storm still managed to escape from them and they spent the next few weeks tracking her down. Their hunt wasn’t helped by the fact the Orphan Maker felt jealous over Nanny’s dedication to Storm and he constantly hindered her operations.

Eventually, Storm was located but Nanny was horrified to discover the Shadow King was also after her. Apparently, Nanny had some prior dealings with the malevolent telepath and her desire to save the young girl now had an added level of urgency. With the help of a new ally, Gambit, Storm managed to give the Shadow King the slip. However, while flying in a plane, Nanny had her ship latch on to theirs. The Orphan Maker boarded the ship but his suit was severely damaged when Gambit fought back.

With her little boy hurt, Nanny flew off and let Storm escape. They soon found her again but, more interested in neutralizing Gambit first, Nanny and the Orphan Maker captured him and planned to make him undergo the same process Storm had gone through. What they didn’t know, however, was that Storm had snuck on board their ship and commandeered a spare battle suit. She fought and defeated the Orphan Maker, enraging Nanny enough to want her dead. Unfortunately for Nanny, Gambit broke free and hit her with a charged card, causing Nanny to shoot the controls of her ship. The ship crashed into a swamp and, whilst the X-Men escaped, Nanny and the Orphan Maker’s fate looked bleak. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #265-267]

Somehow, both Nanny and the Orphan Maker survived, though they kept off the X-Men’s radar for a few years. During this time, they had to downsize their operations, as Nanny was unable to fund the expensive technology she used to track the children. Eventually, she found a way to escape from her egg-suit but, having grown accustomed to wearing it, she chose to keep it on. She was also unable to prevent the Orphan Maker from growing up and, much like any other child, he started to outgrow his clothes, or in this case his battle-suit. Nevertheless, Nanny managed to build him a new suit that was able to contain his growing mutant powers. Living in a secluded cottage and working from a kitted out ice-cream van, they resumed their quest to save mutant children. They came to the aid of a young disfigured boy who had been cornered in a school by a mob who thought he was a mutant. The Orphan Maker went in, all guns blazing, ready to kill the boy’s parents and take him away. What he didn’t know was that some of the Generation X team had also responded to the situation. They fought the Orphan Maker and, after realizing he was outmatched, he fled. [Generation X #3-4]

Soon after, whilst the Orphan Maker was on a mission to orphan a child, he picked up mutant readings in the area. Wanting to save some children by himself and make Nanny proud, he went after them alone. The readings belonged to the members of Generation X who were out at a mall doing some Christmas shopping. The Orphan Maker eventually prevailed, using some of the pixie dust, and took them back to base. Nanny was pleased with the Orphan Maker’s work, but as he had not completed his original mission, she sent him back out to orphan the young child like he was supposed to. He made his way to what he guessed was the right house and was about to murder the parents as they slept in bed but he was disturbed by Jubilee, who had spotted him earlier. He fled the scene but managed to take the young boy with him anyway. When he got back, Nanny was angry as he had kidnapped the wrong child and she sent him back out again. When he arrived at the right house, he blasted his way in but was stunned to see Santa Claus there, who told him he was a bad boy. The Orphan Maker was dumbstruck but, before Santa could tell him how he could change his ways, Nanny radioed through. The Generation X students had broken free of their restraints and tied her up in return. The Orphan Maker showed where his heart truly lay by rushing back to Nanny to save her. [Generation X Holiday special]

After all the years that had passed, Nanny had never forgotten about Johnny Gallo, who was to be her second Lost Boy. After they had killed his mother, Johnny went to live with his father. Eventually, the young boy grew up to become the costumed hero Ricochet and joined the Slingers. Nanny decided to make up for not “saving” him when she could, so she sent the Orphan Maker to capture him. Ricochet was having a particularly bad day and was easily knocked out by the Orphan Maker. When he woke up, he found himself on Nanny’s ship and was confused about what was going on. Nanny happily explained that she would make up for things by turning him into a child again so he could grow up with the love and care he deserved. When Ricochet realized the Orphan Maker was on his way to kill his father, he made a break for freedom. He managed to crash the ship and then made his way home, returning just in time to stop the Orphan Maker from killing his father. During the ensuing fight, he realized how close the Orphan Maker was to Nanny and played into his insecurities. Thinking that Ricochet would become Nanny’s new favorite child, the Orphan Maker abandoned his assault and escaped. [Slingers #9]

When the world’s mutant population was reduced to a fraction of its number, most of the remaining mutants moved to the X-Men’s mansion. Nanny was unable to kidnap any of the younger mutants with the senior X-Men always watching over them. However, when the X-Men disbanded, albeit temporarily, the students were all sent home. Nanny decided to target the mutants she felt were most in need. Top of her list was Hope Abbott, also known as Trance. Thankfully, one of the precognitive mutants foresaw the situation and alerted the senior X-Men. Wolverine waited outside Trance’s house for any sign of attack but was still caught off guard when her house exploded. Trance’s parents were injured but alive, so the Orphan Maker entered to finish them off. Wolverine intervened but was severely injured during the fight. Before the Orphan Maker could finish him off, Nanny stopped Peter as she had use for Logan. Trance and Wolverine were tied up on Nanny’s ship but, like every other time before, the X-Men broke free. Nanny ordered the Orphan Maker to shoot them but Wolverine fought back. He brutally attacked the Orphan Maker until he was shot by Nanny, who dragged her bleeding child away. The X-Men escaped and once again Nanny’s ship was destroyed. [Wolverine: Killing Made Simple]

With the mutant race's numbers once again increasing, it can only be a matter of time before Nanny and the Orphan Maker make their bid to save more "poor mutant children."