Deadpool (3rd Series) #25

Issue Date: 
September 2010
Story Title: 
<BR>(1st story) Tricky (Part 3) Conclusion<BR>(2nd story) Deadpool: Wade Until Dark

(1st story)Daniel Way (Writer), Carlo Barberi (Pencils), Juan Vlasco (Inks), Marte Gracia (Colours), VC’s Joe Sabino (Letters), Jason Pearson (Cover), Jody Leheup (Assistant Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan Fine (Executive Producer)
(2nd story) Duane Swierczynski (Writer), Phillip Bond (Artist), Lee Loughridge (Colourist), VC’s Joe Sabino (Letterer), Jody Leheup (Assistant Editor), Axel Alonso (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan Fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

(1st story)

Weasel phones up Blind Al to ask her advice on what he should do. Deadpool has framed him for bank robbery and he is a wanted man. She tells him to run but he ignores her and says he is going to stay. He is suddenly distracted by a loud explosion coming from somewhere in Vegas. Deadpool (dressed in the House armor) and Grizzly have broken into a casino and Grizzly is headed for the vaults. Weasel goes back to his base and equips the Wildcard armor and heads out to fight Deadpool. They meet at the casino and, after a short fight, Weasel blasts the head of the House armor and believes he (temporarily) killed Deadpool. The casino bosses, though, think that it was Deadpool in the Wildcard armor and he just killed Weasel. Back at his base, Weasel prepares to make his escape but then decides to stay and continue his heroics. The casino bosses phone him up and say they didn’t find any body in the House armor when they examined it. Deadpool shows up at the base and explains what happened to Weasel. He managed to get out of the armor before Weasel shot him. He tells Weasel he isn’t going to kill him but he needs to lay low for a while. Deadpool locks him in a box and decides to take on the role of Wildcard on a more permanent basis. The next day, he meets with the casino owners and tells him Weasel is gone. But the bosses tell him he is now their chief of security and he has a job to do there… much to Deadpool’s horror.

(2nd story)

Deadpool is at an office block at nighttime, whilst some robbers are trying to break into a safe in there. One of the robbers blinds Deadpool and then throws him out of the window. After recovering, the still-blind Deadpool heads back up the building. After mistaking a potted plant for a robber, he ends up being shot by a real robber. He escapes and manages to cut the power to the floor. After being plunged into darkness, the robber dons night-vision goggles. They are about to kill Deadpool but he takes out some flares and blinds them all. He then proceeds to kill them.

Full Summary: 

(1st story)

Weasel is using a phone booth at a petrol station in the middle of the desert. He starts to explain his situation to the person on the other end of the phone and tells them that he’s basically screwed. Deadpool sold him out and left him holding the bag. The casino owners for whom he’s working think that he’s the one that robbed them. The person on the other end of the phone asks why that is. Weasel replies that’s what Deadpool told them. The other person starts to rationalize the situation but Weasel explains that he also switched identities and points out that Deadpool was wearing his armor and he was wearing Deadpool’s. The other person says that wasn’t a wise decision on Weasel’s part.

Leaning his head against the phone, Weasel replies that he knows that now. The other person asks if he can go back and explain the situation. Weasel says that they wouldn’t believe him, as Deadpool made it look like a classic case of disgruntled employee who thought he deserved more than he was getting. Blind Al, the person on the other end of the phone, asks Weasel what he expected from Deadpool… that’s how he is. Weasel asks the old woman if she has any advice and she tells him to run and don’t look back. He asks if she means for him to give up and let Deadpool win, to which she tells him that he will win anyway. The moment you play the game, you lose. Weasel disregards her advice and says that it’s his town and he’s its protector… even though everybody is hating on him right now. He tells Blind Al that he is taking Deadpool out once and for all. Blind Al tells him he’s an idiot but he tells her that he’s a hero.

Blind Al puts the phone on her lap and continues doing her crocheting. Weasel, however, is still talking and he says that it’s his moment to shine and Deadpool is out there plotting something. He going to make sure it doesn’t happen… not in his city… not on his watch. He suddenly gets distracted by a loud sound as the phone booth begins to shake. He looks out towards Las Vegas and sees smoke rising up from it.

Deadpool, in The House armor, and Grizzly blast through one of the walls of a casino. Debris and smoke are thrown everywhere and the costumers inside turn to see what has happened. Grizzly coughs because of all the smoke and Deadpool apologizes, as he pressed the wrong button. Grizzly tells him to turn it off but Deadpool doesn’t know how to do that.

