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Publication Date: 21st Jun 2023
Written By: Monolith.
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The day of Namor's trial finally came, and he insisted his counsel act with honor in defending him. Namor's attorney was not allowed to discount any testimony by the Fantastic Four or the Avengers about his attacks on the surface world over the years, for they told the unvarnished truth. Instead, the defense rested on Caleb Alexander's testimony about Namor's blood-oxygen imbalance. It proved a successful strategy, as Namor was ultimately found "Guilty But Insane" under New York law, with the ruling stating that Namor was operating in an impaired state until the time Professor Alexander recently corrected his imbalance. Namor was sentenced to 100 years of probation, and Captain America was named his probation officer for the beginning period of his time. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #13]

Namor and Phoebe Marrs renewed their association when Phoebe showed Namor a sliver of her tragic past, including the blue collar ex-husband Desmond paid off to divorce her, and the mentally handicapped son she kept secret from even her brother. While visiting her son in Connecticut, Namor was assaulted by Griffin, who had been reduced to such an animalistic state he was basically a beast and recognized Namor as his master after the sea-king's victory. Namor took custody of Griffin and used him as a steed for some time in place of his lost wings. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #14]

Namor and Namorita were called back to Atlantis due to the surprising reappearance of Lady Dorma, hale and healthy but otherwise in a childlike fugue state. With the capture of Attuma following his attack on New York, Atlantis was now ruled by Vashti and Dara as co-regents in Namor's absence, and had returned to their roots at the Antarctic kingdom of Thakorr. While attending to the mystery of Dorma, Namor also learned of a slow poisoning of the waters around Atlantis, which he traced to the Savage Land.

There he, Namorita and Griffin became involved in a complex plot where the alien Super-Skrull had posed as the believed-dead Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, to take control of Rand-Meachum Corporation and exploit the resources of the hidden land. The Skrull was defeated and, in order to put a stop to the wheels already in motion, Namor arranged for Oracle to stage a hostile takeover of Rand-Meachum and seize control of their dealings. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #15-18]

Returning to Atlantis, Namor and Namorita discovered the truth about Dorma. She was a clone, created by the banished geneticist Vyrra. Cloning had long been outlawed in Atlantean society, and Vyrra had been exiled from the courts of Thakorr decades ago for his work. He hoped to restore Namor's bride to life as barter for his final wish, to be buried in Atlantis as he died.

However, Namor was infuriated that Vyrra desecrated Dorma's tomb and reduced her corpse to organic sludge in order to access the cellular matter needed for his cloning experiments. Vyrra soon died, but his corpse was unceremoniously dumped in a trench at Namor's decree. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #19-20]

A corner turned in Namor's life as several people close to him moved on. Namor had left his "friend" Desmond Marrs in charge of overseeing Oracle while he was in the Savage Land. Marrs Corp was under siege financially by Stark Enterprises after Desmond took a shot at Tony Stark and missed, and so Desmond began selling off Oracle property to cover his debts. He even brutally beat Caleb Alexander into a coma when the old man tried to stop him. Unfortunately for Desmond, he also started selling drugs on the side, which caught the attention of the Punisher. Desmond killed himself before the Punisher could do it for him. Carrie Alexander stepped back from Oracle and Namor's life to care for her father, now on permanent life support. Lady Jacqueline Crichton stepped up to run Oracle's day-to-day operations in the meantime.

