Publication Date: 27th Aug 2021
Written By: Daytripper.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.


10-year old Sammy Pare attended school in Vancouver, Canada, where he lived with his parents. Sammy was a young mutant with an obvious physical mutation – orange skin and a fish-like appearance, which led him to be laughed at, teased and abused by local bullies at his school, who called him “Squidboy.” Sammy would lament the fact that he didn't have useful mutant powers that he could use against his tormenters, which led to him possessing a lack of self-worth. It also led to some dangerous thoughts entering his mind and Sammy fantasized about violently striking back at his classmates.

Sammy’s horrific life suddenly seemed to come to an end when he returned home from school one day and was shocked to be greeted by Professor Xavier. Sammy's earlier tears of sorrow suddenly transformed to tears of joy as Xavier offered the young mutant a place at the Xavier Institute. After packing his bags and saying goodbye to his mother, Sammy was likewise delighted to meet the Beast, another mutant with a physical mutation.

On the way back to the X-mansion, Sammy got to experience his first mutant adventure, as he, Xavier and the Beast were forced to take a detour when they learned a team of X-Men had run into trouble following an encounter with the Juggernaut and Black Tom at Cassidy Keep, in Ireland. When they arrived at Cassidy Keep, they discovered Juggernaut was drowning, sinking deeper and deeper into the waters around the Keep. With most of the X-Men incapacitated, Sammy dove from the X-Jet into the water, excited at his chance to be a hero. The same mutation which he had so cursed before served Sammy well here, allowing him not only to reach the Juggernaut but communicate with him underwater. Unaware of the Juggernaut’s history with the X-Men or even his relationship with Xavier, Sammy told him of Xavier’s school and even suggested that he come to the school as well. As he rescued the Juggernaut, Sammy also confessed to thinking about killing his bullies.

Afterwards, as Xavier indeed invited Juggernaut to return to the school with the others. Sammy sat next to the Juggernaut in the X-Jet and the two began to bond. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #410-412]

After arriving at the Xavier Institute, Sammy soon met Carter Ghazikhanian, the son of the new school nurse, Annie Ghazikhanian. The two boys were around the same age, and both were in awe of the Juggernaut, following him around the school. They watched as Juggernaut almost got into a fight with Wolverine but stopped himself when he saw the boys watching him. Despite reining in his temper, Juggernaut remained curt and told the two boys to leave him alone and go back to their mommas. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #413] Sammy continued to spend time with Juggernaut, eating with him in the cafeteria. It was clear that the boy was starting to look up to him and in return Juggernaut also appeared fond of Sammy. He played baseball with Sammy on the school grounds, and two sat together during several X-Men meetings. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #417-419]

While his new life at the Institute was in many ways a dream come true, it was not perfect. Sammy experience a moment of person anguish when he discovered several fish from the lake had been sadistically squashed. Aside from it simply being animal torture, Sammy’s fish-like appearance caused him to relate to the cruelty more closely and he pleaded with Jean Grey and Professor X to use their powers to find those responsible. The telepaths were reluctant to use their powers to invade the minds of others without permission but, when Carter found a dog that had been tortured, Jean realized that a pattern was emerging. After linking her mind to the dog’s, Jean learned the identities of those responsible. Sammy accompanied several X-Men to confront the boys, preventing them from killing a squirrel.

Despite his friendship with Sammy and his attempt at reforming, Juggernaut could not understand how what the boys were doing was wrong, something that truly upset the youth. To help him and teach the boys a lesson, Jean linked Juggernaut and the bullies into one mind, forcing them to experience the torture they had inflicted on the animals. When the bullies didn't change their ways and threw a cat tied to a brick through a window at the Xavier Institute, the local police became involved and the youths were arrested. Juggernaut, however, realized the error of his ways – his father used to treat him the way the bullies were treating the animals. The two then repaired their friendship as Sammy took Juggernaut swimming with the fishes. [X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #44]

Sammy was playing catch with Juggernaut on the evening that Alpha Flight arrived at the Xavier Institute. Unfortunately, rather than a social visit, the Canadian team was operating under not only the authority of the Canadian government but also the governor and attorney-General of New York State, and their mission was to remove mutant children from the Institute, including Sammy. The origin of this legal move had, ironically, been Sammy himself, when he had told his mother that he was spending time with the Juggernaut. Although the X-Men had accepted his intention to reform, to the rest of the world the Juggernaut was an internationally wanted criminal. Given that Sammy was Canadian, Alpha Flight was particularly interested in his safety and were particularly upset that he was with the wanted criminal when they arrived.

When heated words soon sparked a fight, Juggernaut ordered Sammy to get inside the mansion for safety. However, as the fight progressed, Sammy could not let it continue on his behalf and he ended it when he ran in between Juggernaut and Sasquatch, announcing that he would leave the Institute. Sammy blamed himself for telling his mother about what he was doing at the Institute, and told Juggernaut that he was just excited to tell her about them being friends. As they hugged goodbye, Juggernaut gave Sammy some advice about dealing with his bullies back in Vancouver. Sammy asked Juggernaut if he would come visit him, but Juggernaut was unconvincing with his response that he would. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #422]

Unfortunately for Sammy, life back in Vancouver was not good for him, as his abusive father, Claude, began to beat him. Finally, after one such beating, Sammy ran away from his home, leaving his father beating his mother as he demanded to know whether Sammy was really his child.