Up in the casino security room, the owner and some of his managers watch the scene on the CCTV. They comment that “Weasel” and Grizzly are here just like Deadpool said they would be.

Back on the casino floor, Deadpool tells Grizzly that there’s no way they would expect them this soon and to ignore the counting room and go straight for the vault. Grizzly points out that the vault will be locked but Deadpool says it will be if he doesn’t hurry. He will hang back and cover the exit. He’s got a feeling they will have company soon.

The casino owner wonders when Deadpool will show up. One of his managers says that he hopes he’s wearing the armor. If the people were to find out that Deadpool is Wildcard… The casino owner interrupts and says that, when he talked to Deadpool last night, he promised he would be. What none of them realizes is that Weasel has made his way back to his base and has donned the Wildcard suit and has set off to stop Deadpool.
The casino owner wonders if Deadpool would screw them over. One of the managers says he wouldn’t bet against it. Then, looking at the CCTV, he angrily asks what’s going on down there, as he can’t see for all the smoke. Another manager confirms the casino floor has been safely evacuated, whilst another tells them that Grizzly has almost gotten to the vault. The owner asks if the vault will hold and then becomes more irate wondering where Deadpool is.

On the gambling floor, Deadpool, in the House armor, spots Weasel, in the Wildcard armor. The two immediately start fighting. The casino managers spot the scene on CCTV and confirm Deadpool has entered the building, mistakenly believing Deadpool to be in the Wildcard armor. As Weasel blasts Deadpool, he calls him a dirtbag and says he always knew he was slimy. But betraying him like this?? They used to be friends. Deadpool manages to dodge Weasel and elude him amidst the smoke. As weasel trashes the casino with his blaster rays, Deadpool comes up behind him and tells him he’s got to stop living in the past. This is a world of opportunity and everything is for the taking. Alls he’s got to do is reach out and take it.

Meanwhile, Grizzly has made his way into the vault and has started taking sacks full of money.

Deadpool tells Weasel he has only begun to understand his power. Join him and complete his training. With their combined effort, they can end the destructive conflict and bring order to Las Vegas. Weasel thinks about it for a few second and then fire a blast at Deadpool, telling him he will never join him. The blast hits the House armor and takes the head off it. Realizing he just beat Deadpool, Weasel can’t quite believe it. Striding away from the damaged armor, he heads after Grizzly.

The casino boss is on the phone to Deadpool. He asks where Grizzly is and, when the boss says he’s in the vault, Deadpool tells him to lock him up. Grizzly is packing sacks of money in the vault when the door slams shut trapping him inside.

(a few hours later)

Weasel is back at his base and out of the Wildcard armor. He is watching the night’s events on a TV screen. Over the phone, Blind Al asks him how it went. He tells her he blew his head off but she points out that isn’t really a setback for Deadpool. He tells her he knows that and he’s packed and ready to get out of there. He starts to hesitate though and Blind Al seems surprised. He tells her things were going so great and he doesn’t want to leave. She asks if he wants to die and he says he doesn’t but they all think he’s Deadpool. As long as he never takes off his armor when dealing with the casino guys, then he’ll be fine. Becoming exasperated with weasel, she tells him it’s wrong and to tell them the truth.

Weasel asks who would believe him and she tells him his casino friends will when they find Deadpool’s body. If her memory serves her well, then it should take quite some time for him to re-grow his head back. Realizing she’s right, he hangs up and goes to call the casino bosses. However, before he can dial, they call him. The casino owner tells Weasel they have a problem. The clean-up crew was packing up the House’s armor when they made a discovery. He asks him to guess what it was, to which Weasel tells him he knows and he can explain. The casino owner refers to him as Deadpool and asks him if he can explain how Weasel’s body can just vanish. Weasel goes silent as the casino owner pushes for answers.

Suddenly, Deadpool comes up behind him and surprises him. Shaking, Weasel asks how he got out. Deadpool explains that as he was asking Weasel to join up with him he was really using a hatch at the back of the suit to sneak out. Weasel asks how he didn’t see him and Deadpool smugly refers to the smoke he “accidentally” filled the casino with earlier. Weasel then asks about Grizzly and Deadpool simply tells him he screwed him over. Just like he did with him, Weasel points out. Deadpool agrees and says it all sums up. Looking disheartened, Weasel asks if Deadpool is going to kill him. Seemingly surprised at the question, Deadpool tells him he won’t. He’s a hero and heroes don’t go around killing people willy-nilly. Weasel stares at him in disbelief for a few second and asks him again if he’s going to kill him.

