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1st Jun 2023
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Real name

Paulie Provenzano


6' 1"


178 lbs





First appearance

Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #392

Known relatives

Wendy Sherman / Stinger (wife),
Unnamed daughter, Unnamed clone
of daughter, Unnamed parents (mentioned)



Group affiliation



• Depowered mutant
• Formerly possessed an unyielding molecular structure
making him virtually invulnerable to outside forces
directed against him and capable of exerting
superhuman amounts of force and pressure, but leaves him
vulnerable to his need for oxygen and can be disabled by overuse


Paulie Provenzano had only recently returned to Brooklyn, New York, after being discharged from the Marines when he sought out a trio of mobsters who ran the local neighborhood. He revealed to the men that he discovered his mutant abilities while in the service and that he was now of the view that it should be himself who was running the neighborhood, not them. The mobsters instantly retaliated by shooting him with their guns, but unfortunately for them Paulie's mutant power made him indestructible and the bullets did not harm him. Worse for them, Paulie’s Marine training enabled him to take out the mobsters and afterward he warned them to let everyone know that there was a new Paulie in town.

However, Paulie was immediately thereafter visited by the X-Men's Jean Grey, who was in dire need of a team of X-Men. She asked Paulie to join her in returning to the Xavier Institute and Paulie gladly accepted, if only to see Jean in her costume (just one example of his womanizing personality). Upon arrival at the Xavier Institute, Paulie demonstrated another unfavorable characteristic – his homophobia, which brought him into immediate conflict with another of Jean Grey's Interim X-Men, Northstar. Jean managed to break the two mutants up and, after Paulie was given the standard blue and gold X-Men uniform, he and his new teammates learned the reason Jean had assembled them – to stop Magneto from unleashing all-out war between mutants and humans. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #392]

En route to Genosha, Paulie, like the other interim X-Men who were not overly familiar with their powers, received a telepathic crash-course on their abilities, courtesy of Jean Grey. [X-Men (2nd series) #112] Paulie's thoughts were not pleasant when Jean read his mind, and even afterwards he continued to flirt with her, despite knowing that she was married to Cyclops. It wasn't long before Paulie's homophobia made itself known again. When the Blackbird the X-Men were traveling in was torn apart by Magneto, the X-Men found themselves falling to the ground below and Paulie protested when Northstar attempted to grab him as he plummeted to the ground. The issue was rendered moot, however, as all of the X-Men were soon caught in an electromagnetic field courtesy of Magneto. When Magneto confronted the interim X-Men, Paulie, like his teammates, were shocked when Magneto seemingly murdered Dazzler. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #393]

Paulie reacted to Dazzler's death by attempting to confront Magneto head-on, despite the warnings of the experienced hero, Northstar. Unfortunately for him, Paulie's bravado simply got him sent into the upper atmosphere, courtesy of Magneto. There, Paulie, despite his near-invulnerability, started to suffocate. However, he was rescued by Northstar, who was able to use his super speed to reach the high altitude and pull Paulie down to a ship off the coast of Genosha. Paulie was rendered unconscious and woke to find Northstar performing mouth-to-mouth on him. Paulie accused Northstar of coming on to him, but Northstar explained that he was simply saving his life, although the Canadian mutant was unsure why. Northstar then flew Paulie back to Genosha and Paulie expressed his gratitude with a quiet thank you.

Magneto was soon defeated and all-out war averted. Paulie returned to the Xavier Institute with the other Interim X-Men but, despite being offered permanent membership with the X-Men, Paulie (and the others) all declined, and apparently returned to their previous lives. [X-Men (2nd series) #113]

Presumably, Paulie returned to Brooklyn, although his exact activities immediately following his departure are unconfirmed. A short time later, Paulie was kidnapped by the Weapon X Program, which was herding up mutants and keeping them in a concentration camp called Neverland. Paulie's powers were deemed worthless by the higher-ups at Neverland and, alongside another short-term member of the X-Men, Maggott, Paulie was led into a chamber and seemingly gassed to death. [Weapon X (2nd series) #5]

Paulie survived this through unknown means but lost his powers in the intervening years, presumably during the mass mutant depowerment of M-Day. He eventually met the mutant Stinger and the two fell in love, after which the two settled down in the suburbs to start a family. Staying out of mutant affairs, the two struggled with the day-to-day worries, such as money and raising their daughter in safety. As Stinger and her daughter were mutants, she had an open invitation to join the rest of the mutant race on Krakoa, and that offer extended to Paulie too, despite him being depowered. Stinger wanted to move there but Paulie was apprehensive, given how Genosha and Utopia were both destroyed when they grew too big and other parties saw them as a threat.

Their quiet life was soon disturbed when their daughter was kidnapped from her bed, prompting Paulie and Stinger to turn to Krakoa for help. Cable came to investigate and he discovered the child was taken by a mysterious organization called the Order of X. Paulie was forced to let Cable investigate the kidnapping on his own and, fortunately, everything turned out better than he could have hoped. When Cable eventually returned, he came back with two children, Paulie’s daughter and a clone of her. Apparently, the baby was cloned by the villainous Stryfe, so she could be used in an elaborate scheme, but Cable stopped him and saved both children. Paulie and Stinger happily accepted their new daughter into their lives and continued on as the new parents of twins. [Cable (4th series) #2, 12]

[Note: Note: According to preview materials and interviews before his debut, Paulie's codename intended for the Eve of Destruction arc was "Omerta." However, that name was never used in his original appearances and it was since published in Handbook materials connected to him. Cable (4th series) #2 is the first time the name Omerta has been officially used in canon.]