Namor continued to get wrapped up in the affairs of others, as Misty Knight and Colleen Wing came to him after the adventure in the Savage Land. They believed Danny Rand was still alive after Super-Skrull's ruse, and enlisted Namor's aid in visiting extra-dimensional K'un-Lun. While there, the trio rescued Iron Fist from the plant-like H'ylthri, while also learning of a plot to invade the Earth. Namor tracked Sssesthugar and his H'ythri to New Jersey where he defeated them and their human ally, Plant-Man. In the process, however, Namor had unknowingly earned the wrath of Master Khan, an old foe of Iron Fist who relished in the torture Rand had been suffering with the H'ylthri. Out of spite, Master Khan banished Namor from the side of his friends, wiping his memory once more so that he would wander, amnesiac and alone, as he had in years past. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #21-25]

Namor wound up in the Pacific Northwest, lost in the woods far from the seas for months. He stumbled into a logging conflict and, as a stranger in town, was arrested in connection to saboteurs spiking trees. Although he was set free, Namor was befriended by Tess Walker, the sheriff's beautiful daughter, who nicknamed him "Rex." Tess was deeply twisted on the inside, though, being paid off by an Oracle vice-president to charm local peaceful environmentalists into acting as full-on eco-terrorists in order to discredit their cause. The environmentalists only engaged in mechanical sabotage, but Tess arranged for the spiking and other murders. "Rex" was lured onto the side of the protestors by Tess, hoping his incredible strength would lead to even more chaos.

Namorita finally managed to track Namor down, but a cruel twist of Master Khan's spell was that Namor violently rejected any glimmer of his past and attacked Namorita when she tried to remind him who he was. During a raid on the logging plant, Tess began using the giant robot machinery to kill factory workers and Namor realized what she was. The two of them tumbled over a cliff side into the Pacific Ocean and Tess drowned inside the cockpit. Namorita closed down the Oracle activities in the area and fired the executive who backed Tess, but Namor had vanished, spirited away by a mysterious figure who appeared to be his own mother, the long-dead Princess Fen. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #26-29]

Namor and Fen found themselves aboard a massive experimental Latverian fishing vessel, overseen by Doctor Doom himself. During the struggle that followed, Doom threatened Namor's mother and, when she called out for him, that finally broke Khan's spell and allowed Namor to reclaim his own mind. Khan felt his spell break, however, and, before Namor and Doom could settle accounts, they were pulled into a dimensional vortex by Khan's power, along with Namorita, Iron Fist and the Daughters of the Dragon, who had been coming to Namor's rescue. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #30-32]

On a whim, Master Khan posed as Namor and sold off the majority of Oracle's assets at cheap, basically gutting the company and its resources. Meanwhile, Namor and his unlikely mix of companions were trapped in an enchanted miniature "ship in a bottle" on "Namor's" desk. It was an uncomfortable mix, not only with Doom present but after regaining his memories Namor was no longer willing to accept "Fen" was who she appeared to be. Namor managed to batter his way out of Khan's bottle, which undid the spell and restored Doom's fishing boat to full size, smashing its way out through the upper floors of the Oracle Building. Namor, Iron Fist and Doom confronted Master Khan in what remained of the office, and Namor finally killed the sorcerer, ripping off his still-smirking head. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #33]

Oracle was left in a state of chaos after the Namor imposter's actions, and Phoebe Marrs seized ownership of the building during the sell-off. Namor had little time to process his new circumstances, however, for Lord Vashti arrived to beg Namor's return to Atlantis. An ancient evil was stirring in the waters once more. The Old Ones called the Unforgiven Dead were a story told to frighten Atlantean children. Signs and portent suggested, however, that the demon sorcerer Suma-Ket and his Unforgiven Dead were preparing to rise and seek vengeance for their banishment in times past. Leaving Namorita to handle Oracle, Namor and Fen left with Vashti, who was surprised by the princess' return. Vashti took the precaution of placing Fen on a separate Atlantean cruiser on their trip home, fearing an assassin, but Namor and Vashti's cruiser was then cut down en route. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #34]

