Publication Date: 
22nd Oct 2013
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Vital Statistics


Arkady was a monster. Omega Red was something even worse.

The super-soldier known as Omega Red represented all the greatest fears mankind has about mutants, and about itself. A remorseless serial killer with a taste for children, Arkady was also a mutant whose power served no purpose other than to kill.

Despite the radical transformation he underwent physically at the hands of Soviet scientists, psychologically Omega Red never grew in all the years he was active. He was driven by nothing more complicated than survival and revenge. Every action he took after being released into the modern era directly related to either securing his own continued existence, or to ended the lives of people he thought had wronged him in the past.

Evil like that does not quickly vanish from the earth, and even after his passing, the legacy of Omega Red still lingers in the lives of Wolverine and the X-Men.