Deadpool (3rd Series) #23

Issue Date: 
July 2010
Story Title: 
Tricky (Part 1) Here Comes a New Shooter

Daniel Way (Writer), Carlo Barberi (Pencils), Juan Vlasco (Inks), Marte Gracia (Colours), VC’s Joe Sabino (Letters), Jason Pearson (Cover), Jody Leheup (Assistant Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan Fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

Deadpool is watching TV when he sees a news report from a nightclub. The nightclub is having a party and the owner calls Deadpool a dirtbag. Angered by this, Deadpool travels to Las Vegas to see the nightclub owner. He waits in the owner’s office for him to come and then threatens him when he does. However he doesn’t hurt the owner, instead he walks out and leaves him unharmed. Unbeknownst to the owner Deadpool has rigged an oxygen tank to the panic button system so when the club owner presses it after Deadpool has left he ends up blowing his club up. Deadpool goes down to the casino floor and starts gambling but gets the attention of the casino owner. The casino owner has his newest bodyguard, the armored House, to deal with him. After luring him outside The House beats up Deadpool. Deadpool wakes up in a small box and soon comes to realize that Weasel is in fact The House. Weasel says that he is Las Vegas’ newest hero and the casinos pay him to stop super villains robbing them. After escaping the box Deadpool convinces Weasel to give him his spare armor so they can team up. Grizzly attacks a casino and Weasel and his newest sidekick Wildcard (Deadpool) fight him. During the fight Deadpool accidentally activates the jet boots in the armor and he and Grizzly and flown up into the sky. However, once up there he shows Grizzly who it really is inside the armor and then proceeds to make a deal with him.

Full Summary: 

On TV, a news reporter is at a club where there is a big celebration going on. He says he is coming live from Poppy Fields Nightclub in Las Vegas and the people of the world are united in joyous celebration after learning that the Avengers have reunited. Truly this is the dawn of a new, and finally, heroic age.

A drunken man dressed liked Hercules comes up to the reporter and puts him arm around his shoulder. He says that all these good guys who do bad things in order to do good… that’s all over now. He then drunkenly sings into the camera. A girl dressed in a skimpy Fantastic Four outfit says that Punisher is scary and gross… give her Thor any day.

The nightclub owner Lonzo Toutolos comes on screen. He says it’s the way it ought to be. They have been without heroes for too long, who are the kids supposed to be looking up to? It sure ain’t dirtbags like Deadpool. Sat in front of his TV, Deadpool stares unhappily at the TV report.

(The Next Day)

Deadpool is sat in a limousine with his full costume on except for his mask. As the limo drives through Las Vegas, Deadpool rings someone up and asks about the Poppy Fields. He says he doesn’t want their number, just an address.

The limo pulls up to the club and Deadpool gets out. Wearing a long trench coat, he strolls right through the front doors. One of his inner voices points out that he can’t take any guns in there. He says that he won’t need any guns; he just wants to smack the guy around for defaming him. His other inner voice asks what the point of that is, but he replies that he doesn’t know. His attention is caught by a man walking by. The man is about seventy years old and is dragging an oxygen tank behind him and lighting up a cigarette. Deadpool stares and it and asks what the point of that is. He then offers the man five grand for the oxygen tank and another three for the sunglasses… to which the man happily accepts.

As Lonzo Toutolos walks through the door to his office, he finds Deadpool sat at in his chair with his feet on his desk. Deadpool greets him and asks if he knows who he is. Lonzo sarcastically guesses that he was the guy who broke into his office, to which Deadpool confirms. He then asks if he is the guy who doesn’t know the costume party was the previous night. Deadpool says he knows all about the costume party because he saw it on TV.

Deadpool says it’s his turn now and then asks the man if he is the guy who defamed him on TV and called him a dirtbag. The man looks very alarmed and asks if he is Deadpool. Deadpool says that that’s not what he really wants to ask and then tells him to spit it out. Lonzo asks if Deadpool is there to kill him. Deadpool gestures behind him to a red button and says that he sees he has a panic button. He pushes the button and it sends a signal to the casino security… he’s thinking that Lonzo would really like to push it right now. Lonzo says he would and Deadpool stands up and tells him to go ahead. He walks away from the desk and tells Lonzo that bad things will happen if he does.

