Deadpool (3rd Series) #24

Issue Date: 
August 2010
Story Title: 
Tricky (Part 2) The Big Blind

Daniel Way (Writer), Carlo Barberi (Pencils), Juan Vlasco (Inks), Marte Gracia (Colours), VC’s Joe Sabino (Letters), Jason Pearson (Cover), Jody Leheup (Assistant Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan Fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

The casino bosses watch a news report about the fight between Grizzly and Wildcard. They meet Wildcard who reveals himself to be Deadpool, much to their alarm. They eventually agree to let him continue in their business agreement with Weasel, aka The House. Back at their base, Weasel gets angry at Deadpool but Deadpool suggests they switch suits so no-one will know who is who. They are suddenly alerted that Grizzly is making another attack on a casino. They engage Grizzly in battle. Weasel, in the Wildcard suit, is taken out by Grizzly but Deadpool, in The House suit, zaps him with a repulsor ray. Grizzly escapes and heads to the counting room where he steals a large sum of money and then escape the two again. Wildcard catches up with him and takes the fight onto the street whilst The House sits down and orders some drinks. Wildcard soundly beats Grizzly and the people around him cheer the hero. The House finally appears but the crowd starts booing him for ditching out on the fight. The House loses his temper and blasts Wildcard away before grabbing Grizzly and the money and escaping. Afterwards, the news mistakenly reports that Weasel was the one in The House suit and he is the fugitive. Deadpool meets with the casino bosses and tells them that Weasel was disgruntled and angry with them. He tells them that Weasel will probably hit another casino tomorrow morning. Afterward, Deadpool meets with Grizzly and plans to hit another casino in the morning.

Full Summary: 

A TV news reporter is covering the fight between Wildcard and Grizzly. He introduces Wildcard as Sin City’s newest hero and then describes how he took the would-be robber outside for a much deserved Nevada butt-whooping. The reporter rhetorically asks if the ridiculous bear-man will come back. He answers himself by saying he doesn’t know but with Wildcard here to protect them… The TV is suddenly clicked off before the reporter can finish.

The casino owner and some of his employees are standing in front of the TV along with Wildcard and The House, aka Weasel. One of the men says to Weasel that they had their doubts about Wildcard but he’s a hit. Frankly, he came out of it looking better than Weasel. The man turns to Wildcard and asks who he really is. He assures him that they will keep his identity a secret just like they have done for Weasel. Weasel stops him and says that Wildcard would rather remain anonymous, but before he can finish Wildcard undoes his helmet and shows the stunned men that he’s really Deadpool.

Weasel turns to him and asks what he’s doing; they agreed he wouldn’t do this. Deadpool asks what the big deal is and one of the men says that the deal is that he’s Deadpool. He’s a maniac and everyone hates him. He asks if he honestly thinks if they are going to let him roam their casinos in a super-powered armored suit. Deadpool stares at them and asks if they honestly think they have a choice. The man says he has a point and then agrees to continue to honor their agreement if he honors theirs. He then asks Deadpool to leave as they want to talk to Weasel alone. Deadpool cheerily leaves and says to a disgruntled Weasel he will see him back at H.Q.

(Back at H.Q)

Deadpool is lounging around watching TV and eating chips when Weasel enters and swears at him. Deadpool chastises him for the language but Weasel explains that he first made him look like an idiot on TV. And then he just got his butt chewed for half-an-hour because of him. But he doesn’t care about that, does he? Weasel says it must be nice being the one who gets all the glory. Deadpool smiles and says it is; the press loves him. He’s new, he’s hot and he can do no wrong.

Weasel says that he knows him… everything he does is wrong. Deadpool admits that maybe he did show him up and then apologizes. He says he doesn’t want any hard feelings so proposes they switch. He explains to a confused Weasel that they would switch suits… Weasel would be Wildcard and Deadpool would be The House. He asks who would know the difference but Weasel replies that the casino owners would. Deadpool says that they wouldn’t have to know and Weasel ponders the idea for a few seconds. Weasel points out that he would be the sidekick and Deadpool grabs him and tells him to embrace his destiny.

All of a sudden, an alarm goes off and Deadpool asks what it is. Weasel rushes over to some computer equipment and tells him there’s a situation. He operates the computer and then brings up a picture of Grizzly on a big monitor. Grizzly is in the middle of a big explosion as cars are thrown around him. Deadpool gets into The House armor and asks what Weasel’s waiting for.

Down at the casino, Weasel, in the Wildcard suit, engages Grizzly in battle but is thrown away. Grizzly says that this time he knew he was coming. However, as he stands over Wildcard, he is suddenly electrocuted. As Grizzly recovers, he angrily swear at The House, but the House punches him in the face and tells him to watch his language. He looks down to Wildcard and tells him to get up, as he’s making him look bad. Wildcard tells him not to worry about him but The House replies that he’s not. He’s worried about himself, no one else knows about the switcheroo. Wildcard suddenly realizes that Grizzly is getting away and he’s headed for the counting room where they keep all the cash.

