Publication Date: 30th May 2013
Written By: Monolith.
Alternate Versions


In the Days of Future Past reality, Synch was living in the bombed out shell of Hollywood, California, along with Jubilee and Leech. They survived by scavenging for food and avoided detection by the Sentinels using dampeners that masked their mutant signatures so long as they didn't use their powers. During their time together, Everett and Jubilee's relationship blossomed into romance. When Jubilee hooked up with Magneto and Wolverine to deal with Shinobi Shaw's Armageddon plans, Everett and Leech met up with the Sentinel resistance in Portland and the X-Men's former ally Charlotte Jones. Unfortunately, they got caught up in Shinobi's plans anyway when his secret ally, Zemo of the Sentinels' human-run Thunderbolts Gestapo, captured them in Oregon. Luckily, Wolverine freed them once they arrived at the Hoover Dam base and Synch personally took down Baron Zemo in the battle that followed. After Shinobi's plan was foiled, Synch and the others organized as a rebel unit at Emma Frost's isolated island mansion off the coast of India, planning to take action against the Sentinels. Everett's final fate is unknown.

In the reality spawned by the mentally unstable Scarlet Witch and ruled by the House of M, Synch never died and instead served as a member of the SHIELD training team called the Hellions. This team responded to a terrorist attack on the New Mutant Leadership Institute, an elite training academy for young mutants. No love was lost between the Hellions and the students at the Institute and they viewed each other as rivals. Despite this tension, a group of students joined forces with Synch and his teammates to investigate the true source of these attacks. The group traveled to Japan where they discovered a facility that was experimenting on humans with horrific results. They took down the lab and confronted Lord Sunfire. They were rushing headlong into a battle against overwhelming forces when the House of M reality warp abruptly ended.