By the time Namor defeated the beast of the Unforgiven Dead that attacked them, "Fen" had returned to Atlantis ahead of them and seized the throne by right of her royal blood. Short of a perceived matricide and regicide, Namor could not remove her from power now without first proving she was an imposter. Friends and foes alike arrived in Atlantis in fear of the Unforgiven Dead and their harbingers, the Faceless Ones. Tamara Rahn and Tiger Shark returned from distant waters with stories of the bestial Faceless Ones murdering Atlantean nomads and fringe colonies. Warlord Seth arrived as well, weakened and delirious. Seth came with convincing tales of being a prisoner of the Unforgiven Dead's wizard, Socus, ever since his apparent death fighting alongside Namor years earlier. Seth's story seemed to give credence to Fen's identity, for he remembered her being chained alongside him in the dungeons of the enemy before escaping. Arlys Tigershark, however, smelled the scent of the Faceless Ones on Fen, and she ordered him to the dungeons. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #35]

Suma-Ket and the Unforgiven Dead finally rose after a blood sacrifice by Socus killed the exiled royal, Byrrah. Ket sent the Nereid into Atlantis to winnow out his foes, but Namor prevented the Siren-like creatures from killing him, Arlys or Seth. Together with Tamara Rahn and Seth's squire Morel, this motley crew fled Atlantis to seek the truth about Fen's resurrection and the threat of the Unforgiven Dead. Vashti and Dara remained behind to keep close watch on their "queen." [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #36]

With Arlys Tigershark's nose, Namor's band tracked the scent of the Faceless Ones back to the hidden caves where Seth had once been imprisoned. They were accosted by the Faceless and came before Suma-Ket himself. During the fighting, Suma-Ket feigned a fatal blow towards Tamara, causing Namor to leap to her defense. Catching him off-guard, Ket delivered a lethal strike to Namor's midsection, leaving the Prince of Atlantis for dead as the royal blood of the Atlanteans was spilled to empower Suma-Ket further.

As Namor expired, Father Neptune appeared before him to preserve his life. The sea-god brought Namor back from death and detailed the history of Suma-Ket and Atlantis to the Avenging Son. Neptune cast Namor into the ancestral armor of Kalen, grandson of Atlantis's founder Kamuu and the king who originally banished Suma-Ket and the Unforgiven Dead to the Grey Waters millennia ago. The armor was designed to continue Namor's healing process beyond what Neptune could achieve alone. Father Neptune also restored the ankle wings Namor had lost months ago, making the Scion of the Seven Seas whole once more. With this blessing, Neptune released Namor to fight on in the name of Atlantis. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #37]

Reinvigorated, Namor and his allies made their way to the Antarctic colony ruins of Atlantis, and the grave of Fen. There they found the true Fen, preserved by Socus in the desecrated body of Artys-Gran, lover and priestess of Suma-Ket who now resided in Fen's body on the throne of Atlantis. They returned to Atlantis only to find Artys-Gran, as Fen, had brought about Dara's murder as a blood sacrifice to the Dead, and was prepared to sacrifice all the children of Atlantis as well. As the battle raged on, Namor fell before the Unforgiven Dead, but Vashti and the true Fen were able to rally the people in the name of Atlantis. No longer able to feed off of the fear of the Atlanteans, Suma-Ket was weakened. Inspired by his people's faith, Namor recovered the Trident of Neptune and fought Suma-Ket one-on-one, finally slaying the demon sorcerer. With Suma-Ket's death, the Unforgiven Dead returned to their lifeless state. Tragically, Namor's mother died again when she threw herself in front of a spear aimed at her son by Socus. Fen passed away, just as Leonard McKenzie had years ago, content with her final act being to save the life of her son. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #38-40]

Despite his triumph, Namor did not reclaim the throne of Atlantis, leaving the regency in the hands of Vashti. While mourning the death of his parents again, Namor was approached by Stingray for help. Doctor Dorcas had resurfaced and kidnapped Diane Newell. The Sub-Mariner and Stingray traced the cybernetically-restored scientist to the undersea dome he once used to strike at Atlantis. Dorcas was joined by a repowered Orka as well, but the heroes managed to rescue Diane and defeat the villains. In the end, Dorcas was revealed as a robot doppelganger. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #42-43] Fresh from their adventure, Stingray suggested a new cooperative venture between humans and Atlanteans in an oceanographic research facility made from the existing structure of Dorcas's dome. Although hesitant at first, Namor ultimately agreed. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #45]