Inside the counting room, a group of men sit at desks, counting money and putting it into sacks. Dozens of sacks of money are scattered around the room. Grizzly suddenly bursts through the doors and demands they bag up all the money. He picks up a couple of bags and smiles to himself that he’s hit the jackpot. Wildcard and The House appear in the doorway and Wildcard tells him to savor the moment, as the only way out of there is through them. The House turns to Wildcard and asks why he just told him that.

Holding a couple of bags of money, Grizzly rushes forward and slams into the two armored men. They are thrown to the floor, damaging their armors slightly. Wildcard gets up and tells The House that Grizzly’s getting away with the loot. The House tells him he has a headache so Wildcard tells him he ought to be ashamed of himself for giving up and gives chase. Lying on the floor, Deadpool’s inner voices admits they kind of are.

Grizzly makes him way across the casino floor and throws anyone who gets in his way across the room. He asks himself why they make it so hard to get out of these places. Wildcard says that maybe he can help with that and then proceed to blast him out through a wall and into the street outside. A news reporter outside announces that it’s Wildcard and then asks where The House is. Inside the casino, The House orders some drinks off of some beautiful waitresses.

Watching the scene on the security monitors one of the managers asks what Weasel is doing. As they look at the screens, they see The House just sat on the floor still inside the casino. Another man replies that he appears to be doing nothing but then corrects himself when he sees him drinking a lime rickey. One of the men calls him a scumbag but another says that at least they have Wildcard. He points to a monitor with Wildcard and Grizzly fighting. He says that he may have caused a bit more structural damage that they would have liked but at least he’s holding his own against Grizzly.

Down on the street, Grizzly starts getting annoyed. He punches Wildcard, causing sparks to fly from the suit. Wildcard begs for Grizzly to wait and when he asks why Wildcard replies it’s for his repulsor ray to charge. He aims the palm of his hand at Grizzly but the villain punches the palm of his hand and breaks the repulsor. As Wildcard looks at his hand Grizzly asks if that’s all he brought to the party. A series of “klak” sounds is heard coming from the armor and a cannon appears from one of the shoulders. Wildcard then blasts Grizzly with the cannon, sending him flying backwards.

As Grizzly picks himself up off the floor, Wildcard tells him he is sick of people like him who prey on people’s good nature and trust. He takes everything he can and gives back nothing. He’s just like Deadpool. He’s a bully. Wildcard asks how it feels to be on the other end for once.

Up in the security office, the men watch the camera feed and realize that Wildcard is going to waste Grizzly. The men start freaking out at the PR nightmare and police investigations that are likely to happen. But instead they see Wildcard bend down to Grizzly and honk his nose. The men stare in stunned silence whilst down on the street a crowd of pedestrians cheers.

The House appears behind them and starts to cheer for Wildcard as well. However, the crowd goes quiet when they see him and after a few seconds start booing him. The House turns to the crowd and holds out one of his hands. He asks if it’s like that, after all the things he’s done for them and the times he’s saved this crappy, card-cheating little town, they’re going to turn on him? He saved the whole planet. One of the men on the crowd tells him he didn’t and Wildcard tells him to chill. Wildcard turn to The House and says there are cameras around and it isn’t the time to freak out.

The House turns to him and tells him he disagrees. He then blasts Wildcard with his repulsor ray, sending the armor sailing over the frightened crowd. He barges his way through the crowd and says this is the perfect time to freak out. He fires another blast at a news cameraman and says if they don’t want him here anymore then he’s going to take him ball and go home. As the people around him flee, he makes him way to Grizzly and asks if he’s ready to go. As the two blast off into the air, Grizzly asks what took him so long whilst the whole scene was being filmed by a cameraman.

Up in the security office, the managers of the casino watch the news on the TV. The reporter says that, over the years, Las Vegas has seen its fair share of losers and cheats but this guy takes the cake.

A little while later, a TV reporter shows a picture of Weasel on a news segment. He announces that Weasel, aka Jack Hammer, is the secret identity of the now former hero The House. He was today captured on video conspiring with the super-criminal Grizzly to steal and undisclosed sum of money from one of the casinos. Hammer’s current whereabouts are unknown but state and local investigators are currently working with the casino owners whom Hammer had been working for.

Deadpool walks into the office and the men immediately ask if he knows where Weasel is. Deadpool says he hasn’t seen him since Weasel punched him out and took off with the cash. One of the men asks why he did it and Deadpool replies that he was disgruntled. Not only did he show up and make him look bad, he also felt that they weren’t giving him enough respect. In his mind, he’s the one who was betrayed.

Out in the desert, Weasel, wearing the Wildcard costume, sits on a rock contemplating recent events.

The casino manager asks if he thinks Weasel will hit them again. Deadpool guarantees that he’ll hit them again. When the man asks when, Deadpool replies that he’ll probably do it tomorrow morning.

Afterwards, Deadpool walks into his base and tells Grizzly that they’re hitting them again in the morning.

Characters Involved: 

Deadpool (as both The House and Wildcard)

Weasel (as both The House and Wildcard)


Casino boss

Casino employees

Men in counting room


Reporter in street


(On TV)

News reporter



Story Notes: 

“Sin City” is a nickname given to Las Vegas.

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