Publication Date: 
21st Sep 2012
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Vital Statistics

To those who fought under his command in the 20th century, he was a freedom fighter. To those whom he and his forces attacked, he was a terrorist. Both were wrong, for the mutant known as Stryfe played a game all of his own, with no one but he himself knowing its purpose. Stryfe was a man from the future (two futures in fact) and his whole goal was to bring vengeance upon those who had (and eventually would) do him wrong.

The chaotic nature of his motivations are not surprising when it is taken into account that for most of his youth he believed himself to have been groomed for greatness, only later to learn he was a sacrificial child for a being of greater evil. As the truth of his own past came to light, Stryfe planned vengeance.

Learn today the actions of Stryfe, both in the present and in the far future, which would earn him the epithet Chaos Bringer.