Namor and the Newells salvaged Hydrobase from off the coast of Manhattan. Although the island accruements were no longer viable, it still functioned as a massive mobile vessel. The "spine" of Hydrobase that once ran down the center of the island became an elevator as Hydrobase linked vertically with the Dorcas dome deep under the waves, now renamed Aquaria. In addition to providing cooperative Atlantean supporters, Namor intended to reassert his ownership in Oracle, Inc from Phoebe Marrs in order to finance the Aquaria project. Until he did, however, other funding was necessary. Ian Langstrom from the US Navy acted as liaison with Aquaria, and was instantly brusque with the sea-king. Namor also reconnected with Carrie Alexander as part of the project, and was saddened to learn Caleb had ultimately passed from his injuries. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner #46]

Tracking what appeared to be a meteor striking the sea, Namor and Stingray uncovered a plot by the Fomalhauti alien Xlyym and the Starblasters to render Earth uninhabitable. Xlyym was using skullhuggers to render Triton of the Inhumans and others subject to his commands. Namor was joined by Tamara Rahn and Tiger Shark in opposing the Starblasters, for the surviving members of Tamara's Banari Sisterhood were also among his slaves. Xlyym intended to use two planetary thrusters to disrupt the planet's axis, and Namor's allies organized to stop them. With the alien technology involved, Namor decided to call in Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four for a consult. He was shocked to learn from the Human Torch that Reed had recently been killed in battle with Doctor Doom, and Sue was still in denial over his death.

Shaken by the news, Namor and Stingray proceeded against the Starblasters, but were trapped in a sub falling to the bottom of the Marianas Trench, too deep even for Namor to long survive the pressure. Fortunately for them, the Fantastic Four responded to Namor's call even without Reed, and pulled their mini-sub to safety. During the fight over the thrusters, Namor went alone to disable one of the deep-pressure devices, but was overwhelmed by Starblaster minions. Sue Richards risked herself to save Namor, barely holding back the pressure with her invisible force fields long enough to aid him. She was near death when brought back aboard the sub, and Stingray prepared to do CPR to resuscitate her. Namor violently shoved Newell aside, though, to perform the act himself. Sue survived, but Stingray suffered three broken ribs from Namor's infantile display, souring their friendship for a time.

The Starblasters were defeated and their planetary thrusters disabled, but at a terrible cost. After so long a time under the influence of the skullhuggers, the Banari Sisterhood were symbiotically linked to them and would expire if they ever escaped Xlyym's control. Tamara allowed the last of her people to die in order to stop Xlyym and save the Earth, but she savagely murdered him on behalf of her fallen sisters when Xlyym surrendered. Namor chided Tamara that murder of a helpless foe was not the act of the woman he once knew, and she merely replied that the savagery of Tiger Shark now suited her more than Namor's code of honor. [Starblast crossover]

With the Starblasters foiled, Namor returned his attentions to Aquaria and Hydrobase. The undersea environment came under attack when Baron Strucker of Hydra prepared to unleash a seaborn toxin that suffocated any gill-breathing creatures it encountered. However, the underwater facility that perfected the toxin was destroyed by Marrina's long-lost Plodex offspring, now fully mutated into a Leviathan form like she became. The Leviathan and its own spawn threatened Aquaria as well, leading Namor to confront both Hydra and Leviathan. In the end, the destruction of Strucker's super-sub unleashed the toxin, killing Marrina's offspring. Post-mortem analysis of the creature finally confirmed it was wholly Plodex, and not the child of Namor and Marrina. Indeed, royal physicians seemed to confirm Namor's hybrid nature made him sterile, unable to conceive children at all. [Namor, the Sub-Mariner Annual #4]