Lonzo tells Deadpool he is sorry for what he said and he doesn’t want any trouble. Deadpool says he should leave then and promptly walks out the door. Lonzo sits down in his chair and laughs. He mutters “good luck getting out the door” as he pushes the panic button. What he doesn’t realize is that Deadpool has hooked up the oxygen cylinder to the panic button controls inside the empty nightclub. As Lonzo pushes the button, a huge explosion goes off and he rushes down to the nightclub to see smoke and debris everywhere.

Down on the casino floor, Deadpool struts by the slot machines as alarmed casino patrons look around to see where the noise came from. His inner voices ask what they should do next and suggest either gambling or an all-you-can-eat buffet. He asks if they are packing anything to combat explosive diarrhea. When they say they aren’t, he decides to go with gambling.

(Minutes Later)

Two men and a woman rush along a corridor to a security office. One of the men, an older grey-haired man, asks what happened and then demands the club owner get down there now. They enter the room which is full of TV monitors. One of the security staff says that the fire department has arrived. The older man, the casino owner, says to tell them it was a minor gas leak but it’s under control now. He stares at a monitor which shows some fire trucks on it. He says he doesn’t want anyone in there until he knows what they are going to find. He has millions of dollars on the casino floor. Before he can finish, he is interrupted by one of his workers, pointing out another problem. The man points to a man on the casino floor betting like a lunatic… but winning. On the monitor, they see Deadpool standing at a roulette table with a huge pile of chips in front of him.

On the floor, Deadpool has his arms wide open and says he loves this game. A crowd of people has gathered around him to watch. His inner voices ask what’s not to love… it has black, red and it’s wildly unpredictable.

Up in the security office someone says that it’s not another problem, it’s the same problem. That’s Deadpool. The casino owner turns around and asks if it’s the mercenary. The person who pointed out it was Deadpool continues and says it’s no coincidence that he has shown up at the same time that something explodes. The casino owner asks if he can handle it and the person replies that it would be their pleasure. The voice comes from inside a huge technological suit which is colored white with strips of light on it. On each of its shoulders and knees is an icon from a suit of cards. The owner tells him not to do it in his casino and so the man in the armor tells him he will need some help luring him outside.

On the casino floor, an announcement rings out, saying that the contestants from the inaugural Bea Arthur look-alike contest will be outside the main doors in a few moments. Upon hearing that, Deadpool collects his chips and sprints through the casino to the exit. When he gets outside, he comes face to face with the huge suit of armor but is more disappointed by the fact it doesn’t look like Bea Arthur.

High above the casino, a TV new helicopter flies and reports that they are currently seeing the mercenary Deadpool go toe to toe with the city’s newest hero… The House. Still clinging on to his chips, Deadpool asks if he couldn’t have come up with a better name. The House replies that he can do a lot better than him and then calls him Wade. With that, he blasts Deadpool, sending him flying backwards and scattering his winnings. As Deadpool lies on the floor The House stands over him and welcomes him to Las Vegas…where The House always wins.

As Deadpool starts to pick himself up, his inner voices point out that The House called him Wade, therefore he knows him. Deadpool says to The House that he knows him but The House says he knew the old him. Deadpool asks if the old him has a name and so The House clicks a button on the side of his helmet. The mask lifts up to reveal Weasel… Deadpool’s old ally. As Deadpool stares up in shock, Weasel replies that he is the hero now.

(43 Minutes Later)

Deadpool comes around but all he cannot see anything because it’s so dark. He tries moving around but he can’t and he keeps banging into something. He suddenly gets what’s going on and then asks Weasel if he’s made him a box. Sat outside in his lab, Weasel, now out of the armor, simply replies he did. Deadpool inner voices recap that the box is a torture device with no light and filled with razor sharp objects that make movement almost impossible. Deadpool locked Weasel in one a while back and left him in it. Weasel tells him he has been keeping it in storage.

