Publication Date: 30th Sep 2020
Alternate Versions


Sabretooth of Universe #616 had the same start to life but, where the Age of Apocalypse version grew to despise the murder and mayhem he caused, this version relished it. Sabretooth became prominent enemy of both Wolverine and the X-Men and still troubles them to this day. However, Creed has also taken turns to the heroic side, joining X-Factor, the X-Men and even the Avengers, though he always black- slid into villainy once more. More info can be found on the Spotlight On… SABRETOOTH.

As he is an alternate version of this Sabretooth, the Sabreooth from the Age of Apocalypse and Exiles shares the same alternate versions. All such known prominent variations can be found on Sabretooth 616's ALTERNATE VERSIONS page.

In one world, a heroic Sabretooth was described as a man of action, wanderer, explorer and secret agent. He lived happily with his love Besty Braddock, travelling the world and having breathtaking adventures. Unfortunately, the pair became the target of Slaymaster and his allies, who was killing versions of Psylocke across the multiverse. Sabretooth fought valiantly to save his love, but ultimately failed and was killed by an evil version of Wolverine. [New Exiles #11]

In the Old West town of Greymalkin Arizona, Victor Creed fell afoul of Charles Xavier when he accused the man of playing cards. A cruel man on this world, Xavier took control of Victor’s mind, and the minds of every other local superhuman town. Making them into his army, Xavier took over the town. Eventually, a group of reality travelling X-Men came to the town’s rescue and Creed was reconditioned into a docile and productive member of society by that team’s Xavier. [X-Treme X-Men (2nds series) #4-5]

In Old Man Logan’s dystopian future, Sabretooth degenerated into a savage beast who killed people for food. Logan cut the man to pieces and buried him in separate boxes so he couldn’t regenerate. Years later, Creed was stitched back together by Mister Sinister and Weapon X, complete with cybernetic upgrades. Sabretooth lead an army of degenerate clones of himself in a hunt for Logan across the Badlands before eventually being torn to pieces by Logan once again.