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Publication Date: 14th Aug 2017
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Dean Clayton.


A shattered and demoralized Illuminati disbanded as a result of their in-fighting, only for the signal to go off that another Incursion was beginning. It was too much to bear in the moment, and so most of the Illuminati essentially chose to give up. They were prepared to do nothing and allow their universe to be destroyed without resistance rather than be responsible for another dead world. All the Illuminati, that is, except Namor. Seeing the direction his comrades were going, Namor silently cast them aside and made another, dark alliance. He found Black Bolt's brother Maximus the Mad lurking around the Necropolis. He freed Black Swan and Terrax from their cells. He allowed the prison containing Thanos, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive to be shattered open. And so, a new Cabal was formed. Namor led his new allies in destroying a second world in as many days, for the protection of his own. [New Avengers (3rd series) #22-23]

The Cabal took the unusual step of going public with the increasing threat of Incursions. Terrax addressed the United Nations directly, laying out the danger to Earth and announcing the Cabal's intent to destroy the invading Earths. It was quite a surprise to many (especially Steve Rogers and his recently-deputized Avengers of S.H.I.E.L.D.) when the UN gave the Cabal the tacit authority to continue committing genocides in the name of protecting Earth. Namor and the Cabal eliminated more than a dozen Earths over the next eight months as the Incursions continued, with the UN having ceded control of Wakanda and the Necropolis to the Cabal as their base of operations. [New Avengers (3rd series) #24, Avengers (5th series) #37]

While Namor had previously destroyed the world of the Great Society with an anti-matter bomb, Thanos and the Cabal preferred to take a "tribute" first, slaughtered vast numbers of heroes and civilians alike at each Incursion site before triggering the bomb and destroying the foreign world. The ongoing atrocities weighed on Namor's conscience, which he had uncomfortably rediscovered. [Avengers World #18-20] He attempted to change allegiances again, reaching out to Victor von Doom in Latveria, hoping the two of them could form an alliance against the Cabal. Doom was no man's second choice, however, and he saw how broken Namor had become by his actions. Doom dismissed Namor as unworthy as an ally, leaving the sea prince with no safe harbor. [New Avengers (3rd series) #24]

In the next Incursion, Namor found a version of Reed Richards and his family on the world ahead of the Cabal's arrival. He explained the situation to this mirror image of his longtime ally and rival. Namor planned to orchestrate a murder-suicide plot, drawing the Cabal to the new Earth and battling them as a distraction. He told Richards that, when he heard the sounds of battle end, it would be his decision to trigger the anti-matter bomb and save trillions by killing billions, as well as the fiends of the Cabal. Richards accepted Namor's word and triggered the bomb, but the Cabal realized Namor's scheme before it was too late, fleeing back through the Incursion point to their Earth. Thanos tossed aside the beaten Namor and mocked his failed attempt at sacrifice. Filled with self-loathing and having fallen further than he thought possible, Namor finally reached out and asked for help from Reed Richards and Hank McCoy.

Namor assembled with the Illuminati and the various factions of Avengers to deal with the threat of the Cabal. He presented himself before Steve Rogers and admitted that, while he still thought his actions destroying worlds were necessary, they were also wrong. Namor agreed to turn himself over for prosecution and punishment should such an institution still exist after the Incursions ended. To eliminate the Cabal, the united heroes planned to use an A.I.M. device called the Escutcheon to project a powerful force field over the next Incursion site, trapping the Cabal on the second Earth while the anti-matter bomb went off. A Mapmaker's world, Namor was to ensure the Cabal were engaged with the Sidera Maris before leaving to trigger the force field, then returning to Earth-616.

Unfortunately for Namor, he had underestimated the vendetta between him and Black Panther. T'Challa was waiting on the Escutcheon when Namor arrived and stabbed him in the chest with the blade of his father. With the help of Black Bolt (who had been drugged and misused over the last few months by his brother Maximus, Namor's new ally), T'Challa expelled Namor from the Escutcheon, causing him to fall hundreds of meters to the doomed Earth below. Literally and figuratively twisting the knife, T'Challa waited precious minutes before activating the anti-matter bomb to give Namor time to regain his senses after the fall and come to grips with the fact that he was dead and the Black Panther had killed him. [Avengers (5th series) #40]