Shivering on an empty sidewalk, Sammy was surprised when his friend from the Xavier Institute, Carter, was able to communicate with him via psychic projection. Their catch up was suddenly interrupted by one of his old bullies appeared, punching him in the face and calling him “Squidboy.” Sammy tried to stand up for himself, first with words. However, when that didn't work, he struck back, punching the bully with a ferocity reminiscent of the Juggernaut. The bully begged for Sammy to stop, but Sammy simply told the bully that he didn't stop for nothing – and that he was the Juggernaut.

Just as Sammy's mother began to regret not leaving Sammy at the “mutant school,” as she called it, she was shocked when Juggernaut and Northstar arrived to visit Sammy. Panicking at what they would soon discover, she raced to a desk, where she found and then pressed a panic button that she had been given. It was at this time that Sammy arrived home, beaten and bruised but pleased to see Juggernaut, asking for how long he was staying. Juggernaut was furious at Sammy’s clear mistreatment and declared Claude a dead man. Before Juggernaut could carry out any threats (beyond breaking Claude’s arm), three members of Alpha Flight arrived, responding to the panic alarm triggered by Mrs. Pare. As Northstar flew his father away for medical attention, Sammy tried to get his mother to safety, away from the fight between the Juggernaut and Alpha Flight. However, they did not get far, as the fight brought the house down around them. Sammy recovered quickly and, after a desperate search for his mother, found her buried under rubble and not moving.

Once again wishing to stop people from getting hurt, Sammy came between Juggernaut and Sasquatch, pleading with him to stop fighting – to stop hurting them. Once again shamed, Juggernaut gave up the fight, though Sasquatch had no such desire and tackled him. Despite being punched over and over again, Juggernaut heeded Sammy’s words and did not fight back. It was Vindicator who eventually noticed and called off her teammate. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #430-434]

Sammy’s words continued to influence Juggernaut, who not only gave up fighting back but allowed himself to be arrested and held accountable for his crimes. Fortunately for him, Sammy and his mother appeared during a meeting between Juggernaut’s lawyer and the prosecuting attorney and made a surprisingly impassioned plea in defense of the Juggernaut. She stated that she no longer saw him as a threat and was grateful to him for actually doing something to stop her abusive husband, a task for which the Canadian authorities had failed. Moved by her words, as well as actions by the Juggernaut to thwart a prison break, the prosecutor agreed to commute his sentence. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #436]

Just as Juggernaut’s fortunes were turning, so too apparently were Sammy’s. In short order, Sammy’s mother left his father and both she and Sammy moved to Westchester, New York. Sammy reenrolled as a student at the Xavier Institute and moved into the dorms, while his mother lived nearby. Sammy quickly became enough of a fixed figure at the school that he was chosen to help new recruits acclimate, such as Jay Guthrie, the latest Guthrie sibling whose mutant power had manifested. However, Sammy was still not well versed in the history of super humans and confessed to Jay that he was thinking of calling himself Sub-Mariner, seemingly unaware that the name was already in use by Namor of Atlantis.

Sammy and Jay became roommates and the two quickly struck up a friendship. Sammy provided a sympathetic ear, listening to Jay talk about his girlfriend whom he was missing. During one a stroll together on the school grounds, Sammy noticed other students seemingly talking to a tree. Sammy took his concern to the school headmistress, Emma Frost, who seemed only bemused by this information. However, Sammy countered with the suggestion that it could be something to do with Black Tom Cassidy, Juggernaut's old crime partner who had plant-based powers. Even though Emma said that she would look into it, Sammy wasn't convinced that she believed him, noting that, considering the bad stuff that happened around the school, she could have been more open-minded. With apparently no investigation done by Emma Frost, Sammy took Juggernaut to the forest where he saw the tree he thought might have been Black Tom. When Juggernaut too voiced his skepticism, Sammy returned to the campus. He did not notice Juggernaut hang behind and whisper into the tree line for his old partner.

Following a battle between the X-Men and a new group calling themselves the Brotherhood, Sammy was trying to find Juggernaut one evening when his mother appeared, also trying to find Cain. Sammy was confused as to why, so his mother revealed that she wanted to ask Cain out on a date. After all, he did save their lives. Sammy wasn't sure how he felt about this, concerned that his mother would embarrass him, so he walked away to look for Juggernaut on his own.

Indeed, Sammy did find Cain, but he was horrified when he did so. From a hidden vantage, Sammy found Juggernaut gathered in the woods with the rest of the new Brotherhood. From their discussion, it was clear that Juggernaut was a mole at the Xavier Institute and his intention to reform was apparently an act. When Juggernaut seemingly murdered Nocturne, one of the Brotherhood who was reluctant at attacking the X-Men, Sammy could stand it no more. He revealed himself and lashed out at Cain. In tears, he stated that he had always wondered if he might be bad like Cain was but now he knew for sure. He was someone who believed in Xavier’s dream – a hero and X-Man… and he was not letting the Brotherhood get by him.

Before the shocked Juggernaut could reply, Black Tom struck. He wrapped Sammy in a series of vines and, with a few, quick jerks, began to break the youth’s bones, one by one. Juggernaut ordered Tom to stop and began to tear through the vines to free Sammy but it was too late. With his dying breath, Sammy told Juggernaut that he hated him. [X-Men (2nd series) #157-162]

As tragic as Sammy’s death was, it was more so because he had been wrong about Juggernaut. Rather than joining the Brotherhood, he had been infiltrating them. When apparently killing Nocturne, Juggernaut had faked his blows, while whispering instructions to her to warn the X-Men about the Brotherhood’s plans. In Sammy’s memory, Juggernaut helped the X-Men to defeat the Brotherhood. [X-Men (2nd series) #164]