Deadpool says he thought they were all over that now. Whilst working on some computers, Weasel replies that he is over it but he thought he’d keep the box since he couldn’t take it to jail. Deadpool asks if he knows what he could do. When Weasel asks, Deadpool replies that he can go #$%* himself, which angers Weasel. Weasel goes over to the box Deadpool is in and says that he shouldn’t have come to Vegas now; he’s its protector… its hero. Deadpool asks what it pays and Weasel says he would believe him if he said and turns away from the box. Deadpool says to try him and Weasel spins around to find him sat on top of the box.

He asks how he got out but Deadpool just says he wouldn’t believe him if he said. Looking down at Weasel, he tells him he has a proposition and he thinks he’s going to like it. Weasel asks what happens if he says no and Deadpool thinks about it for a few seconds. He then gestures to a sledgehammer nearby and tells him he will go to work on him with it. But if he says yes, then he will earn twice as much as he does now. When Weasel asks how, Deadpool looks up at two of The House armors and says “expansion.”
He says that, since Weasel has two sets of armor, he might as well use them. He then suggests they become partners.

Weasel tells him it’s a deal but says he needs to tell him a few things about the city and what he does. When super villains need money, they don’t go to a bank… they go to Vegas.

Elsewhere, Grizzly is on a payphone to someone and bragging that he just got out of jail a few days ago and he’s going to knock over a casino… literally.

Deadpool says that he wishes he thought of that. Weasel says that he did and that’s what brought him there. But once he got there, he thought why take one casino down when he can get all of them? Deadpool guesses it’s a protection racket but weasel corrects him and says it’s a protection service. The casinos sponsor him. All he wanted was the money; he never thought he would become a hero.

Inside one of the casinos, a wall suddenly explodes as Grizzly comes hurtling through it. However, as he picks himself up off the floor, he sees The House standing over him. The casino patrons recognize him and immediately start cheering him on. As the two begin fighting, people start placing bets on who will win. Grizzly tells The House that he ain’t some chump; he’s fought them all and he’s still standing.

Suddenly, he is blasted from behind by a laser beam. A voice from behind him tells him that if he quotes Elton John again, it will be even worse. When the people wonder who the new guy is, The House introduces Wildcard… his new sidekick. Deadpool stands before them in a modified version of The House armor. Instead of white, he is red and black. Wildcard tells him they never discussed sidekick… they discussed “Hammer,” much to The House’s concern.

A roulette table is suddenly thrown at their backs, sending them crashing to the ground. Grizzly is stood behind them and asks if they thought they could double-team him. Grizzly reaches down and picks Wildcard up. He tells him this is how the Grizz handles business, and with that proceed to hugs Wildcard. The suit starts to bend and break with the force of Grizzly’s bear hug and so The House yells for Wildcard to activate the repulsor field. Wildcard asks which one that is and The House tells him it’s on the left index finger.

Wildcard does something and suddenly the jets in his boots activate and he, along with Grizzly, is propelled into the air. They burst through the roof and head high up into the sky. The House shouts behind him that he pressed the wrong button.

Up in the air Grizzly smiles and says it’s just the two of them now. Wildcard says “imagine that” and asks how he’s been, much to Grizzly’s confusion. Wildcard suddenly takes off his helmet to show Grizzly he is in fact Deadpool. He then tells Grizzly he has a proposition for him and he thinks he’s going to like it.

Characters Involved: 


The House/Weasel


Lonzo Toutolos

Casino Owner

Casino workers and security staff

Man with oxygen tank

Numerous casino patrons

(on TV)
TV reporter

Costumed partygoers

Lonzo Toutolos

Story Notes: 

Bea Arthur is an actress known for her starring role in the sitcoms Maude in the 1970s and the Golden Girls from the 1980s. Deadpool has had an obsession with for many years.

The skimpy Fantastic Four outfit the woman is wearing at the costume party is that of Sue Richards, during the time she believed Reed dead and she was partially under the subtle influence of Malice.

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