Deadpool reassures him that he isn’t going to kill him; in fact, he’s going to help him out of the jam. That he created Weasel points out. Deadpool tells him he isn’t seeing the bigger picture. Weasel was a crappy hero; sooner or later, he was going to blow it. But now he’s taking over… Weasel interrupts him at the last bit and worryingly asks what he’s taking over. Deadpool points to the Wildcard armor and tells him he’s taking over that. Weasel asks what about him and Deadpool says he will have to disappear. Weasel angrily says he knew it. Deadpool reiterates that he won’t kill him but he is going to have to lay low for a while, for his own protection. After all, he is a wanted fugitive. He sarcastically thanks Deadpool and asks where he is going to go. Deadpool points to the box and says they both know the answer to that one.

(the next day)

Deadpool, dressed as Wildcard, enters a boardroom where the casino bosses are waiting for him. One of the bosses thanks him for coming… an hour late. Deadpool takes off his helmet to reveal his head and then says that justice never sleeps but he does, especially on Wednesdays. The boss points out it’s Friday and Deadpool quickly adds Fridays too.

One of the men asks him if he took care of Weasel. He asks him how and Deadpool replies that he put him in a box. The men look at each other for a few seconds without saying anything. Deadpool turns to leave but they order him to sit down. The bosses tell Deadpool that he doesn’t seem to understand something… he works for them now. As Chief of Security, they expect him to brief them every morning and evening on any current or emerging threats to their enterprise. Deadpool tells them they make it sound like a job. They tell him it is a job which causes a startled Deadpool to dramatically scream “Nooooooooooo.”

(2nd story)

In the nighttime shadows of an office, a group of robbers are trying to break into a safe as Deadpool watches on. One of his inner voices says that, if they want to get into the steel-reinforced safe, then they’ll need a thermal lance. Unbeknown to him, another robber is lowered on a rope from a hole in the ceiling. He comes in right behind Deadpool and, holding a thermal lance, blasts the mercenary in the face with it. Deadpool’s eyes are completely burnt and he is blinded but thankfully he has regenerative parts, like his eyes.

His other inner voice points out that unfortunately the robbers are shooting at him now. The blast him backwards, out of a window and 124 stories down to the street below. He just happens to be in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

After recovering, he heads back up the building again. As he walks up the stairs, he shouts up to the burglars that he is coming for them. One of his inner voices asks what he’s doing and, as he climbs up an elevator shaft, his other inner voices tells it he’s drawing them out of hiding with the sound of his voice. The voice goes on to say it can practically hear burglar #1 around the corner… he should do all of his jobs without eyes.

He leaps around the corner and yells for the robber to freeze. However, he is pointing his gun at a potted plant and the real robber is standing behind him. The robber blasts him with a shotgun in the guts and Deadpool collapses to the floor, bleeding profusely. The inner voice says that maybe he was a little off and the other voice asks if his visions back yet, as now they know he’s alive they’ll all be coming back to finish him off.

Deadpool crouches behind a desk and starts rummaging through the draws. He asks his inner voices to tell him if he’s holding some tape or a donut but the voice points out it’s just a voice inside his head. Deadpool takes up the wound in his torso and crawls away as the robbers group up again. He realizes he’s outnumbered and his only chance is to take the higher ground. He makes his way outside and uses a rubber hose to scale up the building. He then goes back inside and runs up some stairs. His inner voices tell him he’s toast as the robbers track him down but he says it’s all part of the plan.

He finds the circuit breaker box and shoots it, plunging the whole floor into darkness. The robbers are unable to see what’s going on… until they put their night vision goggles on. They see Deadpool creeping across the room, thinking that they cannot see him. He thinks that, right about now, they should be fumbling around the dark and terrified out of their minds. But the robbers are surrounding him and arming their weapons. Deadpool reaches behind his back and pulls out two flares. He lights them and they burn brightly. The goggles are intensifying the glow of the flares and the robbers can’t see a thing. Deadpool takes out his pistols and begins firing around the room.

After the carnage is over, he realizes his vision has come back. Around him, the bodies of the robbers lie all about. As he walks away, he realizes he likes Pool-o-vision and wonders if he can find a sharp stick around there. He begins singing as the building bursts into flames and the police arrive.

Characters Involved: 

(1st story)

Deadpool/The House


Blind Al


Casino Owner

Casino Managers

Casino Patrons

(2nd story)



Story Notes: 

The box is a torture device that Deadpool locked Weasel in years ago. Weasel recently locked Deadpool in one for revenge.

Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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