The Black Panther's last attempt at tormenting Namor, however, provided the Sub-Mariner with the means of his escape. Omitting details and telling half-truths, Namor explained to the Cabal how they were trapped on the doomed world by the Illuminati. The ever-increasing rate of Incursions left them a way out when a second Incursion with a third Earth began during the final countdown. By speeding to the second Incursion site, Namor and the Cabal were able to jump to the last Earth before T'Challa finally detonated the "middle" Earth between them. [Avengers (5th series) #41] Now on Earth-1610, the Ultimate Universe, Namor and the Cabal met with Reed Richards, the Maker and his allies Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. With their intel, the Cabal helped the Maker and Fury prepare for the final Incursion, which would take place between Earth-616 and Earth-1610. [Avengers (5th series) #42, 44]

The day came that the multiverse ended with the final Incursion of those two Earths. The Maker saved himself and the Cabal in a "life raft" copied from the Illuminati's files. This life raft survived the destruction of the multiverse into the existence that remained... Battleworld. Victor von Doom had successfully pursued his own plans during the Incursions and tracked the origin of the problem to the Ivory Kings, the Beyonders. Doom seized the power of the Beyonders and stylized himself as God of Latverion, a single patchwork world made from remnants of various realities that had gone through the Incursions. Two life rafts, from Earth-616 and Earth-1610, survived and released their heroes and villains from stasis onto Doom's world eight years after he forged it. Namor and the Black Panther began a rematch until God Doom assaulted all the threats to his rule. Stephen Strange sacrificed his life casting a spell to scatter the players before Doom executed him. [Secret Wars #1-4]

Exploring the zones of Battleworld together, Namor and T'Challa reached an alliance (if not forgiveness) between the two kings. They located the Isle of Agamotto, where Strange had hidden the two most important items in his possession -- the Siege Courageous for transporting people from place-to-place and to their destiny, and an Infinity Gauntlet keyed to the "universe" that Doomstadt came from, meaning someone could wield the power of God at Doom's very seat of power. As the survivors of the multiverse orchestrated a series of strikes on Doomstadt, Namor and T'Challa used the Siege to summon an army of the dead from beyond the Shield to advance on Doom. In the end, Reed Richards claimed the power of God from Doctor Doom and, through his power and the Infinity Gauntlet, the seventh multiverse was reincarnated as the eighth, with many of the past realities being restored in the process. [Secret Wars #5-9]

Many, but not all. Survivors from the fall of the multiverse washed up on the "shores" of Earth-616 in the new multiverse, and several came together as a new incarnation of the Squadron Supreme. Seeking to proactively defend their new Earth-Prime from any and all possible threats, some of the Squadron also sought vengeance of Namor for his actions during the Incursions. Doctor Spectrum of the Great Society was a member of the Squadron, and her Earth was the first Namor killed before joining the Cabal. The Squadron Supreme launched an attack on Atlantis, deeming Namor a wild card who was too dangerous to leave loose. Namor and Attuma defended their homeland, but the might of Hyperion was enough to raise Atlantis from the sea floor and cast it onto the land, leaving the Atlanteans gasping for breath as they raced back to the seas. The Sub-Mariner charged at his attacker in defiance, but Hyperion ended Namor's life with a single sweep of his heat vision, decapitating the sea king. [Squadron Supreme (4th series) #1]

That would have been the end of Namor, if not for treachery from within the Squadron's ranks. Their "Power Princess" was revealed as Warrior Woman, an evil doppelganger from another reality's Squadron Sinister. She betrayed the Squadron and joined with their enemies, the alien Myriad, to conquer the small country of Alambra. Her mystic advisor, Modred, made contact with the Inhuman precog Ulysses Cain and compelled a vision from him, showing Warrior Woman's success as a ruler would only come alongside Namor as an ally. As a result, the duo concocted a plan to resurrect Namor in order to bring Ulysses's vision to pass.

Warrior Woman and Modred invaded the Baxter Building to abscond with the Fantastic Four's time machine. Modred then cast a spell that would allow them to preserve Namor's life without interfering with the timestream. Namor's essence would be mystically extracted at the moment of his death and reincarnated in the present. The Squadron Supreme tried to stop Warrior Woman's assault, and Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum ended up journeying through the time machine instead of the villains. Despite that, the Squadron had come to regret their execution of Namor and the destruction of Atlantis. Doctor Spectrum was able to harness and manipulate the magic of Modred's spell to carry out his plan, and Namor's essence was mystically reincarnated by the Squadron as they returned to the present. [Squadron Supreme (4th series) #12-14]

As the Squadron Supreme disbanded, Namor accepted Hyperion as an ally and the super-man helped the Atlanteans rebuild Atlantis in the aftermath of its destruction. Whether Namor will one day fulfill Ulysses's vision of his future is unknown, but Namor will certainly act in what he sees as the best interests of Atlantis, and be damned to everyone else. [Squadron Supreme (4th series) #15]